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The Shift in Beliefs

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

December 4, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline 

We approach another powerful eclipse that has an impact in the sign of Sagittarius. The sign of Sagittarius is Mutable Fire and an expression of passionate philosophies and higher learning. The shadow side of the sign of The Archer is boastful, pushy, prejudiced, and condescending. The lighter side of the sign is adventuresome, explorative, humorous and generous.

All New Moons are about the beginning of a new cycle and solar eclipses are about a reset in consciousness. Indeed, this is a South Node eclipse, which indicates that we have to leave some of the old beliefs behind in order to aim for new horizons. Eclipses have a “before and after” effect in that what we thought we knew before the light went out will take on different shades of understanding when the light returns. With Solar Eclipses it can take up to six months for these shades of enlightenment to develop.

This eclipse is conjunct Mercury, which can offer an eye on changes in our beliefs and philosophies going forward. Sagittarius ALWAYS wants to move forward and gets rather cranky when it is delayed or held back from passionate expression. We will have to be careful about being overzealous about anything that has yet to be explored or examined. For, in these current times of hot exchange, it is too easy to go overboard and create too much drama and wild frenzy. We may speak too quickly and jump the gun with big ideas that are too much to corral.

We have seen the political divides grow to excessive bluster and bitterness. We have seen prejudice rear its ugly head and create violent acts. We have seen judgments from the courts on both sides of aggression and self-defense. And we have seen religious zealots set up conditions of war through the ages of humankind. Perhaps, with this eclipse, we can pause to garner a wider and wiser view of how our beliefs can drive our passions to act with generosity for the greater good.

The Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse point at 13 degrees Sagittarius is as follows;

(from 360 Degrees of Wisdom-by Lynda Hill)

This symbol is perfect for this eclipse on the South Node and speaks of the past. It speaks of an old story that is revealed from the past. It is a story that may have been forgotten over history and is now ready to be rediscovered in some way. Perhaps, after the “light returns” this story will come out for the sake of enlightenment and wisdom in the months to come.

Furthermore, during this eclipse Mars in Scorpio sends a challenge to Jupiter in Aquarius. This could indicate that some action that was previously hidden is about to be revealed. The secrets may be shocking in their scope of greed, bribery, and nefarious influence. Conspiracy theories, such as Q-Anon, may reveal the paranoia lying beneath the surface of violence and mayhem. Hopefully, this influence has a chance to dry up if the beliefs are shifting.

The eclipse makes an awkward angle to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. There is always much resistance to the changing face of old beliefs from the past to the future. It may be high time that we need to be freed from harsh, punishing, and dogmatic beliefs that have kept us in judgment of other cultures and the world at large. Uranus wants us to remain objective about practical matters so that we can put our work to innovation and advancement of renewable energy resource (green) technology.

As the influence of this eclipse unfolds over the next few months, we may have insights and awakenings that put a different spin on our aims and motivations. There will be breakouts of passionate discourse over what we must release as the throes of old beliefs drop away. New philosophical wisdom develops through exploration, learning, and revealing discovery. Let’s hope that our reasoning and wisdom clears the road to the future.

Blessings of Discovery for us all.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map

for the transits of December 2021

The Celestial Headlines

by astrologer Margo Cline


Chiron – July 14 – Dec. 18, 2021

Uranus – Aug. 19, 2021 – Jan. 17, 2022

Neptune – June 25 – Dec. 2, 2021

Venus Rx – Dec. 19, 2021 – Jan. 29, 2022

Mercury Retrograde – January 14 – February 4, 2022

Just when we thought we’d had enough of another event-filled year, we wrap this one up with a blockbuster month. Indeed, December 2021 is another event-filled month when it comes to astrological aspects. There’s so much to cover that for the sake of brevity I can only offer the HIGHLIGHTS for December. 

Two planets stationing to direct forward motion, New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus Retrogrades, Mean Lunar Nodal Axis shift, The Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere), Saturn Square Uranus, two planetary sign shifts, triple conjunction in Capricorn. You might as well throw in the partridge in a pear tree. Yes, the currents are strong! We wrap up the year 2021 in a whirlwind of change and with the hope of overcoming a pandemic, climate, as well as economic problems. 

First and foremost, as a global collective, we will be taking on and purging an era of extreme corruption from the top down in the corporate and government realms. This has been shown as Pluto in Capricorn for lo these many years has fledged out dark agendas on the social material plane. As these monthly astrological aspects play out, we will come to the awareness that money and the amassing of great wealth can no longer remain the goal of living. This lesson is the evolutionary ticket out of the rat race and on to more productive and conscientious appropriations of time, energy, and funding. 

December 1, 2021 – Neptune Stations to direct forward motion in his home sign of Pisces. This sensitive planet of intuition and confusion is extra strong in an open flow to Mars in Scorpio. Spying and sabotage can be a part of this energy but so can making wishes come true. Neptune is also in good connection with Venus, which can bring rewards for compassionate efforts. Charity can go a long way to help those in need. 

December 4, 2021 – New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is a South Node Eclipse, indicating that there are some beliefs of the past that must stay in the past. We can’t take the dogma with us if we are to work together on the global level toward common goals. Our beliefs should allow us to move beyond what has held us up for so long. We need to create opportunities for collaborative exploration rather than walls of prejudice and bigotry.

The Eclipse is conjunct Mercury, which can allow for a rest of old beliefs as well as the dawning of new perspectives. The urge to explore philosophical avenues can bring opportunities and expanding insights.

The fly in the pie is that the Eclipse is in an awkward angle to Uranus retrograde. This energy can bring much resistance to necessary change. However, it can also bring on sudden awareness that we cannot drag old baggage with us into new understanding of uncommon destination. A new era awaits our readiness to drop the dead weight and soar to a fresh horizon.

 December 11, 2021 – Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – This is the first phase of a transformation of values.

December 14, 2021 – Mars enters Sagittarius – global engagement and possible military exploration. Mars gets rather rowdy in Sagittarius and his shadow side tends to go overboard, especially when it comes to aggressive beliefs. However, Mars in Sag can also be the hero that bravely rides to the rescue like a knight in shining armor. He has a passion for travel and discovery as well. We may very well hear of actions taken on new frontiers.

December 18, 2021 – Full Moon in Gemini quincunx Venus/Pluto, trine Jupiter – Some interests may come to a close while other interests take on new growth. We must come to new horizons on democratic institutions and social rights. Communication could be tricky. We should not exaggerate nor dodge the truth, for sensationalism or gossip can get us all wandering in confusion. Those who have been struggling may be tempted to boil over or throw in the towel. Adjustments in perspectives will have to be made concerning issues of values and power.

December 19, 2021 – Venus stations retrograde conjunct Pluto. This is the second phase of a transformation of values. Venus will take with her a deeper attraction to inward and personal power. This Christmas we want better allies, support, management, and connection rather than a clutter of material goods. Undercover operations may also be at hand. Meanwhile, Chiron stations to direct forward motion in Aries. This movement can only enhance the progress made in medical treatments for the Covid pandemic. Indeed, we may see more pioneering advances brought forward in the coming months in this regard. We may also see upgrades in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), shell shock, anger management, head injuries, and depression. 

December 21, 2021 – The Winter Solstice – The Leo Moon triggers a brief YOD in the sky, in a boost to the North Node in quincunx to the Sun moving into Capricorn. YODs are cosmic imperatives for adjustments to be made. This can indicate that the people are the real leaders when it comes to moving us toward the future. Corporate and government management will have to deal with independent movements that satisfy the public need. Meanwhile, Jupiter moves into a double challenge to the shifting Lunar Nodes. This deals with the karma of wealth inequality and the hoarding of financial resources and assets by the global elite. There must be prosperity and opportunities for all or there will be no growth for the future. Action must be taken to level the playing field in financial practices. Mercury sends a positive signal to Uranus retrograde, bringing open minded change in our financial perspective and structures. We also have better awareness of Earth changes and what they mean for human beings. We are also dealing with the approaching Saturn-Uranus square, which has put us at odds all year. Restrictions verses freedom is the tension within this energy. We may see more riots and rebellion when it comes to lockdown restrictions during the Covid pandemic, as well as protests against some very repressive laws that have recently been passed. 

December 22, 2021 – Mean Lunar South Node changes to Scorpio, Mean Lunar North Node changes to Taurus. This is the 2-8 axis, which is the money and values axis. This means that the karmic emphasis between the past and the future will be on these issues for the next 18 months. The mode is Fixed and the elements are Earth and Water. Let’s not get stuck in the mud. The shifting Nodes immediately challenge Jupiter, which is another indicator of conflict over wealth inequality. 

December 23, 2021 – Saturn squares Uranus retrograde. This is the third pass of this challenge for the year. All through the year we have seen rebellious divisions create conflict and change on the social plane. Legal precedents are taking place forcing laws, regulations, and constitutions to stand up for rights and values for all. This energy sets the tone for breaking free of harsh regulations and restrictive or repressive laws. The old authoritarian corporate hold ups (oil and gas industries) will be challenged through technological upgrades that will free up energy and time for humanity in the future. 

December 28, 2021 – Jupiter enters Pisces for the second and final time this year. The first time was May 13th when Covid was beginning to subside. Jupiter retrograded back into Aquarius toward the end of July and Covid ramped back up again. Hopefully, now that Jupiter moves forward into Pisces once again, we can have another respite from the pandemic. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and brings forth strength and expansion of faith, spiritual wisdom, and intuition. The shadow side of this combo mix is getting caught up in cults. However, Jupiter can also bring us to explore new realms of ascension, connection, and generosity of charity on a global level. 

December 29, 2021 – Mercury conjunct Venus Rx conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Transforming values and perspectives. Beware shady incentives for hiring bait. Another pitfall is political propaganda that can spread more misinformation for manipulation purposes. There will definitely be more exposure of the money trails for nefarious purposes. 

December 31, 2021 – New Year’s Eve can bring overzealous celebrations that could turn angry or even violent as the Moon and Mars come together in Sagittarius and send an awkward angle to Uranus retrograde. Things may get a little radical with the fireworks, so safety and precautions are advised. Jupiter freshly ensconced in Pisces challenges the Lunar Nodes. There’s a “disturbance in the force” when it comes to taking action between the past and the future. Confusion could be part of the picture as we contemplate the new year. Meanwhile, Mercury makes his way to an open flow with the North Node, indicating that we make a wish for stability and functionality. The Sun challenges Chiron in an attempt to awaken the need for healing. The Sun also opens flow with Uranus retrograde, which opens up new ideas for alternative, innovative methods of healing. We may feel restless to begin afresh in a new year that opens us to better freedoms, rights, and better health for the economy, the planet, and society at large. 

Blessings of comfort and wisdom for us all.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

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Eye of the Eclipse & Emotional Investments

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

November 19, 2021

by astrologer Margo Cline

Yet another powerful lunation is upon us with a Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of The Bull. Taurus is Fixed Earth expression and can be quite stubborn in resisting change. However, with Uranus, agent of change energy, in Taurus for these past few years, change has shaken the Bull and the very Earth to its core. Taurus is the sign of all things material such as money, possessions, comforts, financial security, land, assets of value, etc. Taurus is the sign of practical matters, keeping it simple, and like the farmer, producing sustenance and shelter from natural resources. All of these elements of Taurus have been changing while Uranus has been in residence. 

Taurus, however, being ruled by Venus, and borrowing from its opposite sign of Scorpio, is also the expression of self-worth, esteem, and personal values. Furthermore, the energy of the Moon, representing our emotions, is exalted, or at its highest strength, when expressed in the sign of the Bull. The Full Moon shines brightly over the peaceful valleys, until the eclipse phase partially dims her light.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses mark resets in emotional response patterns within the public at large as well as on a personal level. This lunation in general will be mostly about rephrasing our emotional response to issues surrounding money, assets, and values. These shifting values could also be about an awakening within the emotional spheres corresponding to restoration of the Earth’s natural ecosystems for the sake of preserving sustenance for the future. We might not want a fancy car as much as we want something reliable and that doesn’t harm the Earth.

In some ways this Eclipse is the eye-opener to understanding our symbiotic relationship with planet Earth. The off-the-scale storms and extreme weather conditions have been more than ample to speed and feed this awakening in how we treat our home planet. The Sun side of this Full Moon in Scorpio is widely conjunct Mercury, and thus, the eye of the storm awakens our connection from a deeper perspective. Furthermore, with Mars also in Scorpio nearby, we cannot avoid or ignore the resulting truth of deteriorating conditions. We have to take action from our gut instincts. The same applies to financial issues such as wealth inequality, in income as well as circulation. Both public and commercial markets are likely to feel the pinch of necessary changes and overhauls in basic and applied operations.

At the height of this eclipse, Mars makes an opposition to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. There could be a slow-rolling fallout from this eclipse, which could last up to three months. Big decisions will have to be made and we might want to make aggressive investments. However, there could also be a sudden snowball effect in market turns and results. The economy may be shaken up again due to runaway inflation. Venus rules these issues from her perch in Capricorn and she wants steady growth. But Uranus will always have different ideas on leveling the playing field, not being one for patience on change. Surges and declines in consumerism may be at the root of our financial instability. 

Our financial systems are in a state of deep transformation according to shifting values and the need to turn to renewable resources. This Eclipse, plus the shifting Lunar Nodal Axis (Mean Nodes,) plus a Venus retrograde in a fellow Earth sign in conjunction with Pluto, will be the gateways to a new frontier of green industry and technology. However, we will also be engaging in emotional investments, such as trust, faith, love, peace, understanding for all beings and environments in our natural world culture. It is time to invest in this garden of connection if we are to build a better green world culture for the future. 

As Venus prepares for her retrograde phase next month, the economic conditions may make for a difficult holiday period in market values and supply chains. There could be many delays in getting goods to stores and mail systems may also be sluggish. Old standard institutions and regulations will have be to be re-evaluated. Inquiries will have to be made concerning business restructurings and inventories, which will be ongoing through the end of January next year. 

Meanwhile, Venus opens a flow with Uranus retrograde during this Eclipse. This means that she is open-minded about making changes to the financial system structure. Cash or credit incentives could be part of a holiday relief program. The lady Venus also still holds hands with her lover, Mars, which could bring cooperation up a notch when it comes to working on private projects. However, funding could be an issue with unforeseen circumstances, such as canceled events due to rogue weather. A man could bring tension to a situation, where a woman may find alternative solutions. 

The Taurus Moon is in a wide flow to Pluto, which could help with public funding or aid in overhaul or upgrades. There could be a surplus of some farm goods and a scarcity of others. Meanwhile, Mercury in Scorpio opens flow with Neptune in his home sign of Pisces. This energy offers up wishes and desires galore, however, we must beware the one for escapism through drugs, alcohol, or pure fantasy. Overdoses are possible, as well as emotional or weather flooding. In some regards, the eclipse means that we may have to take a step back or sit in the dark for a while until we can come to terms with the emotional investments we have recently made. Some commitments may be dissolved while others reach a deeper spiritual level. We will need to evaluate the levels of our emotional tanks and drop the drainers and drowners from our lives.

Meanwhile, Saturn in Aquarius sends a support boost to Chiron retrograde, which is helpful for the scientific advancement of Covid treatment. There is pioneering progress in medical response and healing techniques. 

