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Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius! Oh my! with Penny Shelton

October 15 @ 7:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Free - $18

Jupiter conj Saturn is coming and a new cycle begins, which includes a USA Pluto Return and of course many of those pesky eclipses and saros cycles.  We will look at a couple of past Jupiter conj Saturn cycles and see why this cycle is so important and how that degree plays with the Eclipses during the cycle to predicted Mundane events in the USA. We will look at the highlights of 1960 to 1980 & 2000 to 2020 cycles.  This will tell us when to look for events in the coming 0 Aquarius cycle from 2020 to 2040!

  • You may attend remotely via Zoom; this is free for MAAS members who will be send the Zoom meeting link.
  • Non-members may also attend remotely via Zoom for $18. Please pay through PayPal no later than Tuesday, October 13th to be sent a Zoom link.
  • Zoom’s virtual door opens at 7:15. The lecture begins at 7:30.

Penny Shelton

Penny Shelton

I probably know many of you and as you all know I have been addicted to astrology since 1992.  I have met my best friends through astrology and frankly do not know what I would do without these friendships! As Fran Rackow, Anyes Moscrip, Katherine Silverton, Pam Hoback and I sat last fall and into winter drinking wine and discussing the upcoming Saturn/Pluto with Jupiter besieged, we knew the X!X! was going to hit the fan. Yep it did, right on schedule and has continued the 22 Taurus theme of the current Jupiter conj Saturn cycle!  If I did not have this addiction to astrology with my friends, I would be insane! In addition to my friends, my hero’s in astrology are Abu Ma’Sar, Bonitti, Jean-Baptiste Morin, William Lily, and Robert Zoller, Bill Meridian, as well as a few others.  I have spent and continue to spend a lot of time with these great men working to understand their knowledge of astrology! Thank God for them!

I hope you all will come join us as we move into the next Jupiter conj Saturn cycle in Aquarius!  Will we live free or die?  Will we take responsibility for our freedom?

Ya’ll it is Jupiter conj Saturn in Aquarius! Oh my!