Directory of Astrologers



Below you’ll find a list of professional astrologers who are members of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society.


Michelle Gregg

Michelle Gregg

Michelle Gregg, Professional Counseling Astrologer

Michelle Gregg is a professional Counseling Astrologer, writer, and personal catalyst. She has 25 years’ experience working with clients from an astrological and Jungian model, helping them catalyze their lives into a more joyous and more spiritually fulfilled vibrancy. Her forte is offering new perspectives for moving through old patterns and issues that often hold people back from their true life path or maintaining happy relationships. “In the proper hands, Astrology is one of the most profound tools available for finding insights and truths, and for learning how to best relate to our loved ones, and ourselves. It is the spring-board to self-mastery and wisdom.”

Michelle has a thriving private practice with clients all over the world, blogs, is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrolgical Society Steering Committee, and teaches astrology at The Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society.



Kathryn Silverton, Professional Astrologer


Kathryn Silverton

Kathryn Silverton

Kathryn Silverton earned her master’s degree in psychology from The University of West Georgia in 1979 and became professionally certified as an astrologer by The American Federation of Astrologers in 1983. She was introduced to astrology during her undergraduate studies in psychology and quickly realized how it dovetailed with psychology. Kathryn sees astrology as a useful tool for helping one better understand oneself and implement one’s talents and resources.

She advises her clients on how to maximize upcoming planetary cycles and recommends ideal timing for major events such as fertility, surgery, weddings, real estate transactions and travel, as well as favorable locations for accomplishing one’s goals. Other specialties include compatibility and chart interpretation. She teaches intermediate to advanced levels of astrology, including chart interpretation, the use of tools to move the chart forward, such as secondary progressions, solar arcs and solar returns and teaches the math of casting astrological charts that is required to pass certification exams.

She wrote a monthly column for United Airlines’ inflight magazine, Hemispheres, was a contributor to Aquarius magazine and wrote Lunarcasts 2012.

She accurately forecast that Atlanta would host the 1996 Olympics and except for the 2016 election, has been 100 percent accurate in forecasting the outcome of American presidential elections, dating back to 1992.

She is an active member of The Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, having served on the board of directors for 10 years. Kathryn has presented lectures for professional conferences sponsored by The American Federation of Astrologers and the United Astrology Conference, and has had articles published by the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Her hobbies include ushering at The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and gardening.

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