Furthermore, this Eclipse in Taurus marks the start of a series of Eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis for the next 18 months. This is the money axis with the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus. The Lunar South Node is the pointer of things we’ve already done, old patterns that we need to move out of in order to grow or we stay stuck in the eddies of the past. The Lunar North Node will be in Taurus and is the pointer to the future, the way of growth. Since this is a North Node Eclipse, we will be opening toward upgrades in the processes of farming, banking, building, reforestation, food storage and distribution. 

This Eclipse presents quite the mixed bag of energy, which can be confusing, yet mysteriously gracious at the same time. Emotional circumstances change with a “before and after” effect during Lunar Eclipses. In this case we may have to let go of something in order to gain new footing from a deeper perspective on values. Although this Eclipse highlights the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, which can sometimes mean feeling “stuck”, we may also sense that a pivotal moment has arrived. We may sense that we are breaking through the log jam of issues and can find the hope of moving forward. It will take determination and mindful purpose to get through the chaos of transformation. 

Emotional Grounding for us all.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map

for the transits of November 2021 

The Celestial Headlines

~by astrologer Margo Cline


Chiron – July 14 – Dec. 18, 2021

Uranus – Aug. 19, 2021 – Jan. 17, 2022

Neptune – June 25 – Dec. 2, 2021

Venus Rx – Dec. 19, 2021 – Jan. 29, 2022

November 5 – New Moon in Scorpio

November 19 – Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

November 2021 presents intense energy as the sign of deep-water Scorpio brings psychological influences to bear. The Sun and Mars in Scorpio also emphasizes dark or hidden money and/or secrets as well as financial market decisions to face. We can expect more rebellion, strikes, and protests as Mars moves into a face-off (opposition) with Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Toward the latter half of the month, we enter eclipse season with a Full Moon in Taurus on the 19th. It will be a time of deep transformation in business affairs, private affairs, as well as trust in partnerships.

November 2, 2021 – We may have trepidation concerning the future and how to adjust our budget concerns. Meanwhile, communication exposes hidden meanings.

November 3, 2021 – Changes for the future can be illuminated if we are willing to look into our inner compass. Insights are available if we can utilize and work with alternative methods, applications, and energy resources. We will have to make important financial decisions, such as slimming down on holiday treats to pay bills and property taxes.

November 4, 2021 – A New Moon in Scorpio can bring deep transformation. We may feel rebellious about financial and intimate personal changes. This is a time of inner reflection on our shifting feelings and emotions concerning future speculation and practical plans. Fears can be assuaged if we are willing to accept and prepare for major changes in technological as well as methodical applications of operation.

November 5, 2021 – This day brings two planetary sign shifts. Mercury, the messenger, moves into Scorpio and sends our thoughts into deep contemplation. We may sense the need to get down to the nitty-gritty with our ideas, information, and intimate/private conversations. Meanwhile, Venus, the love planet, moves into the practical sign of Capricorn. This is where we are attracted to attaining priorities and goals. We may feel the need to shift careers or take up a new direction. However, Venus will begin her retrograde time next month, so it may be wise to move slowly and map things out before we make long-term choices. We may not like the terrain where we land during or after the retrograde.

November 6-7, 2021 – Magnetic attraction may be prominent on this day as we could sense intimate attraction through communication. However strong this may seem we may also find that plans for the future differ greatly. Emotional connections and intensity may build excitement but logistics could also bring headaches. It would be better to trust our gut instincts rather than relying on momentary desires. There are higher priorities to consider as well.

November 10, 2021 – There may be a strong desire to push forward with ideas yet we may meet with a wall of emotional frustration. It’s best to take time out from pushing and shoving and let thoughts percolate on the objective and mature level before taking action. We may wind up forcing something that’s not ready to develop.

November 11, 2021 – It’s time to take a sensitive approach, both with ourselves and others. We may be dealing with deep thoughts of woundedness or a sense of abandonment. This is no time to get lost in wishful thinking, but to meditate on healing.

November 13, 2021 – This is a time to make financial choices and decisions and we will have to check our gut instincts to make the best of it. Let’s be careful with knee-jerk reactions that could lead to regrets or making a problem worse than it is through fear.

November 15, 2021 – We will need to face reality with objectivity and reasoning or we could go overboard with wild assumptions. It’s time to reach for practical healing and responsible measures.

November 18, 2021 – This could be a day of infiltration or computer hacking of private information. However, undercover agents could also reveal nefarious financial practices. Decisive action needs to be taken on reliable information. Meanwhile, if we kept good priorities, we can find better insights on how to handle practical situations. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Alternative methods of healing could also make themselves available.

November 19, 2021 – A Full Moon sets itself up in Taurus in a challenge to Jupiter. This lunation is also a partial Lunar Eclipse. It may be tempting to overspend or spring for a big-ticket item. However, this time it pays to reason things out in a practical way so that we don’t blow the budget. If we can make sensible payments, then there are possibilities. If not, then we might bite off more than we can chew and have buyer’s remorse. It’s best to make choices slowly, rationally, and with clear determination. The eclipse portion of the program can bring before and after emotional effects. The Full Moon makes a wide opposition to Mercury in Scorpio, which can bring disappointment. The lunation makes a wide trine or open flow to Pluto, which means we will have to let go of something or someone or to bring something to a close.

November 20, 2021 – Men and women may be able to support each other, either on emotional or business levels. However, communication could bring on an overwhelm of information that needs to be sorted though in rational measure. Those who hear only loud noise may strain to hear a whisper.

November 21, 2021 – The Sun moves his rays into the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. This may offer up a lot of possibilities, however, careful choice is still the wisest.

November 24, 2021 – It’s Mercury’s turn to sprint into the upbeat sign of Sagittarius. However, we must take careful aim that we don’t get carried away with too much at once. Of we focus too much on the future we trip over the here and now.

November 26, 2021 – Mercury meets with and joins the Sun in Sagittarius. We may get excited about opportunities; however, it can be too easy to jump the gun on big ideas. It’s best to be selective with the holiday shopping so that we spend a little on everyone and not something huge that doesn’t go around for all. Good cheer and good company are always as welcome and wiser than going overboard on gifts.

November 29, 2021 – Opportunities for healing are supported well for all at this time. Remaining hopeful can be a big part of uplifting spirits and bringing abundance. Sometimes, it’s just good luck that makes a difference. We can play the lottery or enter a sweepstakes for a big prize.

November 30, 2021 – Good healing is featured again on this last day of the month. Perhaps, we turn a corner on the pandemic and the light of wellness presents itself. We may also see sweet wishes come true in support of charity for all.

Blessings of comfort and wisdom for us all.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

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All Ideas Aboard!

Jupiter & Mercury Station Forward

October 18, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline

Just when we thought we couldn’t bottom out any further we get relief from these draggy days of late when both Jupiter and Mercury station to forward motion (on the same day!). Before Pluto and Saturn stationed forward we had no less than seven planets, (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) retrograde at the same time for 10 days from September 26, 2021 to October 6. That’s a lot of concentrated heaviness and gravity all at once, just in case we didn’t notice. During this time, we had to face a lot of inner shadows and embedded karma, both personally and collectively.

Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance, is the first to change gears. Everything tends to lighten up when Jupiter moves forward and picks up speed. We tend to see more possibilities rather than hang-ups. With Jupiter moving ahead in Aquarius we notice the atmosphere is lighter and brighter, less cynical, and we can find our sense of humor once more. Jupiter stations forward in a positive vibe with Mars in Libra that can open important dialog and bring new ideas to light. We may also see justice served in legal matters that may have been stalled or stalemated.

Then it’s Mercury’s turn to station forward later in the morning on the same day. He does so in a tense opposition to Chiron retrograde, which could create some painful conversations. We may also feel aggravated or irritated that we can’t seem to get our point across. Meanwhile, the Aries Moon joins Chiron and we may feel a little hot under the collar or frustrated with a slow pace. However, it pays to move carefully to avoid angry words, mishaps, or even injury. If we have to make a decision, let’s do it with a cool head and a choice for healing. We don’t need any more wounding than we’ve all already had. Personal choices for self-care can have a ripple effect with Mercury’s station forward. However, good relationships and partnership support can have great importance and healing effects now.

With a Full Moon in Aries coming up just two days later, it will be best to keep a cool head and work through things objectively. Everyone may feel a little jumpy and/or anxious.

Blessings of Wellness for all.

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Responsibility Knocking
Saturn Stations Direct
October 10, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline

Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibility, restarts his forward movement in the evening hours (ET, US) of October 10th, 2021 in the clear air sign of Aquarius. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and his energy there shows where we have a responsibility to karmic justice and abiding laws of the human race. Saturn in Aquarius also influences science and technology as well as critical thinking. Furthermore, as Saturn moves through Aquarius we will be dealing with atmospheric conditions and water restrictions due to climate change, along with infrastructure necessities to aid against supply chain problems.

Saturn has been asleep in retrograde since May 2021 and challenging our inward choices of regulations within authority. It has been rather apparent recently that those in charge of both government and civil rendering of the law have been restrictive, backward thinking, and harsh, or undermining the course of the correct side of history. We may witness in the next few weeks as Saturn picks up speed to retrace his steps forward that the power of authority will return to the people and the demand for civil justice will grow stronger.

Those in authority whose choices have been questionable in integrity may find themselves caught in a lockdown of their own making, stuck in a web of deceit for purposes of selfish maintenance of control. The evidence of this behavior will not wash out well in the light of judicial scrutiny as we may see in the results of the select committee’s hashing out of the events of January 6th, 2021.

Saturn stations forward in good connection with the Lunar Nodes, and indeed, in an open flow with the North Node, the pointer of the future. As we look back on history, we may have a clear vision of what we cannot allow to repeat for the sake of keeping the constructs of democratic systems. As we look toward the future, these hard-won lessons will show a path of all voices for progress of humanity to pave the way forward. This includes responsibility, both collectively and personally, for sustaining the Earth’s capability of support for humanity’s continuance.

Timing is everything with Saturn and with his station forward, Venus meets with the South Node in Sagittarius. This means that only the most stout and forthright of our philosophical values of the past can be carried forward if we make the best decisions in the here and now. Furthermore, Mars approaches a meeting with the Sun in Libra. We may have to sever some ties, yet, this energy creates the need to fight for alliance and partnerships for the sake of enlightenment, mutual benefit, and social justice. Fair trade in ideas as well as material goods can make a difference for the prosperity of all.

Meanwhile, the Sagittarius Moon challenges Neptune retrograde, and makes a stand for mental and emotional health. We will have to shake off the cobwebs of illusion and delusions to navigate troubled waters. The emotional attachments to our beliefs may hinder our collective safe passage through the fog without a higher, spiritual understanding of where we are in our journey.

In the next few weeks Saturn will approach a positive boost connection with Chiron retrograde. This can help clarify the medical science and aid for the pandemic response to bring more methods of healing to the public at large. More countries and people can be released from lockdown restrictions, however, as weather grows colder in the Northern Hemisphere, we may have to take responsibility for getting flu and booster shots in order to maintain the balance of social health.

It will take plenty of patience and more work in the days ahead to surmount the major issues we face. Let’s remember that we have our own responsibilities to ourselves as well as on the collective level to make a breakthrough into a higher level of conscientious action.

Blessings of Enlightenment for us all.

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Yang in the Balance
New Moon in Libra
October 6, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline

A New Moon hides in the Libra air, the sign of balance in relationships. The New Moon is conjunct Mars, the warrior, and is not comfortable in the opposite sign that he rules. Mars is more comfortable on the battlefield where he can push his way forward through the noise and smoke. However, Mars in Libra has to make nice and “talk” his way to negotiate peace in all his relationships, business dealings, and court proceedings, no matter how angry or rowdy he is.

New Moons are about new beginnings and starting a fresh emotional cycle. Yet, we may feel the need to at least stand up for ourselves even when we can see both sides to an issue at hand. It may be tough to make good decisions but we will want to come up with decent and fair agreements that bring mutual benefit to both sides. In this regard, we may see new partnerships and/or business mergers develop going forward. However, changes in relationships will probably take place.

Furthermore, this powerful lunation is in opposition to Chiron retrograde in Aries. This has to do with wounding, and therefore, the anger stemming from the pain of wounding. The sign of Libra likes to be fair, yet also wants justice, so this may involve a battle in court. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign and masculine in nature, wanting to push for a new direction. Therefore, with Mars involved in this New Moon expression we may see the need for compensation to be recognized for those who were wronged and/or wounded in matters of the balance for social justice.

In addition, this lunation is in quincunx (misalignment) with Uranus retrograde in Taurus. In this case we may see surprising judgments from the courts, especially concerning financial compensation and/or shocks to relationships. At the time of this New Moon, its ruler, Venus, is in Scorpio and approaching a face-off (opposition) with the Lunar North Node. Men may not see the same issue in the same way as women. This could also mean that whatever decisions made either in court or in relationships, will profoundly change the direction of the future on a deeply emotional level, either for public or personal reasons.

Mercury will also be in retrograde motion in Libra at the time of this lunation. This could mean that the issues we are facing now may be revisited at a later time. Mercury will be within open flow (trine) range of Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. This could mean that court decisions may be delayed for further review in light of fairness and equality for the sake of human progress. Almost certainly, these same issues can come up again later in the month when both Mercury and Jupiter station to direct forward motion on October 17-18th.

Furthermore, October 6th is a powerful day in that along with this New Moon, Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be stationing to forward motion after a six-month long sleep. It may take some time to develop but we may see major revelations come to light in the next few weeks. Emotional currents will run strong and even into the extreme, especially concerning government and corporate over-reach within the social realms. Many may have taken advantage of people during the Covid pandemic and be exposed for wrongdoing.

Whatever the outcome from this New Moon, we will see a jump-start to a protracted engagement with gender rights in the balance of social justice. Reasonable settlement of a “sore point” may not be apparent until thorough debate has been made and reviewed. One way or another, the seeking of justice will be approached and addressed in many ways and on many levels until a balance is struck.

Blessings of Balance for all.

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Dream Vision

Full Moon in Pisces

September 20, 2021

by astrologer, Margo Cline

A Full Moon shines through the mist over the Pisces ocean. It illuminates secrets and dreams within our collective psyche. With Neptune retrograde in his home sign of Pisces we may have a strong, inner yearning to bring the sweeter dreams into reality. That is, if we can utilize the analyzing powers of the Virgo Sun to sort out what is practically possible from what is a purely impossible pipe dream. There is a tendency toward escapism through drugs, alcohol, forgetfulness, and/or denial that can also be part of the dreamscape drama with this Full Moon.

This lunation makes a wide face-off with Mars, newly ensconced in Libra, the sign of his detriment. Therefore, we may be fantasizing about the perfect lover or partner, or projecting that fantasy onto someone even when is not connected to the real person. Wishes are not horses and most of the time wishing doesn’t make it so. The person looks very different in dreamy moonlight than in the cold light of day. In this case, confusion could cloud our judgment and throw off our discernment to make good decisions.

However, this Full Moon can bring us inspiring images and messages within our night dreams. We just have to be careful with nuances of interpretation. We have to be able to trust our intuition and feeling senses for the best spiritual guidance. If we have night dreams that are intense and/or vivid, we may have messages from loved ones that have crossed over.

Indeed, mental health issues may also come forward during the height of this Full Moon. With Mars in his sign of indecision, and Mercury in Libra, soon to go retrograde, in open flow with Jupiter retrograde and challenge to Pluto retrograde, we may see introverts become even more withdrawn and extroverts brandish their runaway delusions. It may become difficult to stay focused and aware when we are preoccupied with psychic phenomenon or voices in our heads.

