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The Karmic Compass: Changing of the Nodes (Mean), June 4, 2020 – December 22, 2021

July 16, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Lunar Nodal Axis represents the “karmic compass” in the charts of our lives. Some astrologers use the True Nodal Axis and some, such as myself, use the Mean Nodal Axis. The difference between the two is only about one to two-and-a-half degrees apart in the chart, yet the True Nodes change signs before the Mean Nodes do in about a month’s time. True Nodes have already changed on May 5, 2020. True Nodes are the actual position of the Nodes, whereas the Mean Nodes are a calculated average of location. (see Steven Forrest’s explanation)

For the past eighteen months (and so many days) we have experienced the Nodal Axis with the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. This has affected us in many ways on a highly emotional level involving both the elderly and children. Now, on June 4, 2020, the Mean Nodal Axis shifts to the South Node in Sagittarius and the North Node in Gemini, bringing a change from a Cardinal influence to a Mutable emphasis.

This shift will bring attention to our thoughts, communication, beliefs, and philosophies, highlighting an elemental polarity between fire and passion (Sagittarius,) and air and the intellectual/information realms (Gemini.) Both signs are masculine in nature, whereas the previous axis of Cancer-Capricorn was feminine in nature.

The South Node represents what we’ve known as our past influences in our response patterns. In the sign of Sagittarius, the South Node offers that what we once believed as true will be in transition as our old philosophical exploration priorities may fade out. The North Node in Gemini will offer new thinking and stimuli for the path to the future.

We will explore for an understanding of how this new set of karmic influences affect our thinking and choices going forward. The old values and parameters of what we once thought was true will be up for review for the next eighteen months. Our thoughts may turn to adaptation to new theories by taking in new information from recent discoveries from our ancestral past and a vastly changing world before us.

You may attend remotely via Zoom; this is free for MAAS members. Simply email info@atlantaastrology.com no later than Tuesday, July 14, 2020, to be sent a link.

Non-members may also attend remotely via Zoom for $18. Please pay through PayPal no later than Tuesday, July 14, to be sent a link.

About Margo Cline

margo cline

Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operate a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.