We may see signs in nature that speak to our inner understanding. These are psychic knowing elements that we cannot attempt to explain to others without appearing non-rational. They are messages from spirit for our own guidance even though others may be sensing the same feelings. We may be extra sensitive and empathetic with others as Venus puts an awkward angle to Chiron retrograde and approaches an opposition to Uranus retrograde at the peak of this Full Moon.

The good news is that Mars approaches helpful angles with the Lunar Nodes and an open flow with Saturn retrograde. Negotiations can work well if we respect the work of getting along for a common cause that speaks to the future. We will have to recognize when something isn’t working well for everyone and must be legally restructured to accommodate rights for all.

This Full Moon in Pisces can also bring us the yearning for closure on the pandemic health crisis, however, we must meet the inner call for personal and collective responsibility. We must not shirk our “duty”, for we as the world of humanity, will need cooperation to alleviate suffering for the sake of operating for continued improvement going forward.

Blessings from Spirit for all.

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The Details of Change

New Moon in Virgo

September 6, 2021

by astrologer, Margo Cline

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A New Moon hides in the night over the vineyards of Virgo on September 6, 2021. The sign of Virgo is Mutable Earth that marks transition on the material plane. Virgo represents the expression of work, health, service, and the gathering and harvest of sustenance for the coming Fall and Winter. We are to organize, prepare, and stock provisions for leaner times. Virgo is also about purifying produce by sorting the wheat from the chaff, that is, what does and does not work.

With this New Moon, ruled by the messenger planet Mercury, we begin a new cycle by harvesting and sorting useful details of information and necessary supplies that support good health in body and mind. Mercury influences the New Moon from the sign of Libra while Mercury approaches a face-off (opposition) to Chiron retrograde in Aries. This energy speaks of decisions made about sustainable health during a global pandemic. It certainly denotes a tricky balance between misinformation and proper treatment, such as indicated with the Covid vaccine and horse pills.

Furthermore, the sign of Virgo expresses its darker side with discrimination against people of color and/or those perceived as weaker, as well as information that doesn’t fit a narrow-minded viewpoint. We have seen this play out in draconian laws and court support of disdain for personal choice and control over the reproduction rights of women. Virgo also has a tendency to become hyper-critical about any and everything. We have seen this play out with multiple complaints in the media concerning the withdrawal of troops, (service) citizens, and embassy personnel from Afghanistan.

It is also no wonder that health-care workers are overwhelmed in hospital Covid wards. We can become swamped with work and details when tasks pile up with high maintenance issues. Virgo wants proper sequencing, so if we jump the gun and get ahead of practical preparation, we may miss important details that misdirect the whole procedural process.

On the other hand, the lighter side of Virgo expresses the power of discernment and detailed analysis of clear evidence of what works. If something doesn’t work then we will be presented with snarls, hang-ups, and general dysfunction until we weed out the bugs, tweak and refine the systemic process for smoother transition.

Meanwhile, in typical Virgo fashion for precision, this New Moon makes an exactopen flow (trine) to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. The energy indicates major change coming in a new cycle pertaining to application and transition in the future when Uranus stations to direct motion early next year. The people will have their say in personal freedoms and will rebel against harsh rules that don’t fit the modern world. Timing is everything with the mercurial expression of Virgo and everything has its time and place in the universal scheme of transition and change.

The New Moon-Uranus connection will also up the amperage in awareness of climate change and environmental problems caused by the over-exploitation of natural and human resources. Major changes will have to be made concerning how we operate on the ground level of human endeavors. Furthermore, alternative energy applications will have to be addressed as well as the improvement of power grids. Uranus in Taurus is also about the distribution and circulation of financial, food, and other economic needs.

With this New Moon we will have to strike a balanced view of where changes need to be made in our health and work routines, including diet, perspectives, and timing for the sake of efficiency and clarity of a wider purpose. We will also have to focus on clearing out old debris from our bodies and minds as well as our immediate environment. Detoxing anything will be a good exercise to undertake with this new cycle of transition.

Blessings of improvement for all.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map

for the Transits of September 2021

The Celestial Headlines

by Astrologer Margo Cline

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Jupiter – June 20 – Oct. 18, 2021

Saturn – May 23 – Oct. 10, 2021

Chiron – July 14 – Dec. 18, 2021

Uranus – Aug. 19, 2021 – Jan. 17, 2022

Neptune – June 25 – Nov. 23, 2021

Pluto – Apr. 28 – Oct. 6, 2021

Next Mercury Rx – Sept. 26 – Oct.17, 2021

Venus Rx – Dec. 19, 2021 – Jan. 29, 2022 

* * * *

The month of September 2021 presents some rather scrambled energy with many retrograde planets creating background static noise. When Mercury goes retrograde near the end of the month, we will have no less than seven planets in backward motion, including Chiron, all at the same time. These retrogrades will complicate progress until Pluto turns to forward motion on October 6, 2021, Saturn on October 10th, Mercury on October 17th, and Jupiter on October 18th.

So many retrograde planets at once will tend to slow everything down into reflection mode where we have to take time to sort out anything that is not working well. It may seem frustrating; however, our lives are changing in such huge ways that a slower pace may be required in order to reconfigure and negotiate a way forward in the future. We may even have to lock down again as we approach Winter in the Northern Hemisphere along with the school season during a global health crisis.

Furthermore, as September is always a transitional month, we approach the Autumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) when the Sun crosses into Libra on September 22, 2021. (more on this later in the report)

September begins with big decisions as Mars faces off with Neptune retrograde. We may have to take action among a sea of swirling details. The weather may be bad with big storms or mud slides and other natural disasters due to climate change. Economic problems may also persist. Decisions may be difficult with so much confusion in play.

However, Mercury in Libra sets up big energy in a grand flow (trine) in the Air signs including the Lunar North Node in Gemini and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. This is fairly positive energy that presents new ideas concerning justice, as well as scientific and technological advances pertaining to the future. Furthermore, Mercury’s boosting signal (sextile) to the Lunar South Node helps us to access elements of beliefs systems from the past. There may be many ideas flying around so there are options if we can choose well. We will be asking questions about precedents and how we retool for new reasoning, thinking, and partnerships.

 Meanwhile, the Cancer Moon, along with the tide of public feeling, will challenge Mercury’s ideas about beliefs of the past as some will have sentimental attachments that chafe about scientific oriented discoveries that make changes in these notions.

On September 3, 2021 the Virgo Sun puts an awkward angle (quincunx) on Chiron retrograde. This puts a spotlight on dysfunctional leadership concerning public health, economic health, as well as environmental health. At the same time, Venus in her home sign of Libra puts an awkward angle on Neptune retrograde. She doesn’t like the snow-job and/or cover-ups when it comes to social justice, money-laundering, and legal procedures. There could also be confusion in relationships and business partnerships. Our values in these areas will have to be adjusted and redefined.

September 5, 2021 is one for the record books with so much energy crackling throughout the day. Venus challenges (square) Pluto retrograde. She’s not too tolerant of those in the criminal realms trying to evade justice. Again, money-laundering, sexual harassment, corruption, and tax shelters will be up for scrutiny. At the same time Venus opens flow (trine) with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. This energy can bring good news about breakthroughs in philosophical values, economic recovery, and social justice. Wealth tax and global distribution can also be in the bigger picture. Meanwhile, Mars opens flow with Pluto retrograde. He takes action on routing out dark money that funds negative influences and violence. Investigations continue on evidence of criminal activity.

On the same day, the Virgo Sun opens flow with Uranus retrograde. This energy sheds light on the groundbreaking changes that must be made for the sake of environmental as well as economic sustainability. Systemic changes in banking, building, farming, food and vaccine distribution can be seen as necessary elements for pandemic recovery. Supply chains will need overhauls through infrastructure improvement to create jobs and improve the circulation of money. However, there could be problems with earthquakes and/or lightning storms that emphasize chain-link reactions in emergency response. Furthermore, the Leo Moon roars in a face-off (opposition) with Jupiter retrograde, as well as an awkward angle with Pluto retrograde. There’s too much happening at once and there could be public backlash against those in power whose only motivation is the acquisition of big money or kick-backs.

A New Moon hides in the night over the vineyards of Virgo on September 6, 2021. The lunation is in open flow to Uranus in Taurus and speaks to big shifts and Earth changes. We must chart a new course in terms of how we deal with material needs and natural resources. Financial markets may also be overwhelmed with changes. Although this energy could be very positive, we may see fluctuations in economic trends as new systems come online. At the time of this New Moon Mercury in Libra is in a face-off (opposition) with Chiron retrograde in Aries. This could mean more problems in pandemic, legal, or military response. This is a tricky balancing act between self-care and social interactions. Painful decisions will have to be made in terms of relationships if communication isn’t clear and open. The news could be littered with difficult issues if health conditions don’t improve or if war or wildfires inflame the situation further. Mars throws an awkward angle at Jupiter retrograde. This could create more dysfunctional situations in political and economic arenas. Now is the time for clean-up in all areas of public health in terms of willful pollution of the environment and criminal intentions to sow social discord with misinformation and/or violent protests. Adjustments will have to be made in analysis of financial or technological issues.

On September 7, 2021 the Virgo Moon joins with Mars (conjunct) to overload public moods with anger and protest. The Moon/Mars combo exacerbates the awkward angle with Jupiter retrograde and the open flow with Pluto retrograde. This could bring explosive irritation from a barrage of problems, mainly due to manipulation funded by political rivalry and dark money influences. It may be difficult to solve problems peacefully.

On September 9, 2021 Mercury sends an awkward signal (quincunx) to Uranus retrograde. There may be changes in trade agreements that upset the balance of negotiations and fair exchange. The news may be shocking with sudden events and destabilizing court rulings. Perspectives will have to be adjusted to accept climate, Earth, and financial changes.

On September 10, 2021 Venus moves into the deep-water sign of Scorpio. She is not comfortable in the opposite sign that she rules and money issues may come to the forefront of underground movements. Sex trafficking and/or harassment could also be part of the investigative scenery.

September 12, 2021 brings more confusing decisions to make as the Virgo Sun faces off with Neptune retrograde. Surely, issues with climate change and the natural environment will come into play along with economic conditions. Both issues are strongly connected to the public health crisis so the questions remain between work and safety.

September 15, 2021 brings Mars into Libra where he becomes the diplomat and negotiator. In this case, Mars will have to make deals concerning the balance of justice, voting rights, and civil liberties. This may not be an easy task since as some may take to violence to protest court decisions over pandemic restrictions as Mars will eventually face off with Chiron retrograde. Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio makes awkward angles with the Lunar Nodes and brings out issues of psychological health between clinging to the past out of fear and/or anxiety about the future. The Sun opens flow with Pluto retrograde to illuminate where dark money manipulation occurs. On the material plane money equals power and we will have to recognize where government and corporate entities may defy ethical and moral responsibilities. The Sun also puts an awkward angle on Jupiter retrograde. This will highlight where adjustments have to be made in wealth inequality as well as philosophical/political group influences.

September 16, 2021 brings Venus into challenge with Saturn retrograde. Again, ethical responsibilities come into play along with legal standards and values. We may feel compromised or under-appreciated.

On September 17, 2021 Mercury sends and awkward signal to Neptune retrograde and blurs the lines of communication. Confusion is likely and/or weather could create difficulties and disruptions in relaying ideas.

September 18, 2021 has Mercury open flow with Jupiter retrograde. We may be able to take old philosophical ideas and put a new spin on them to create a path to alternative technological ways of operation. This could range from automation in manufacturing to electric car production. We could also see/hear announcements from the courts.

 September 20, 2021 brings a Full Moon shining over the Pisces ocean. This is very sensitive, emotional energy that brings on a tidal swell of sensory perception and intuition. We might say that the whole world is sick of being sick, sad, and tired as Venus in Scorpio sends an awkward angle to Chiron retrograde. To top it off, Mercury challenges Pluto retrograde. The news could be rather grim if we don’t see progress in matters of justice or corporate taxes. However, the good news is that Mars approaches a Grand Flow in the Air signs with the Lunar North Node and Saturn retrograde, as well as a boost to the Lunar South Node. New precedents and discoveries can be made if we keep an open mind about developmental procedures and alliances. New ideas, science, and negotiations can help alleviate pressure on civil discourse.

 September 21, 2021 brings on a positive complex aspect called a Mystic Rectangle. This energy involves the Aries Moon in a boost to the North Node and an open flow with the North Node while Mars offers a boost to the South Node and an open flow to the North Node. Although this is a brief Lunar influence, we have the chance to download big cosmic understanding as we learn more about the past to cast some optimism about the future. We can make progress if we are brave enough to put the pieces together to reform philosophical elements of the past to blaze a trail forward. This could also herald a breakthrough in Covid research for better treatment, as if the Universe heard an urgent prayer for the well-being of the people of Earth. The only fly in the pie is that the Aries Moon faces off with its ruler, Mars. We have a decision to make about being angry and creating discord, or offering a truce to make progress. The military may also be involved in difficult operations.

 September 22, 2021 (Autumnal Equinox Northern Hemisphere) brings Venus in Scorpio to a face-off with Uranus retrograde. This energy can create the need for sudden decisions about shaky financial markets. We could also have earthquake situations that make for problems in supply and demand, as well as tending to mental health issues for those on the stressful edge of money problems. Psychologically speaking, if we are still having restriction problems with Covid-19, we may find ourselves suffering from lock-down or isolation syndrome. Meanwhile, the Sun moves his rays into Libra, the sign of relationships, business alliances, and social justice values. Hopefully, we can shed light on negotiations in good faith for the mutual benefit of all. Mars in Libra opens a Grand Flow (Grand Trine) in the Air signs with the North Node in Gemini and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. This brings progressive new ideas and scientific information to the forefront of awareness. We may also see breakthroughs in negotiations and fair trade, as well as justice decisions from the courts or committees in Congress. Furthermore, Mercury in Libra challenges Pluto retrograde, which could also bring up court announcements against government/corporate corruption via dark money laundering, tax sheltering, and misinformation via news and social media outlets. At the same time, Mercury throws an open flow signal to Jupiter retrograde, offering good news about possible breakthroughs either in upgrades in Covid treatments, philanthropic generosity, and/or philosophical understanding, as well as positive court decisions.

 On September 26, 2021 both Mars in Libra and the Gemini Moon open flow with Saturn retrograde. This brings an open-minded boost to scientific/technological understanding, as well as legal procedures and social justice. Negotiations and committee meetings may see a way forward with better business alliances that bring benefit to society. Meanwhile, the Sun opens flow to the North Node and a boost to the South Node. This energy creates good illumination on the path of relationships and social justice. However, the fly in the pie is that Mercury stations to retrograde motion that may put a snag on progress as he backs again into a challenge with Pluto retrograde. This could bring us back into problems with corporate tax shelters and secret deals behind closed doors. Accurate and timely communication will be imperative to avoiding difficult legal or relationship issues.

September 28, 2021 has Venus in an open flow with Neptune retrograde. While this aspect can bring deep desires and wishes to fruition, it can also involve clandestine drug or sex trafficking operations. We will have to be careful of the dangling carrot. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

September 30, 2021 has Mars in a face-off with Chiron retrograde, which could make for decisions in physical health and/or court/legal issues. It’s not a good time to take risks in relationships. Meanwhile, Venus challenges Jupiter retrograde where money issues may get snagged in exaggeration of prospective profits in investments. Again, it’s not a good time to speculate on financial or relationship outcomes if we doubt our better instincts. The Sun opens flow with Saturn retrograde, which can help with reasoning out probabilities, especially in legal affairs. This is a good time to set healthy boundaries.

Blessings of comfort and wisdom for us all.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map

for the transits of August 2021

The Celestial Headlines




Jupiter – June 20 – Oct. 18, 2021

Saturn – May 23 – Oct. 10, 2021

Chiron – July 14 – Dec. 18, 2021

Uranus – Aug. 19, 2021 – Jan. 17, 2022

Neptune – June 25 – Nov. 23, 2021

Pluto – Apr. 28 – Oct. 6, 2021

Next Mercury Rx – Sept. 26 – Oct.17, 2021

Venus Rx – Dec. 19, 2021 – Jan. 29, 2022

* * * *


The month of August 2021 presents hot energy from the get go with a Mercury/Sun meeting in the fiery sign of Leo. The Sun rules Leo and this combination can mean a burst of consciousness within a personal sense of self directives. We may get the chance to have more enlightened perspectives on personal life paths. With this powerful solar message, we realize that we must rely on our own leadership with independent thinking to develop the best expression of our energy.

However, the sign of Leo also expresses arrogance, self-centeredness, and vanity in its shadow forms, where ego and pride run away with directives. There is likely to be big drama created as a distraction from seeking the truth. The light side of the Leo expression is the hero that saves the day. Indeed, Leo brings confidence, strength, joy, and creative passion.

Furthermore, on August 1st, this Mercury/Sun combo faces off with Saturn retrograde, leading to roars for independence from restrictive rules and obstructions to clear equality under the law. However, the same combo energy is in good connection to the Lunar Nodes, which could indicate that we will hash things out in the light of truth for the sake of working the right side of history.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Mars in Virgo faces off with Jupiter retrograde newly returned to Aquarius. This is an out-of-sign opposition that really stirs up the plethora of details on the front of public health and the distribution of accurate information. Our actions and decisions must reflect our philosophical values. Venus also has problems with Chiron newly retrograde, which could also indicate the sorting of detailed data concerning the state of pandemic conditions.

The month of August 2021 also features yet another planet going retrograde and that is Uranus. Uranus is the last of the outer planets to reverse gears. In this regard, from that point forward we will have six planets in backward motion until the Fall of the year. This means that these worldly energies will be somewhat muted in the background of events. This also means that the strongest energy of our personal lives and operations will be running in the foreground. Personal viewpoints and choices will be prominent in our endeavors so that we focus on doing the best we can for ourselves and our life situations.

On August 2, 2021 Venus opens flow with Uranus and gives a green light for financial changes and reconfiguration. We can expect a variety of system overhauls in electrical grids, alternative energy resources, banking and markets, farming, building, food distribution, as well as climate change awareness. Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury opens flow to Chiron retrograde. This allows more perspectives from leadership on healing recent wounds, either military or pandemic health corps. It will take a consortium of views to connect with real first priorities. Sometimes the truth hurts but is necessary to factor in therapeutic options.

August 3, 2021 brings Mercury into challenge with Uranus. This is where the internet could have problems with hacking and spyware attacks. Egos can also go haywire to avoid necessary changes. We could also have more solar flare winds that create havoc with technical devices.

August 4, 2021 has the Sun in open flow with Chiron retrograde. This offers enlightenment and possibly new breakthroughs on healing, especially for those troops returning home from war. The pandemic has also created unique stressors on a worldwide scale. Therefore, we are all processing trauma of some sort, whether personal, collective, or both. We must deal with the fallout from PTSD in all its forms and on all levels of social mental health.

Shocks can bring awareness as the Sun challenges Uranus on August 5, 2021. If changes are delayed explosions can occur. This energy runs hot and dry, so wildfires and drought could also be part of the scene. On the same day, the Cancer Moon challenges Chiron retrograde, which can bring up sore points on the emotional home front.

August 7, 2021 brings Mercury into an awkward angle to Neptune retrograde. This energy can make for bad storms, foggy conditions, and much confusion in the news and media. Spying, sabotage, and subterfuge could be big problems. We will have to ask questions to fine tune information to make sense of anything.

A New Moon hides in the Leo night on August 8, 2021. This New Moon challenges Uranus so that we can obviously see changes that need to be made in energy directives. There is a need for independent thinking about alternative methods of living. We may see more of the “off the grid” movement fueled by corporate rate spikes and the high costs of living. On the same day, Mars challenges both Lunar Nodes, which can bring stress to refinement in health care matters and issues of employment. We may feel caught in transition from the past to the future. Analysis must be geared to practical living wages for economic health and the delegation of team tasks to solve problems.

On August 9, 2021 Venus faces off with Neptune retrograde. Our values are in a deep state of flux and decisions will have to be made on what to sacrifice to trim down excessive fantasy thinking. Efficiency will be the theme of the day, so making a list of priorities could help. On the same day, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Pluto retrograde. The news may not be good but it is revealing to the corruption and theft that has been occurring with shady deals behind closed doors. There’s a laser eye investigation of corporate profiteering and dark money funding. We will have to rid ourselves of lies that lead us into fear and manipulation.

Mercury faces off with Jupiter retrograde as he shifts into his home sign of Virgo on August 10-11, 2021. This brings big decisions at a time of big confusion. We may have to wait for the fog to clear before we can gather reliable information to work with. We may discover cover-ups or other obfuscation that reveal clues to mysterious phenomenon. Everything may feel a little “off” so we may have to blend in intuition to get to the connected facts.

Mercury moves into one of his two home signs of Virgo on August 11, 2021. His other home sign is Gemini, in which just recently he spent a long period of time due to retrograde motion. Mercury’s presence in Virgo insists on orderly procedures, on detailed and accurate data/evidence, on organization and attention to analysis. With Venus and Mars in Virgo as well, we are attracted to refinement and craftsmanship, which requires precision sequential procedure. The sign of Virgo, which is Mutable Earth, (in transition) is about processing information into practical application. We know we have the facts when we get evident results. With Mercury’s presence in Virgo we want to laser in on the flaws and kinks in the system and tweak to make improvements. Mercury in Virgo is the detective that puts the details together into a sequence of events and traces the evidence backward and forward to present a case or situational mind-frames. Sometimes the details are not boring, but overlooked, and when recognized/analyzed, can bring new insights to light. On the same day, Mars makes an awkward angle to Saturn retrograde. People are getting tired of the same old restricted and repressive orders for the suppression of rights and freedoms. Mars will push for adjustments to old laws that don’t fit what’s needed for improvement.

Meanwhile, on the same day, (Aug. 11) Venus opens flow to Pluto retrograde and appeals to the need to let go of ridiculous extremes in material acquisition. Venus zeroes in on the unsustainable protections of greed and hoarding in both the economic and ecologic environments.

The Sun has problems with Neptune Rx on August 13, 2021. Adjustments will have to be made, especially concerning issues of climate change and environmental pollution. The Sun shines his light to pierce through the fog of illusion in order to get to the central truth of where we really are and the course we choose to follow.

On August 14, 2021 Mercury sends a double challenge signal to the Lunar Nodes. This could mean the karmic turning point between the past and the future. We are in major transition when it comes to perspectives, choices, and beliefs. We will need to re-examine our philosophical reasoning to achieve the adaptability required to meet the future. On the same day, the Scorpio Moon sends an emotional boost to Mars but challenges Saturn Rx. This could bring up frustration with system stalls and obstructions to progress. We may get bogged down in details until we work out the bugs.

Meanwhile, Venus gets overwhelmed in an awkward angle to Jupiter Rx. We will have to adjust our analysis to see a wider picture of economic conditions. Inflation is a big problem for now.

Venus moves home to Libra on August 15, 2021. Here, she becomes Lady Justice and holds the scales for fairness and balance. Venus in her home sign of Libra also enhances relationships, both love and business. The only problem is that she will also move into a face-off with Chiron Rx later on. This could bring up painful episodes of the past that may need to be readdressed for healing to take place.

On August 16, 2021 the Sun sends an awkward ray to Pluto Rx in the need to eliminate corruption in government and corporate agendas. The truth exposes the lies that deliberately mislead and manipulate to maintain power and control. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius Moon meets with its own South Node and opposes the North Node, challenges Mercury, and boosts Saturn Rx. We are being dragged back to the past when old dogmatic beliefs weigh us down and stifle our perspectives of the future. There are those who cannot see past the old ways that no longer function well to meet the future. Refusing to move forward will only keep us stuck in feedback loops that waste time and energy.

Mercury meets with Mars in his home sign of Virgo on August 17, 2021. This is an announcement of action that promotes accuracy in all media and on all levels. The Mercury/Mars meeting sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx. This means that disinformation has led to painful but necessary tactics to stem the spread of disease or to mitigate economic disruptions.

August 19, 2021 could bring some uprisings and rebellion as the planet Uranus is highly activated in stationing to retrograde motion. With Uranus moving reverse we now have six planets in retrograde including Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto. All the outer planets have slowed to background noise with the two global planets of Jupiter and Saturn also in stasis. This brings most of the up front action into the personal spheres of influence. The Mercury/Mars meeting opens positive flow with Uranus as he is stationing to reverse motion. The voice for freedom, liberation, and revolution is made loud and clear for all to hear. The economic tension is high. This is one of those times when something has to give with a laser focus on system overhaul for direct results. It could also mean the end of the filibuster obstruction to progress.

A Grand Flow in the Air signs appears on August 20, 2021. The energy peaks with Venus in flow to the Moon’s meeting with Saturn Rx and in flow with the North Node in Gemini. This configuration can bring justice that addresses the future. It is possible that more evidence is uncovered concerning the insurrection riots. The news travels fast and intellectual analysis pervades the day.

The Sun moves his rays into Virgo on August 22, 2021. This happens just as a Full Moon in Aquarius appears in conjunction with Jupiter Rx. This is more news coming quickly forward that could put a new spin on analysis of events. Though things may seem chaotic, there are mechanisms moving things into place as well. Venus’s open flow with Saturn Rx can bring closure to arguments against needed improvements in infrastructure. Meanwhile, Mars’s continued flow with Uranus Rx can open doors to information that frees up old stalemates.

Mercury faces off with Neptune Rx on August 24, 2021. This brings a lot of confusion when making decisions, especially if we are bogged down in minutiae or swamped with tasks. However, intuition can fill in the blanks as long as we don’t lose sight of accurate information or get lost in wishful thinking.

Venus faces off with a Moon/Chiron Rx meeting that could bring rather painful decisions on values, especially when it comes to justice for so many Covid deaths. Meanwhile, Mercury opens flow to Pluto Rx, which could reveal some difficult statistics in issues of power-mongering, dark money laundering, and disinformation in the recent past. However, there could be good news with tax credits and easement.

Venus sends an awkward angle to Uranus Rx on August 27, 2021. This energy makes for adjustments in material values, financial systems, civil rights and social justice. An odd balance must be struck to keep anything close to a steady playing field. Meanwhile, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Jupiter Rx that will insist on accuracy in news and media. This means cutting out the excessive rhetoric and toning down exaggerated or outdated philosophical viewpoints.

On August 28, 2021 the Virgo Sun sends a double challenge to the Lunar Nodes. This energy will shine a light on working out karmic compensation from the past to make amends to those who were harmed. This is also part of public and mental health.

Mercury moves into Libra on August 29, 2021. He does so in an open flow to the Gemini Moon. Here, we get to see both sides of the coin in perspectives and outlook. We may take on new alliances toward a common goal and work on fair trade issues. Negotiation in good faith can take us a long way to mutually beneficial agreements. Communication is key to better influences now.

The Virgo Sun is insisting on clear evidence on August 30, 2021 when he sends an awkward ray to Saturn Rx. It is shown where flaws in authority systems have created blockages, delays, and obstacles to obtaining proper information. However, this is a critical time for choosing wisely to fall on the best side of history.

Blessings of truth compass for us all.

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Passionate Purpose

Venus conjunct Mars in Leo

July 12-14, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline

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The month of July packs it hot with the coming together of the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, in the expressive sign of Leo. As the Sun rules Leo, so he does over this balancing embrace. The Sun shares his light with all and therefore, illuminates what needs attention in our waking lives. As a Fixed Fire sign, Leo draws down energy for the generation of warmth, strength, and growth.

The shadow side of the Leo expression is arrogant, boastful, and likes to hog attention. However, the positive side of Leo becomes the hero that saves the day with courage and enlightenment. The Leo expression is also very creative, and though it is quite masculine, the Leo in us all shows where our best talents can shine to share with the world. These are the gifts with which we are born to share our own individual and unique expression of our energy.

We may all sense a kind of balance coming about in our energy as Venus approaches this embrace with her Mars. It’s like pulling The Lovers card in the tarot, a major partnership is about to be struck. The Sacred Feminine of ourselves rises to meet the Sacred Masculine, combining to create and share the light of truth.

The sign of Leo also corresponds to the heart, so indeed, this sacred union will be part of sharing our hearts with those we love and hopeful coordination with all. The Sacred Balance also brings the attraction and expression of creative values within our highest motivation; love. This value of creativity, in turn, brings joy in our expression to enhance and infuse our daily lives. This is a happy moment when we see the value of passionate purpose in all around us.

At the time of the Sacred Union of Venus and Mars, the Virgo Moon gets fussy in a face-off with Jupiter retrograde. There’s too much going on at once and with sorting through all the details it could be difficult to focus on a clear decision. The Virgo Moon is also at odds with her own Nodes which could stretch our feelings like a trip wire between the past and the future.

However, this same Moon sends a positive boost to Mercury in Cancer, which acts something like a homing beacon and gives us the means to express our feelings safely in a family setting. It is interesting to note that with Mercury now in Cancer at the time of the Venus and Mars pairing, we are seeing troops coming home from Afghanistan. This could bring a lot of repair to family relations when reunions help clear up misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Mercury also opens flow with Jupiter retrograde. In this regard we have the sensitivity to exchange compassionate and tender family stories.

Furthermore, the Cancer Sun harmonizes well with dreamy Neptune retrograde. We may feel sensitive to the emotional needs of others and this energy offers a deep well of compassion for the homeless and hungry. When we share our energy and what we have with those in need we give that heart love out and the return is about the comfort we all crave in a vastly changing world.

Venus and Mars linger in their embrace for about three days, but their mingling energy gives us nurturing strength to bring forth our talents. We may want to work with charitable causes or coordinate an event as a fundraiser to help the community, such as talent contests, food drives, heat shelters, or art mural paintings for city enhancement. However we choose to share our heart energy, let’s not miss this loving moment of sacred and creative balance. We all have the heart of the hero and the beauty of truth somewhere in our lives.

Blessings of the Creative Heart for us all.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map
for the transits of July 2021

The Celestial Headlines

~by astrologer Margo Cline

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July-Its-Hot-2 (1)

For the most part we will see Mercury and the Sun move between the signs of Cancer and Leo. From the Solstice of June 20, 2021 the shortening days move from an emotional expression to one of emboldened, independent enlightenment. Meanwhile, Mars and Venus have paved the way through the sign of the Lion ruled by the Sun. We want to be seen and heard as those sharing the light of conscience and truth.

July starts off on the 1st with a firecracker bang of an aspect configuration. Mars in Leo opens flow with Chiron in Aries, challenges Uranus in Taurus, and faces off with Saturn retrograde. This energy packs very stubborn and explosive elements. There are those who are impatient for necessary changes, while others try to hold back change. Gears are grinding in a tug-o-war between old and new methods of social and value restructuring. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to pointing out where something has to give. Stall-outs are common between these Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, however, this aspect won’t hold much past the first spark that inflames frustration. Indeed, it will take good leadership to keep a tight situation from blowing out unexpected consequences. This could be the celestial moment of Occam’s Razor, “all things being equal, the simplest answer is the best.”

Another interesting aspect configuration appears on July 4, 2021. The Sun in Cancer challenges Chiron and misaligns with Saturn retrograde. This is very sensitive and touchy energy that can bring up wounds from the past. We may find out more about the origins of Covid-19 and want to assign blame. However, improvements for treatment will be made through more research. As Saturn continues his retrograde phase we will have to police our thoughts about the past and adjust development plans. No doubt more evidence is uncovered concerning ethnic homelessness and the cost of housing and food. The realizations are tough to argue against the common people.

In Mercury’s challenge to Neptune retrograde on July 5, 2021 there could be misleading gossip or confusion surrounding unverified or secret reports. We need to move forward yet, there are complications between emotional feedback and media output. Someone has to redefine the story or backtrack on vague implications. Focus on consistant results will be key to finding the best information.

On July 6, 2021 emotional chatter flies around as the Moon meets with the North Node to face off with the South Node. We are curious about more possibilities and choices for the future. However, if we are too preoccupied with the past we may not see a way forward. This could bring frustration, but timing will be important to investigate new interests. Meanwhile, Venus opens flow with Chiron but faces off with Saturn retrograde. This is where the Queen of hearts has something passionate to say about restrictions and obstacles to bringing aid to those in need. It’s time to be bold in trying times.

On July 8, 2021 Mercury misaligns with Pluto retrograde, which could lead us on a wild goose chase with rumor and hearsay. Distractions are everywhere, both deliberate and otherwise. However, there could also be a nugget of truth embedded in the media stream. Venus challenges Uranus on the same day and shines a light on sharp changes in values. We will be attracted to trying new things, however, it could be stubborn restlessness wanting to break free of the boring routines. We want creative fun. Awareness is about leveling out the financial playing field, especially on tax issues and the economy.

July 9, 2021 brings a New Moon in Cancer that hides over the tides of feeling. We may sense that we need a new direction within family situations, perhaps new living arrangements. Emotional issues can bring families together for comfort or to settle estates. Home improvements may come to the foreground, as well as other housing issues.

At long last Mercury finishes his extended tour in his home sign of Gemini and moves into Cancer on July 11, 2021. Here, Mercury prefers to be at home with his feelings and to find ways of home improvement. Perhaps, a new stove, recipes, or cooking utensils are in order. It may be time to give away unused items or donate to the fundraiser barbecue for charity. Mercury moves sign in good connection to Jupiter retrograde, so getting together with family for travel or house-hunting could also be good activities. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon rules our sleep, it could be a good idea to spruce up the bedroom with fresh pillows and linens or other items of comfort.

Venus meets with her lover Mars on July 12, 2021 in the passionate sign of Leo. This is where the King and Queen of Hearts share their love with all in cooperation for strength and courage. It’s a cosmic “feel good” moment and even independent men and women can work well together, especially in leadership.

The Sun opens flow with Neptune retrograde on July 14, 2021. This brings the flow of compassion to all in need. We can use it as a beacon of hope through the fog to get some clarity on what has been hidden in the collective psyche. This is sensitive stuff so let’s be gentle with ourselves and others. On the same day Chiron stations to retrograde motion. We may feel our wounds quite strongly and anything less than reflections on healing may become inflamed until we acknowledge inwardly what hurts.

The Sun faces off with Pluto retrograde on July 16, 2021. There may be big family decisions to make, such as concerning the sale of property to settle estates. Venus misaligns with Neptune retrograde on the same day. This could mean money-laundering or other cover-up scandals. Someone is not telling the truth.

The shady deals continue on July 17, 2021 when Venus forms the apex of a YOD configuration with Pluto retrograde and Neptune retrograde. YODs act as cosmic edicts for change and major adjustments. This could be about tax evasion and shelters that may be discovered and seized for the sake of leveling the economy. Corruption cover-ups will come up, especially concerning dark money and power-mongering.

July 18, 2021 brings Mercury into major play in a challenge to Chiron retrograde and a misalignment with Saturn retrograde. There could shocking or painful news concerning the Coronavirus and disregard by authority for its serious ramifications. What was hidden may be discovered. Real Estate may take a blow, or there could be storm damage.

Mercury sends a boosting signal to Uranus on July 20, 2021, so there could be some surprise announcements, possibly concerning housing or real estate issues. New technology can bring alternative building, farming, methods, however this energy could have more to do with advances in communication and robotics.

Venus makes her move from Leo to Virgo on July 21, 2021. She does so in a face-off with Jupiter retrograde. Our philosophical values are challenged, especially concerning ethnicity and diversity issues. We will be attracted to organizational analysis and systems evaluations. Meanwhile, Mars misaligns with Pluto retrograde. This could bring power brawls between leadership initiatives and ego aggrandizement from others in political quarters. The outcome won’t be perfect but it may be permanent. Heads may roll.

The Sun makes his way into his home sign of Leo on July 22, 2021. He sets up for the coming Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23, 2021. The Full Moon misaligns with Venus now in Virgo. There’s a chain-link reaction that takes place when analysis misses the mark on objective reasoning. Nothing works well when evidence doesn’t line up with results. Our work needs to reflect our philosophical values. Meanwhile, Mercury opens flow with Neptune retrograde, which helps to make sense of our night dreams. Some may be prophetic in nature. However, we could also experience flooding on both the material and emotional planes. We may also have psychic prompts and our intuitions shouldn’t be ignored.

Mercury faces off with Pluto retrograde on July 25, 2021. This brings tension to decisions in do-or-die situations. Power struggles are likely and words can cause great harm. Real Estate issues may also come up within families trying to settle property disputes.

The Pisces Moon triggers a grand challenge including the Lunar Nodes on July 26, 2021. This is very sensitive and karmic energy. Spiritual values play a part in turning a corner and acknowledging wrongs done in the past.

Venus challenges both Lunar Nodes on July 27, 2021. This brings out the value of truth in our investigations and analysis. This also brings up the issue of a standardize living wage for working people. Meanwhile, Mercury gets ready to shift into the sign of Leo. This means that our perspectives will begin with more independent thinking that wants to get to the heart of the matter. On the same day, Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius. This will bring more philosophical reasoning to our reflections on social justice and equality.

Mars moves into the sign of Virgo on July 30, 2021. He is finishing up his face-off with Jupiter retrograde, which brings up tension in reasoning out political and religious extremes. Mars’s motivation is to work things out and put things together, including scientific evidence concerning climate change. Mars will have to delegate tasks in teamwork and proper sequence in order to make developmental progress. We may see more leadership on veteran’s affairs as well.

Mercury meets with the Sun on July 31, 2021. This is the second meeting of the month in the sign of Leo. Hopefully, this energy will burn away the haze and daze of misinformation to give better illumination on who is saying what. We may hear big, and possibly dramatic, announcements about key players involved with independent investigations. The meeting is in good connection with the Lunar Nodes, indicating that the truth will come out concerning the past affecting the future. However, the Taurus Moon gets cranky with this meeting because things have moved too slowly on this information getting out into the open. The Moon, as well as the court of public opinion, sides with Uranus to call out changes that must be made in financial equality.

Blessings of truth compass for us all.

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The Solstice Mix
June 19-20, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline

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The first day of Summer (Northern Hemisphere) and the longest day of the year comes upon us with a rather impressionable mix of energies. First off the bat the Scorpio Moon triggers a grand flow in the Water signs between a shifting Sun into Cancer and a retrograde turn of Jupiter in Pisces. This is very sensitive and emotional energy that speaks to the deeper feelings connected to beliefs. We may sense that we must reflect on these emotional attachments and where they originated within family beliefs concerning the great beyond.

Meanwhile, Mercury continues to drift retrograde in his home sign of Gemini. This energy is also about reflection on memories with school friends, siblings, and neighbors. While this may be soothing in some ways we will have to be careful of becoming pre-occupied or scattered in terms of mental input. We may not “hear” important news clearly. We may be forgetful or clumsy at times when our minds are full of thoughts of the past. This is not the best time to sign contracts, make commitments, or buy electronic equipment.

Venus continues to make her way through the sign of Cancer. Here, she is the home maker, nurturing mother, and creates the comfort zone in home-life surroundings. Venus validates our emotional need for belonging and a sheltered space. We can watch for home values and real estate to rise and people looking for affordable housing. Venus makes a loving flow with Neptune soon to station retrograde. This brings feelings of compassion and forgiveness for all those in need of comfort.

Mars, now in Leo, ups the ante on drama and posturing, especially by men looking to be seen. The Scorpio Moon challenges Mars and brings on emotional charges of anger and indignation. However, Mars will move on to create harmonious angles to the Lunar Nodes. This can give us the courage to choose a more enlightened path forward after we grow weary of those with all bluster and no substantial plan. We must avoid the braggart and showman and reach for the heroic heart of humanity.

Jupiter’s brief sojourn in his ancient home sign of Pisces has brought psychic insights into the core of spiritual understanding. As he prepares for backward motion, Jupiter’s energy is strong in bringing a wider view on our beliefs about the hereafter. Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius on July 28, 2021. This will bring us back to ideological and conceptual thinking, where we might have to go back to the drawing board to tweak out plans for the future. Jupiter will be in retrograde phase until October 18, 2021 when he will move forward through Aquarius until December. Jupiter’s influence during this phase will rewrite philosophical software about our history as well as what shifts in thinking speak to the future. It will be shown where politicians and religious leaders have been tone-deaf to real time changes in the modern world.

Meanwhile, Saturn the taskmaster is also retrograde and just finished his second pass in challenge to Uranus. In our need to make vast changes to social structures, Saturn has put too tight a grip on keeping the status quo. This creates crisis with a spillover to break through the ties that bind. We will have another of this kind of challenge at the next solstice when the sign of Aquarius will reach for social equality once again.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is still in good connection with Saturn retrograde, which bodes well for combating the Covid pandemic. Healing comes with responsibility for self-care. Chiron will also retrograde next month, which could help with research on variants as well as set up for pioneering aid with future public health issues.

Uranus in Taurus continues to shake up market and financial values. It wants freedom from corporate financial slavery. However, we may also see more earthquakes and rogue weather that affects farming and food distribution.

Neptune in his home sign of Pisces is due to retrograde on June 26, 2021. This may hover the ocean waters with fog, confusion and cover-ups. The energy muddies the waters between fantasy and reality and the atmosphere may feel heavy. We will have to be careful of things like hangovers, medication overdose, foggy-headedness, delusions, forgetfulness, sleepiness, and psychic as well as physical flooding.

Pluto, now retrograde in Capricorn, has been tearing down social institutions for some time now. In its own way, Pluto has been stabbing at the corruption that pervades corporate profiteering over natural and material resources. Government has also been invaded with dark money manipulation. At the Solstice Venus prepares to meet Pluto head-on in a face-off. This will become a major tug-o-war over power, values, and money.

That’s the round-up of the energy mix as we meet the yearly half-point in 2021. We’ve also come through a very powerful eclipse season that has stirred visions of the future. The Solstice also presents many planets retrograde for the Summer months. Mercury will wrap up his retrograde phase on June 22, 2021. However, that still leaves, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto retrograde and Chiron soon to follow. We will have to slow down to respect the flow of time, even as Mercury clears his shadow by the end of June to beef up our input of information.

July will present us with rather heavy, complex aspects that will push action. The best we can do is to think well before we make major decisions and be prepared for big changes in how we operate on the material plane.

Solstice Blessings for all.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map
for the transits of June 2021

The Celestial Headlines

~by astrologer Margo Cline

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The month of June 2021 presents some very fractious energy between focus and emotions. We will see the planets move between the signs of Gemini and Cancer. At the beginning of the month we have the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Venus, plus the Lunar North Node all in Gemini. The sign of Gemini is Mutable Air, the shadow side of which can be very scatter-minded, shallow, and distracted. The lighter side of Gemini wants to connect with a variety of people to share ideas. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and he is currently retrograde for a longer tour in the sign of The Twins. Mercury is the messenger planet and when he is retrograde there are usually misunderstandings and snafus for which we have to go back and clear up, repair, or redo.

Mercury began his retreat on May 29 and will be retrograde until June 22nd. In this regard, we will have a lot of catching up to do with messages and tasks by the time his tour of Gemini is finished on July 11th, 2021. This will be a period of strong transitions in social discourse as well as localized communication and traffic. People are wanting to get out and about but this is restless energy filled with multi-tasking and distractions.

Mercury’s backward roll may bring us down memory lane where we could reconnect with old lovers and friends from days gone by. We may find ourselves wondering what happened to our old selves, how we got here from there, and, more importantly, how our viewpoints, perspectives, and reflections have changed. Furthermore, now that Jupiter has moved into Pisces, there’s a lot more Mutable (transitional) energy involved in the process. This means that the key to navigating this period of time is staying flexible enough to adapt to new ideas about our future. We may have many options but we still have to make careful choices to meet the curving road ahead.

Furthermore, at the beginning of June we have Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto already retrograde with two more planets, Jupiter and Neptune, joining the parade of retreat later this month. This will bring activity into a muted mode of operation where everything tends to slow down to review recent events and fall-out from delayed realizations. There will be a lot to sort out on the mental plane. Indeed, our foundational concepts, material necessities, beliefs and philosophies, and aspirations will all be on the back burners of our subconscious for quite a while. There is a slow unfoldment in play that stirs the need to connect the dots in history to where we find ourselves in the now.

It is interesting to note that Jupiter will have already moved into his ancient home sign of Pisces on May 13th before he sets a backward course on June 19, 2021. This means that for five weeks we will have plenty of inspirational gas to cook with, provided we don’t get sucked into some kind of cultish groups as Jupiter stations backward. Philosophical lines will get blurry.

Venus moves into Cancer on June 2nd. Here, she becomes the nurturing mother figure taking care of the home and family. She provides a loving environment of safety. We will be attracted to home life surroundings and wanting to be near relatives. This will be a good time in the next few weeks to beautify the home and to upgrade comfort levels. Venus will move into Leo on June 27th where she will become the Queen of Hearts to share her loving creativity with all. Venus will meet with her lover Mars next month in the passionate sign of Leo.

Mars moves into Leo on June 11th which is a far much stronger position for him. This is very masculine energy that in his darker moments can become a braggart and even a bully. However, in his best moments Mars in Leo can be the hero that saves the day. He can share his courage and we can take heart that we are finding our true path under the sun.

Neptune’s retrograde on June 26th in his home sign of Pisces can make things even foggier. However, some of the wishful thinking within the collective psyche will evaporate when we need to review comparative evidence. We may have to go back over what we thought had happened when there were covert actions and cover-ups.

As always, the month of June hosts the Summer Solstice. (Northern Hemisphere) As the Sun enters the sign of Cancer late on June 20th, he approaches an open flow to Jupiter in Pisces. This is highly sensitive and emotionally charged energy. However, the illumination will bring psychic insights that can prove lucky if we are willing to trust our intuition.

Even with Mercury’s station to forward motion, by the end of June we will have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in backward motion. However, all the retrogrades will allow the planetary traffic to spread out more rather than clump up in one sign as we have seen of late. Furthermore, with the Cancer influence of the Sun and Venus, we may see family reunions and gatherings as vaccines can allow more freedom to travel during the Summer.

The New Moon in Gemini on June 10, 2021 is a solar eclipse, which meets with Mercury retrograde and takes us all on a trip down memory lane. Solar Eclipses tend to hit the reset button on consciousness and this one has to do with personal connections, such as siblings, friends, and neighbors. The New Moon will trigger memories of family weddings and funerals marking indicators of change, and even sorrow in its wide challenge to Neptune. We may become pre-occupied in our thoughts in terms of how our lives have progressed. Furthermore, at the time of this New Moon Venus will be in Cancer making an approach to a misalignment with the Lunar South Node. It would be too easy to get hung up on the ripple effects of the past on the present within family situations. The best way to use the energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is to stay flexible and adaptable to new information that was hidden before. We have to remember that there are two sides to every story.

On June 14th we have another exact hit from the Saturn-Uranus challenge that will be affecting us all year. This is highly volatile energy where repair changes and upgrades are necessary to keep systems and institutions from breaking down. This round has Saturn in retrograde, which may catch us with our guard down or distracted while changes are made. This could be a time when more hackers strike the networks or when there is a call for banking system or market overhaul. It may be difficult to say where responsibility lies but we will be able to zero in on where vulnerability needs the safeguard.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th makes a lovely connection to Jupiter in Pisces. This could bring more charity and philanthropy to those in need. Indeed, Mars in Leo makes favorable connection with the Lunar Nodal Axis at the time of this Full Moon. This can bring out the hero that sets the record straight about the past. Saturn retrograde sends a boost to Chiron to fill in the gaps to the Covid pandemic response. Hopefully we will have advanced the vaccine enough to make a difference in our Summer activities. However, Venus finds herself in a face-off with Pluto retrograde. This energy will bring tough decisions concerning endings, especially within family situations, such as divorce or a death, estate, and tax issues. This energy puts a tug-o-war on values between emotional and material needs.

Venus moves into Leo on June 27th. She will be on course to an awkward angle with Jupiter retrograde, which could put ego ahead of charity and could turn accolades into shame.

The month of June ends with a bang, despite all the retrograde planets. Mars in Leo approaches a challenge to Uranus in Taurus and a face-off with Saturn retrograde on June 30th. Saturn retrograde is already in challenge range to Uranus and fill out the other side of this tension angle. If ever there was a time to change strategies from the male-dominated ego, this is it. Change is radically necessary when it has been held back for so long. Change is immediately necessary when operations for all in good faith are hindered for self-glory and enrichment. The “king” who lives by the ego sword, dies by the ego sword.

However, on the same day, both Mars and Saturn are in favorable connection to Chiron. This can bring very good news concerning progress against the Corona virus pandemic. The scientific research has paid off and good leadership has made a difference in the availability of vaccines, supplies, and treatment. Where we can share the work we can also share the healing.

Blessings of emotional healing for us all.

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Strange Alignment

New Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2021

~by astrologer Margo Cline

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Just five hours before a New Moon forms in Taurus, Mercury meets with the Lunar North Node at 11 degrees of Gemini. As Mercury rules Gemini we might say that this meeting heralds a big announcement about the future. We could also say that communication is paramount to how we shape that future, whether it be through advanced technology or through strong mental connections and networking local groups.

Sometimes there’s a lot of surface chatter, rumor, and gossip that just stirs the dust with nothing of real substance. However, this preamble meeting to the New Moon will mark a transition period that may wander back and forth between two perspectives. One side will look back to the past, especially into June when Mercury is retrograde, and the other side will want to take a peek through the keyhole to the post-Covid possibilities.

The New Moon peaks at 21 degrees of Taurus. The Sabian symbol for this degree speaks of peace – A WHITE DOVE FLYING STRAIGHT AND FEARLESSLY OVER TROUBLED WATERS. (360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill) All New Moons bring new beginnings, and this one asks us to start with peace as a foundation for cooperation in a crisis.

The New Moon forms a boost to Neptune in his home sign of Pisces. This has us daydreaming and drifting like a cloud on a lazy Spring day. We may get lost in wishful thinking, however, these floating dreams give us inspiration for creative improvements.

The most interesting thing about this New Moon is the array of planets aligning with the Lunar Nodal Axis at 11 degrees. Mars is at 11 degrees Cancer challenging Chiron at 11 degrees Aries, and quincunx (misalignment) with the Lunar South Node. This could mean that those who cling to the past may hold us back from progress. We have emotional hang-ups that need healing, especially within families. Then, again, we are still dealing with a pandemic that has also devastated families.

However, Mars also sends a support boost to Uranus at 11 degrees Taurus. This could mean that changes will have to be made to financial systems and balances so that we all have the freedom to make progress as we can. The economic and ecologic changes we face can bring us to a more even playing field. The tide will be shifting in favor of wider distribution to those families and children in need.

Mars’s boost to Uranus can also mean changes to the real estate markets, as well as family housing situations. There may be more outreach programs to help the homeless get back to productive lives. Children and family services will get support as well as migrants and refugees.

Both Mars and Uranus misalign with the Lunar South Node in an aspect configuration called a YOD, “Finger of Fate” or “Finger of God” formation that acts as a cosmic imperative for change. This configuration speaks to breaking away from traditional beliefs that create discord within families and skewed perspectives stemming from these judgmental beliefs. We must free ourselves from old judgmental debris for acceptance to bring new growth for humanity.

Meanwhile, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, makes favorable connections with the Lunar Nodal Axis that create reconciliation for the sake of healing. We must heal from past transgressions in order to make headway on healing. We may see new advances in healing through pioneering research. Historically speaking, we are talking more about holistic methods of healing already learned in ancient times. Yet, we can take ancient wisdom and modify the methods for futuristic approaches. Furthermore, we must strive for peace so that we can create new space to heal the wounds and waste of war.

In some ways we could say that this New Moon heralds a portal to progress in that it symbolizes a new kind of synchronicity with cosmic frequencies. Though Taurus is a practical sign, we may find ourselves among odd coincidences and strange urging to break from stale routines and rote activities. We may want new connections and fresh, stimulating ideas to move into better circulation with like-minded people. With Venus ruling this New Moon from Gemini, we may want to refine our communication and to appreciate and pass along helpful information.

We may see old cycles come to conclusion over the next two weeks in order to take brave new steps into fresh territory at the next lunation. But most of all, we will be looking for a reflection of where we’ve been so that we can plant seeds of expanding awareness for the future.

Blessings of Ease for us all.

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Deep Rattles

Full Moon in Scorpio

April 26, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS member

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As we approach the peak of a very intense Full Moon in Scorpio, we may sense the build-up of emotional energy. The Moon is never comfortable in Scorpio and just about always dredges darker feelings from the depths to the surface. The sign of Scorpio is where we hide these darker feelings, such as resentment, jealousy, depression, fear, and grief. These tough feelings tend to creep out after nightfall and send chills through the psyche.

However, trying to stuff these feelings back under the rug doesn’t help when release in a harmless way does the healing. Acknowledgment of these deeper emotions is what is necessary to keep from making monsters out of molehills. We all know that we need psychological attendance if we are to work out the shadows of Covid-bound restrictions and isolation. Furthermore, with spikes in disease and added daily deaths all around us, we would be truly denying reality to say we aren’t afraid.

This Full Moon won’t play. In its face-off with Uranus in Taurus, this lunation will surprise us with major shocks of transformation concerning the unusual effects of Covid on the social psyche. There also remains the effects of being bombarded with the news of mass shootings nearly every day. It will be difficult with Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, in another water sign of Cancer, to keep from feeling very sensitive about the harsh state of the world. Indeed, we may feel stuck in this shock show until we can find comfort and security in small group huddles.

We can say that the best way to move through feelings of fear and anxiety is to feed our feelings more comforting input, such as thinking of those who are on the front lines helping people everyday. These are people who see things that we don’t and are used to dealing with tough emotional situations. If we give appreciation to those who have the toughest jobs of all, such as first-responders, health care workers, and emergency personnel, then we can add positive energy to the general community atmosphere. We could be surprised at how much this pooled energy can be used to soothe feelings for all around us.

The problem is that Saturn is still in challenge to Uranus, which can make us feel tied up in knots between duty and freedom. However, the good news is that Saturn connects favorably with the Lunar Nodes, giving us hope that we can make our way across this tightrope of history between fate and destiny. To add to the good news is that very soon Chiron, The Wounded Healer, also connects favorably with the Lunar Nodes, giving us the chance to finally make breakthrough healing in the case of the pandemic. However, we must learn from history about what works and what doesn’t in terms of stemming the spread to prevent more deaths.

We must also remember that those who have died will have their time in the future to help those make the transformation for humanity to ascend to a higher frequency and freedom-conscious modes of living. No energy is wasted if we use it to create better conditions for all. Those who survive this pivotal crisis in history will have more appreciation for their time and purpose on Earth.

Most of the time our fears coincide with feeling a lack of control over our lives. However, we must allow for our gut instincts to guide us through times of trouble. Sometimes we have to acknowledge the fear in order to conquer it. With Venus mingling with Mercury during this lunation, we can offer loving support for those who strive to keep us safe from harm. If we are truly in tune with Mother Earth, then we must recognize that our connection to our natural support system is what we can give back to the collective sustenance.

Blessings of Comfort for all.

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All About The Head: Intensive Aries

March 28-April 18, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS member

(scroll down for previous forecasts)


We find ourselves in a rather intense period of Aries expression as Venus, Chiron, the Sun, and Mercury roll through the sign of The Ram. Aries is made of Cardinal Fire to blaze a new trail in a new direction. While the expression can be pioneering, being ruled by Mars, the shadow can be quite aggressive as it wants to push into new territory.

The sign of Aries on the natural wheel corresponds to the physical body, and more specifically, the head and face. In this regard, we may experience inflammation/pressure in the sinuses, headaches, facial ticks, and/or tooth or jaw pain. Furthermore, we may notice an uptick in body aches and pains, especially muscle strain. On the emotional level, we are likely to feel angry and frustrated if we can’t seem to move ahead or make progress.

However, we can also turn that burning fuel of anger into courage to break new ground and move in a different direction. As we saw from the Full Moon in Libra on March 28th, the Sun, Venus, and Chiron came together in a meeting in Aries. This combined energy brought consciousness to the energy of a common foe, that of the Corona Virus stealing our loved ones. We have also lost loved ones through violence and are seeking to ease the pain of those losses. We have also felt the need to change aggressive laws that are motivated by prejudice and manipulation for domination.

Chiron is the symbol for the wounded healer. He has been in the sign of Aries for nearly four years, bringing attention to self-care and healing. This requires healthy maintenance of the human physical body. However, Mars as ruler of Aries, has also focused Chiron’s energy on that of the wounded warrior. Not just in the case of veterans, Chiron’s energy wants to pioneer new forms of healing both in disease (CV) and also physical wounds and scars. In this case, as Chiron’s powers of healing blend with Venus’s loving touch and the Sun’s sharing outreach, he teaches us about becoming self-reliant and pro-active in personal care.

Mercury will move into Aries late on April 3rd and will join with Chiron on April 8th. Our perceptions of wounds and healing will be part of dealing with anger and aggression in ourselves and others. We must be careful not to project our pain so as to temper our viewpoints as well as our feelings of the need to strike out against or blame others for our own discomfort. Of course, this is no small feat when we may see the world as a harsh place to inhabit at the moment.

A New Moon in Aries on April 11th puts no less than five celestial bodies in the sign of the Ram. This further intensifies the push for a new start in a new direction. The worst of this New Moon is the feeling that having to start over is so very difficult when it requires so much repair change at once. In Mars’s challenge to Neptune at the time of the Mercury/Chiron conjunction, harsh words or bullying may lead to confusion, distraction, and sabotage. No doubt, there will be a lot of “head games” going on. There is also the possibility of an uptick in military invasions, infiltration, or covert missions. Information leaks are also part of the picture.

However, the best of the New Moon in Aries is that it sits in the middle of a positive flow between Mars and Jupiter. This could mean that new discoveries can deliver a positive understanding of how to move forward. New philosophies are being forged. While there will be the aggressive influence of dark money in the picture with Venus’s challenge to Pluto, the push to uncover the sources of the money trail will expose nefarious capers for what they are.

In many ways we can think of this intensive Aries drive as a battering ram that pushes through the barriers that keep us from moving forward. This expression is hot and the fallout of feeling is that we know we cannot go back the way we came. Many will use their anger to lend the courage to stand up and speak out, as Aries’s ruler, Mars, sounds off like Gabriel’s trumpet in Gemini. We will have to strive to put intellectual reasoning over passionate extremes in beliefs. However, this energy is quite flip-floppy as some will hear the call to action while others go tone-deaf. We must remain alert to situational awareness.

On the physical level, we may see more wildfires, drought, and/or volcanic eruptions with the fiery intensity of the Aries backdrop. In the body there could be fever and inflammation or the possibility of cuts or burns. We will have to be very careful with the use of fire or open flame tools. We will also have to be careful to wear a helmet and safety goggles when working in hazardous conditions. Mercury will meet the Sun on April 18th just as both make ready to take the jump into the sign of Taurus on April 19th. This is very heated energy and could signal heavy action and possible violent events. Explosions could interrupt progress. However, big announcements from leadership could bring hope for finding a new path forward.

However, there are also possibilities for breakthroughs that mean turning a corner. This is indicated as Venus has already moved into her home sign of peace-loving Taurus (April 14th) and paves the way for cooperation in practical matters as well as environmental and financial issues. As Mercury and the Sun move into Taurus to join Venus, this takes out a lot of the heat in the energy expression. Hopefully, we may be able to come down to Earth for bit to stabilize before Venus meets with Uranus for a host of attractive changes.

Although this period of intense Aries expression can bring on action for change, we may find the courage to push through our problems and the initiative to speak to healing.

Blessings of Breakthroughs and Courage for all!

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Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of April 2021

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

The Celestial Headlines


The month of April 2021 most appropriately packs out the sign of Aries at the start of the Zodiacal year from the Spring Equinox last month. At the beginning of the month we have the Sun, Venus, and Chiron rolling through the sign of the Ram with Mercury soon to join the party on April 3rd. The sign of Aries is Cardinal Fire and sparks a new direction of initiative with pioneering passion. It is now the time to blaze a new trail forward while we can with all planets moving forward until April 28. That is when Pluto is the second planet this year to station retrograde. By the time we get to the end of April many planets in Taurus, plus the Pluto reverse will slow down the pace of life and business considerably.

April begins with Venus in conjunction range of the Sun in positive angles to the Lunar Nodes as well as Saturn. This bodes well for getting priorities in order by wrapping up the old stuff and to prepare for the road ahead. We may feel anxious to move on quickly with the ruler of Aries, Mars, in skippy Gemini, however, we need to check provisions and communications for accurate information before we jump the gun. Timing, focus, and patience are important now. However, this influence can also bring appreciation for and good results from hard work.

We may certainly still be feeling edgy with Saturn’s ongoing challenge to Uranus running in the background that pushes changes in operations and legal or standard procedures. Saturn says “hurry up and wait” but Uranus says “I won’t be saddled with weight.” This frictional hold-back of necessary change gets as annoying as static noise on a radio and also creates atmospheric disturbances. Somewhere in the chaos Uranus will push for a breakthrough to higher ground. We want the fresh air to breathe free and that means justice in the shape of fairness for all who have been oppressed for so long. If ideologies such as democracy, equality, and freedom mean anything in history, then they have to make a stand now for the sake of a better future.

This freedom for all movement shows up in April as Saturn moves into positive angles with the Lunar Nodes. We can learn lessons from the past that the ancestors left as guides of wisdom for us to follow. With Saturn in Aquarius we must do our thinking work and plan reasonable strategies for breaking through barriers to equality under the law. This is part of the evolutionary process for humanity to transition from material dependence to inventive deliberation. Furthermore, financial systems will have to be overhauled to level the playing field.

On April 5thVenus sends a loving boost to her lover, Mars. This lends support for cooperation and good communication within relationships. Mars helps Venus to navigate his home sign of Aries and to step up and take bold action. We must relay verifiable information that sparks forward movement and gives us momentum. We must strike while the iron is hot to make breakthroughs.

Mars flings himself through Gemini only to hit a fog-bank of confusion in a challenge to Neptune on April 8th. This could mean foul weather or a breakdown in communications. The internet could have a bad day with snafus and glitches. It could also mean military blunders due to deception, or perhaps, more invasive hacking for the nefarious purpose of disinformation. Spying, camouflage, hijacking, cover-ups, and eavesdropping will also be part of this scenery. Of course, that’s not enough, because this challenge between Mars and Neptune lingers along just as Mercury meets with Chiron. We may wander in a foggy swamp of mixed messages or we may actually use a torch to burn off the haze and blaze a way through the daze. This could mean a breakthrough in illness treatment that is pioneering enough to meet future health problems. At any rate, there will be new messages coming out about virus and vaccine status. If there’s not another pandemic surge, then there will be new guidance information. We will also have to be careful of how sharp words can hurt others or start aggressive reactions.

A New Moon hides in the Aries night on April 11th. The lunation is in positive connection with both Mars and Jupiter and expands our thinking and communication to global matters and philosophies. We may feel that we are moving in a more optimistic direction. However, this energy can also exaggerate bravado and we may try to move too quickly with too much enthusiasm. Still, this New moon can bring good luck if we ask the right questions with ethical motivations.

This New Moon packs out the sign of Aries with no less than five celestial bodies including Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Venus. That’s a lot of initiative and we could see collaborations for healing progress by leaps and bounds. With this much energy we will insist on moving on, moving forward, and pushing to scout new ground.

Venus challenges Pluto where women will challenge the powers-that-be in terms of ethical operations and equal rights. Right action verses taking advantage of people during a crisis may be themes that spring up to the foreground. This, of course, happens during the height of the New Moon in Aries sitting in the middle of a Mars-Jupiter flow. We may have to question our material values but we will also value right thinking, world health, reliable community, and bold action. This brings lucky breaks for turning a major corner in our beliefs and philosophies. This time, the news is uplifting and optimistic. Action has been taken and the outcome looks positive.

Lady Venus brings sweet and much needed peace as she moves into her home sign of Taurus on April 14th. Here, she becomes Mother Nature. Venus will also further bring on Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Flowers bloom, birds sing, trees green as we come back to life from a weary Winter. Venus will have plenty of fresh ideas as she approaches a meeting with Uranus. However, markets may be very volatile and unpredictable. We may also see Earth changes, earthquakes, or lightning storms. Venus will be joined by both Mercury and the Sun later in April and they will all pack out the sign of the Bull. It looks like a big party celebration all around. Perhaps, it means the last of Covid for a while.

Mars opens flow with Jupiter on April 15th just as the Sun challenges Pluto. This could mean a break on taxes or an extension of tax deadlines. This could also mean leadership directives for taxing the very wealthy to offset relief aid expenses. However, the Mars-Jupiter energy also brings major exploration and discovery. Mars makes an awkward angle to Pluto, which could bring about power grabs and underhanded tricks within the halls of government or boardrooms of corporations. Adjustments will be made and/or heads may roll.

Meanwhile, Mercury meets the Sun on April 18th just before moving into Taurus on the 19th. There could be a burst of announcements, some including military movements as the meeting combo sends rays of support to Mars. This energy hits the same degree of Aries in which the Capitol riots occurred, so it is possible we might see another attempted assault on government buildings. We will certainly have to stay alert for warnings in this regard.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20th, making for Venus, Mercury, Uranus, and the Sun all filling out the sign of the Bull. We may want peace and plenty but Uranus will shake up markets, finances, and values as these planets mingle with Uranus’s whirlwind energy. We may also see some wild weather, such as tornadoes, and possibly more earthquakes.

Venus meets with Uranus on April 22, perfect for Earth Day in the world. With this meeting we may garner new awareness of Mother Earth as a living entity. We may sense odd attractions to new ideas of living. As when Venus passed through Aquarius earlier in the year, we may want to streamline our lifestyle or modernize our tastes or homes with alternative energy sources.

On April 23rd it is Mercury’s turn to meet with Uranus. This may bring big or sudden announcements, or changes in how we communicate through new technology. Venus challenges Saturn on the same day, making sure there is value in priorities and new goals. There may be new laws introduced concerning environmental protection. On the same day, Mars enters Cancer, the sign of his weakest expression. He doesn’t like to show his feelings of insecurity and be on the defense, but he must protect home and family. Mars, himself, can behave in an infantile manner in the sign of the Crab, especially as he will come into challenge mode with his own home sign of Aries. As Mars approaches a challenge with Chiron in Aries next month, we may see evidence of emotional exhaustion setting in. The warrior may have to return home to tend to his wounds.

Mercury meets with Venus in her home sign of Taurus on April 24-25th to send out messages of love and peace to all. In some ways this is an extension of Earth Day and, if weather permits, then it’s also a good time for a walk in nature to take the beauty of Spring. This is also a good day to go to the fresh market and pick up fresh grown goodies for a healthy meal. It’s good to celebrate and appreciate the abundant giving of Mother Earth.

A Full Moon in Scorpio rounds out the watery, emotional scene on April 26th. The Moon is never comfortable in Scorpio and we will have to face our fear if we are to get through the night, just as Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, stands still to reverse course. We might expect some dark secrets to be revealed. The lunation challenges Saturn and may bring depression or gravity to the emotionally intense situation. This same Full Moon faces off with Uranus, which could bring the need to make a shocking decision.

Pluto stations to retrograde motion on April 28th. Investigations may intensify behind closed doors in the halls of power. Underground movements may also be at work in the dark. Secret deals may be struck that may have long-term ramifications.

The end of April 29-30 brings a bang as the Sun meets with Uranus in Taurus. It is then that we have a burst of awareness in synchronicity with Earth changes. Financial issues as well as changing values may come up. Mercury sends a boosting signal to Neptune that brings us in closer communion with mother nature. It’s a good time to get out for a garden stroll and smell the roses.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

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Emotional Healing Balance

Full Moon in Libra

March 28, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

libra Full Moon

The end of March 2021 leaves a full blaze of feelings in the air with a Full Moon in Libra. The Cardinal Air sign of The Scales is about both justice and relationships. However, this Full Moon also lights up scenarios where we must wrap up with old alliances and legal issues to bring a culmination of balance. In the world of Libra, healing means balance because balance brings harmony and harmony brings peace.

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus as Lady Justice. Although Libra is an Air sign, and therefore, masculine, Lady Justice holds the scales, along with the sword of truth. She is blindfolded, as in being objective in fairness, or unbiased, which is also a balance, but not without the sight of wisdom. However, this Full Moon rules the emotional side of ourselves, plus, how we are responding to our social environment.

We can look around us and see the divisive state in which the world finds itself. The world has been sick and out of balance. Balance is a tricky business. Our social lives have been somewhat severed or left bereft of physical contact or facial expression, and a sense of isolation pushes us to change our values. Human beings tend to live their lives through relationships. Being in relationship, whether it be friendship, or family, or spouse, means sharing emotional experience. For, without relationships we cannot share our ideals and values. Furthermore, so much of our social world is built upon an institution of partnership, both personal and in business alliances.

This Full Moon will certainly be testing our ideas of balance in partnership as well as within our thoughts on social justice. As ruler of Libra, Venus symbolizes our attractions, but also our values and the concepts of love and beauty. In Libra, the truth is beautiful and love is the highest form of healing balance. We, as a human race, cannot live by laws, alone. We know we need love to lead and set the social atmosphere or we live out of balance with, or divided from, what nature intended for human relations to thrive and prosper.

It behooves us to acknowledge our true feelings in relationships at this Full Moon. It behooves us to stand up and recognize what is in balance and what is not. This requires a fair give-and-take in dialogue so that all feelings are heard. However, this may not be so easy a task as the sign of Libra can also have a difficult time speaking up, preferring to listen and trying to to keep the peace by seeing both sides of the coin. As this Full Moon may demonstrate in its face-off with no less of a whopping stellium conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries, what we may be feeling most at times is great anger, or we may attract anger in reflection or contaminant of our current social unrest. The news is full of hurtful things and we must choose wisely for our mental diets.

Yet, the true message of this Full Moon is more about the simple statement that LOVE HEALS. The Sun,Venus, Chiron energy mix wants us to soothe our fever and move toward healing. We must avert from angry thoughts and reactions toward the highest energy that human beings can manifest. We can do this energetically through sharing peaceful thoughts and compassionate prayers. We can envision what fairness in social life can mean as a value to us. However, as luck would have it, Venus meets with the Sun prior to this lunation. That means that we already have had this preliminary invitation to share the love light with all as the combined energy brings the world back to life worth living.

Furthermore, Venus meets with Chiron just hours before the lunation. This energy enhances the motivation that healing is primary to our moving forward. Venus is not comfortable in the opposite sign that she rules. She is easily irritated with rash and unsavory behavior. Her impatience is with overly yang imbalance that is propagating and will speak up about these injustices during the period of lunation. In short, we must change the anger into courage, rather than impulsively respond to an urge for “fight or flight.” The only things we need to fight FOR are balance and healing.

The Full Moon has great difficulties with Uranus, and therefore, can bring sudden emotional shocks concerning markets and the business economy. Our values are changing, and those not in alignment with balancing the economic playing field will not be able to sustain notions or actions of elitist engorgement. The emotional containment field won’t hold any more. We are intent on feeling the healing. We want the return of civil respect and social balance.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars has a meeting with the Lunar North Node in Gemini. This energy certainly stirs up the talk and curiosity about the destiny of continued aggression. A lot of talk may be surface chatter for the sake of distraction. However, we cannot continue with endless wars and no focus on common goals, which summons a big waste of energy and effort. We must beware those who seek to misinform or scam others through the media. We could say that the media wars are the next big front on our means of communication and rightful information exchanges. We must strive for mutual benefit and cooperation.

Later in the evening, the Libra Moon will move on to enhance a Grand Flow in the Air signs between Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. We must wait to gather information and to assess what is chatter and what has the balance of truth. If we jump the gun, then we risk scattering emotionally charged thoughts to the wind. In other words, we are stirred up with nowhere to go and sleeplessness is the result. It may be best to burn off these wild thoughts with journaling or chanting. Let’s just remember that when in doubt, the best thing to think or say is “LOVE HEALS.”

Full Moon Blessings Full of Love for all.

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The Bridge to Spring
Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
The Sun enters Aries
March 20, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

small bridge and pond in a woodland Scene-Azalea Walk Reserve-Gibson County Indiana
small bridge and pond in a woodland Scene-Azalea Walk Reserve-Gibson County Indiana

Spring brings us rebirth as Earth comes out of her sleepy, white cloak to bring everything back to life. This past Winter has been rather exhausting due to surging pandemic conditions and unusual freeze storms. This is what makes this coming Spring to be one of rather joyous healing from weary illness, sadness, and sacrifice. (Neptune in Pisces.) The Vernal Equinox marks the transition between the “end zone” of the zodiacal round in Pisces to the dawn of a new cycle in Aries. In other words, this transition is the “bridge” or portal to a new beginning. We could say that this precious time of rebirth is a mini renaissance of sorts.

The sign of Aries is Cardinal Fire and the spark of initiative that pushes a new cycle of life. The sign of The Ram brings us the promise of fresh beginnings. In this regard, we can summon to mind the image of a lighthouse standing on shore marking the boundary between land and water. The beacon of light (Aries) shines through the fog (Pisces) to guide us safely to shore in a new land.

As the Sun enters Aries, we begin a new season of growth from the seeds we planted at the Winter Solstice. The phenomenal conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the beginning of Aquarius on December 21, 2020 planted rather big seeds of consciousness, change, and awareness for humanity. In the here and now of the Equinox, we begin to see the sprouts of the quantum leap of discovery that is now coming out of hibernation. Much more discovery is yet to be revealed in the coming weeks. As more planets enter the pioneering backdrop of Aries, Venus on March 21st, and later Mercury, the pace of advancement will quicken.

The Aries Sun will approach a meeting with Chiron at the Full Moon on March 28th, just in time for the Moon’s ruler, Venus, to drop in and add her blessings of healing. In this regard, it is quite the build up of energy between the New Moon in Pisces on March 13th, to the Equinox, to the Full Moon. (more on this in the Full Moon report) The theme for this build up is all about love and healing in relationships and right action for justice. Furthermore, Venus meets the Sun in Aries on March 25th and highlights the attraction for moving forward in new directions. The mantra for this time is simply “LOVE HEALS.” It would behoove us to say this simple mantra out loud several times a day, but especially on the day of the Full Moon in Libra.

At the time of the Equinox, Saturn is still grinding out things in challenge range with Uranus. This is very stubborn and irritating energy that hopefully, in the long run, will create a great pearl of awareness. That pearl is about human rights, freedom, and justice, along with an overhaul of financial systems. Saturn and Uranus will be locked in together in this challenge to work things out for the rest of 2021.

Meanwhile, Mercury in Pisces approaches a challenge to Mars in Gemini, bringing great confusion, rumors, and misleading gossip. This energy could be a set up for scams and tricksterism. At the same time, we may have to rely on intuition to guide us through the flotsam of disjointed information. We may only be able to do something if “it feels right.”

Furthermore, the Gemini Moon stirs the fog in a challenge to Neptune, adding emotional jitters to information coming in about deceptions and detours into denial. However, the good news is that Mars opens positive flow to Saturn, which can help bring information to fruitful resolution if we’ve done our homework and research to make the links in evidence.

The time of the Equinox is a time of great balance, not only between the hours of day and night, but also of a time of equalization in our rhythms and patterns of interaction and direction of energy. Furthermore, there’s a lot of chatter buzzing around our ears vying for our attention. In this regard, we must balance our mental diets with gathering information in the day and having more peace at night. We must balance work with rest, and, with the on-the-go sign of Aries about to ramp up energy, we should clear out old space to set our intention to move forward in new directions.

Equinox Blessings of Balance to one and all. Happy Spring!

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Hidden in the Mist: New Moon in Pisces

March 13, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer & MAAS Member


We approach a time of all things mysterious with a New Moon hiding in the mists above a Pisces ocean. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign and its expression is super sensitive on the emotional scale. Pisces forms a veil of mystery in this watery, wavy realm of dreams, secrets, illusions, imagination, psychic phenomena, and supernatural impressions. We could say that this New Moon is a new beginning for inspirational pursuits, as if nature, herself, whispers to our ethereal ears, those antennae of the sixth sense, that bring us to psychically pick up on intuitive instincts. We may not know how we know, we just know we know.

This New Moon forms in the early morning (Eastern time, U.S.) and we may wake up from dreams that permeate our thoughts throughout the day. In fact, we may have very vivid night and day dreams with strong currents of inspirational or symbolic imagery. We may also see signs in nature that may prompt intuitive insights. Furthermore, the lunation is in close proximity to the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, god of the oceans. This could mean that what is called a “sea change” will be occurring within the collective psyche, where we must flow with a current that swirls through our mental states in subtle, yet palpable ways. Neptune’s influence brings confusion until the fog lifts and we may find ourselves adrift at times. We must beware deception, scams, fantasies, and delusions. However, our imaginations can also overflow with creative urges. The New Moon can inspire a day of prayer and meditation that sings to the living spirit of the world.

The lunation forms as Venus approaches a meeting with Neptune, bringing in a yearning to stay in a world of dreams and romance where everything is softer, gentler, kinder, and compassionate. We would rather float in this dreamy mist forever. However, we know we cannot remain in a place that is not in alignment with reality, no matter how much we may want that dreamy cushion of comfort. Sooner or later, something disturbs the dream and we must awaken to new emotional consciousness. Yet, Venus in Pisces also represents the goddess of compassion, such as Mother Mary or Kwan Yin, plus all the angels to guide us through the Sacred Feminine rising to cosmic balance.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Uranus are still within challenge range of butting heads and causing great irritation, friction, and impatience with the slow progress of necessary change. Many are chafing and chewing at the bit to keep up momentum for freedom from dysfunctional routines and outdated standards. However, there is so much reform in the docket of justice and financial systems, it will take some time to sort out what changes will work and which will not work. In many ways it leaves society tottering on the brink and in a perpetual state of anxiety and/or frustration.

The one thing we all hope for is healing from the ravages of the Covid pandemic. There are indicators of progress in this regard as Mars approaches a support boost to Chiron in Aries. This may mean that the military will give aid and support to the distribution and administering of vaccine supply. This will help speed up the process of heard immunity that we need to get ahead of the health crisis. With this boost between Mars and Chiron, we also begin to understand how important self-care is in response to the pandemic. For, if we take good care of our own person, then we have the energy to help others in the community. We must convey reliable health and vaccine information so that others around us can find guidance in what to expect and protection for the future. It’s best to keep up to date on health bulletins and official recommendations.

Furthermore, with this New Moon, we must pay attention to the spiritual side of ourselves that is guided by intuition and empathy. In this way we can send out healing prayers for all living beings and commune with the gentle life force that is given with the Sun in Pisces. This is further enhanced as Venus meets with Neptune the day after the lunation. When we focus on our heart chakra and send out compassion like a green current in the ocean waves, we connect with spirit in a very special way. It is healing prayer that moves us into emotional peace for a world in need of sacred balance and connection.

New Moon Blessings! May the love of all flow through us all.

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The Jabbernaut: Mars in Gemini

March 4-April 23, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member


The warrior planet, Mars, will be changing signs early in March from the slower pace in Taurus to the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. The shift brings the active expression of Mars into the realm of thoughts and ideas, connection and chat, neighbors and community. The fiery drive of Mars tends to spin his wheels in the Taurus mud and get frustrated with lack of progress. Whereas, Mars in Gemini becomes the Jabbernaut with the gift of gab and outreach. In short, he is likely to talk one’s ears off.

The sign of Gemini loves variety, a quick pace, lots of stimuli, and to gather information here and there from casual conversation. The shadow side of Mars in Gemini is quick-tempered, shifty, verbose, shallow or cavalier, impatient, hyper-active, impetuous, flaky, and dismissive. The upside of Mars in Gemini is alert, agile, flexible, nimble, adroit, and makes connections for community projects quite easily.

For the most part, Gemini likes to keep things light and breezy, however, there can be moments of scattered thinking and non-committal hesitancy in terms of long-term interest. It may be difficult to keep focus for so much distraction, hearsay, and gossip. We will have to verify information before we act on it. Mars in Gemini can jump the gun and get tangled up in too many things at once.

Yet, Mars in Gemini can be friendly and outgoing to get what he wants. And what he wants is to talk one’s ears off, even if what he’s saying is just surface chatter. Mars in Gemini wants to gather information about us and can become quite invasive in doing so. In this case, Mars can become the surveillance man, monitoring communications, or the spy in the camp that infiltrates groups of people. (trolls)

However, the lighter side of Mars in Gemini can become the go-between, or messenger, the mediator, that can translate ideas between camps of thought. Mars in Gemini can bring communities together for trade, aid, and common area or transportation projects.

One of the best things we can do with this wayward energy is to keep the hands busy. Yet, as Mars rules the physical body, we will have to be careful of cuts, bruises, and burns to the hands if we don’t keep focus on what we are doing. We will also have to keep the mind fresh with different stimuli and varying interests, even if it is just momentary. The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet, Mercury, so ideas and communication will be important. We may have to check messages and mail often to keep up to pace with everyday connections. Furthermore, local travel and traffic will be quite rushy and busy, so it’s best not to talk on the phone while driving so as not to scatter one’s focus.

During his course in Gemini, Mars will be interested in many things but may have trouble with follow-though due to his tendency to multi-task. There may also be a lot of bluster about surface optics that push some wagging tongues out of bounds. Mars will be adding a lot of push to the airwaves, but also an enthusiasm and curiosity about the future. On his way to a meeting with the North Node, Mars will be making a challenge to Mercury in Pisces and a trine to Saturn in Aquarius. In some ways this is confusion due to dis-information being stirred up in social circulation. However, the trine to Saturn will bring in some objectivity in linking together important information. Networking for community causes will bring better action.

Mars will have much to say about the future when he meets with the North Node during a Full Moon in Libra on March 28, 2021. Mars will be talking about a new road to healing and how that can be blazed forward with new ideas to treat Covid variants. Justice as a form of healing to move forward will also be a big theme during this Full Moon.

Mars in Gemini then moves on to send a support boost to his lover, Venus, in early April. This brings a note of cooperation in shared information that can be developed further for the future. Mars will stoke Venus’s fire in Aries to speak up and take bold action.

Mars will then challenge Neptune later in the first week of April. In this regard there will some lies and deception that are called out. Let’s just say that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s ocean, there’s a windstorm. Where there’s a storm, there is damage. Intuitive news will spread quickly.

Just as Venus moves to her home sign of Taurus, Mars makes a beautiful configuration with the Sun in Aries and lucky Jupiter in Aquarius later in April. We will be moving ahead with incredible discovery and new information. Perhaps, the stimulus money will be in circulation and the economy can become more steady. Let’s look to the advice of the woman who is the top economist and good with understanding the flow of money. There will be plenty of talk about green jobs as well.

By the time Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on April 23, 2021, he has calmed his bluster a bit but still in good connection with Jupiter. At that time it will be Venus, Mercury, and Uranus stirring up the dust in Taurus. New technological advances in farming, building, and financial systems will be changing the root of basic living operations.

Another good way to use Mars’s energy in Gemini will be to stay connected with community and to become adaptable to swiftly shifting currents in order to move forward with fresh ideas. However, we must be wary of people who talk a fast game that give us no time to think before they nab one’s data. We will be questioning everything that comes before our eyes and ears. However, it is good to check source before we take action, lest we wind up sidelined on a time-consuming detour. We will have to keep up to date on changing pandemic conditions. Above all, if we stay alert and focused, we can keep a progressive pace that moves us to a better path forward with the right information.

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 Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of March 2021
By Margo Clines, Astrologer and MAAS Member

Please keep in mind that the following are descriptions of general transits that may affect everyone on the world stage, but that these will be reflected in different ways in your personal birth chart. A reading of how these transits affect your personal chart will always be more accurate for what department of your life (houses in your birth chart) in which the energy is happening for you in your personal life.

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.
Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
Rx = retrograde
Face-off = opposition
Open Flow = trine
Support Boost = sextile
Challenge = square
Awkward Angle = quincunx
Meets with = conjunction


The month of March 2021 brings in more Pisces expression, a Mutable Water sign, which can also bring on foggy conditions when it comes to navigating through spiritual waters. The sign of The Fishes wraps up as the “End Zone” of the zodiacal round and is quite the threshold transition between the end of one Sun cycle and the beginning of the next. With the Sun, Venus, and Neptune, ruler of Pisces, already there by the time March begins, the expression will bring much sensitive, emotional stuff that requires a more compassionate response within the collective psyche.

Furthermore, the realm of Pisces expression is about all things mystical, magical, inspirational, imaginational, dreamy, and wishful. The veil is thin and we can hear psychic whispers from loved ones on the other side. Of course, all signs have a shadow side, and with Pisces we also get deception, denial, delusions, scams, ghosts, gaslighting, and escapism. We will have to fight brain fog, forgetfulness, and drifting into addictions, especially when Mercury moves into Pisces on the 15th. Yet, we will have vivid night dreams, psychic insights, strong intuition, and empathic impressions.

By the time we get to March, Mercury has already shifted to forward motion in Aquarius and has cleared most of his shadow phase recovery to full speed ahead. This brings all planets to forward motion for nearly two months until Pluto shifts to backward motion near the end of April. Here, we have something of a sling-shot effect that puts everything on the fast track. After all the retrogrades we had last year, this will bring a breath of fresh air to projects when we can actually move ahead and get some things done. However, that doesn’t mean the planets will always behave or cooperate. Saturn is still within challenge range of Uranus, and can cause some rather stunning revelations that put a new wheel on the wagon when it comes to ground operations. We will certainly have to modify plans and adapt to necessary changes.

Meanwhile, Venus has already moved into Pisces (Feb. 26th,) the sign of her exaltation and her best expression. Here, the goddess and all the angels bring their compassion to the scene of the collective psyche. We can find forgiveness in friendships and restore good relationships in the world for the sake of healing. We will be attracted to the mysterious and spiritual side of life. Charity drives can go far to ease pandemic stress for the poor. On the practical side, we just have to be careful of naivete and getting carried away with wishful thinking. There’s a tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

They say that March roars in like a lion and March rolls out like a lamb. In this case, March is pretty much book-ended with blustery energy. March begins with a bit of a bang with a Grand Flow in the Air signs. This could literally mean high winds as in stormy weather. The Libra Moon opens the show on March 1st in link with the North Node in Gemini and the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. We might expect a huge announcement concerning justice that seeds new ideas for the future. The explorations of the planet Mars will also be in the news along with other scientific/technological advancements. The key to taking it all in is balanced perspectives. Some news may be exaggerated, so discernment of the facts will be important. However, curiosity will be piqued about implications for the future. This is very restless energy and we will want to explore and investigate innovative ways to move forward.

Meanwhile, as Mercury approaches an extended meeting with Jupiter that peaks in the first week of March, we can expect big announcements of continuing changes, including the passing of the Covid relief bill that puts more stimulus money into circulation. Generosity and philanthropy could be on the rise. However, the political spin and propaganda can also be quite exaggerated. It will be best not to believe everything one hears until it is traced to a verifiable source. Our beliefs and philosophies will be subject to great changes as more discoveries are made.

Furthermore, Mars makes a shift early in March as he moves from Taurus to Gemini. This shift brings more of the Air element into the picture along with active chatting and verbal sparring. In this regard, the shadow side of Mars in Gemini is theft and dis-information, tricksterism, invasive interrogation, talking out of both sides of the mouth, such as in hypocritical discourse, scattered focus and distractions, badgering, arguments and throwing blame and shade. The upside of Mars in Gemini will be about actively and open-mindedly working with new ideas and variations on a theme. Military dispatch to help with vaccinations will also be in the works. Community action work projects can also be part of the energy.

Mars in Gemini also approaches a meeting with the Lunar North Node by the end of the Month during the Full Moon. This meeting not only enhances the feeling of turning a corner in pandemic response, but moving toward a better future as well.

The month of March also always features the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is on March 20th when the Sun enters Aries to begin a new cycle of the zodiacal round. This is where we initiate a rebirth or regeneration of expression to a new season and new directions. Furthermore, by the time March comes to a close The Sun, Venus, and Chiron will come together in Aires for a spectacular new beginning in healing.

March rolls out in much the same way influenced by a whopping Full Moon in Libra in a face off with a triple conjunction of the Sun, Chiron, and Venus in Aries. We will have to take the initiative for healing balance.

Power Days of March 2021

March 2, 2021 – Mercury moves in tighter to a support boost with the South Node and an open flow with the North Node for a third time due to his recent retrograde motion. There is definitely a “signal” we need to hear and recognize. This one pertains to technological advancements. However, we are also learning about treatments of pandemics in the past that may help toward dealing with this one in the present as well as get a jump ahead on those that could be coming in the future.

March 4, 2021 – Mars enters Gemini to bring more multitasking activity and we may feel like we are juggling many thoughts at once. This is zig-zaggy energy that may make us feel like a ping-pong ball in a dryer. It may be difficult to focus, however, communication could improve if we have the courage to speak up. We must be careful of believing everything we hear because a lot of what is said is domineering or commercial chatter. At some point we have to stop asking questions and put together a plan of procedure to get on with things. Mercury meets with Jupiter to make big announcements, some of them exaggerated bluster, others about exploration with new technological advances.

Meanwhile, the Sun challenges both Lunar Nodes, bringing illumination to where we are on the map when it comes to the measure of deceptions of the past in view of the future. We must dissolve the old, dogmatic beliefs to alleviate discrimination and judgment of fellow human beings. As we move forward we will need to redefine our alignments with new reasoning in our philosophies. We have to update, modify, and adapt to new ideas along with variations of applications.

March 9, 2021 – Now it is Venus’s turn to challenge both Lunar Nodes. This is where we learn to find compassion in all our relationships. When we give love to the whole world it changes the collective frequency to a higher vibration. Let us reach for healing through compassion and forgiveness. Those who want to stay in the deceptive illusions will have to fall behind until their heads clear. We can’t rescue anyone that doesn’t want to rescue themselves. Meanwhile, the Aquarius Moon opens flow with Mars, and challenges Uranus before meeting with Saturn. There could be more protests and rebellious attitudes if the public becomes restless with the pace of progress. Uranus wants change and wants it now and Mars in Gemini is quick to fan the inflammatory gossip. Yet, the Moon’s meeting with Saturn later on can stem the tide of foolish pursuits. We will have to bring it back down to logical facts at the end of the day.

March 10, 2021 – The Moon joins up with Jupiter in Aquarius while the Sun joins Neptune in his home sign of Pisces. We may feel excited about new discoveries as well as helpful insights about the spread of the virus. We should see good evidence of the speed-up of aid and the introduction of new vaccines. We may put it together on climate science and the direct connection between the natural environment and our own good or poor health. It stands to reason that if the oceans are polluted, then so is the atmosphere, then so are we.

March 12, 2021 – The Moon meets with Venus in Pisces and we may find we are swimming through sensitive feelings in relationships. Gentleness and empathy are required. We may have vivid or colorful night and day dreams about loved ones that have crossed over. We may long for something that seems like a pipe dream or wishing on the Moon. However, we must be compassionate about what we would love to manifest in our reality. For, out of the mist, we bring what we most desire. Can we imagine a more compassionate world where all are part of the whole human experience?

March 13, 2021 – A New Moon hides in the Pisces mist as Venus prepares to meet with Neptune. We are sensing that more is going on in the realm of psychic intuition than is apparent on the surface. There could be some disorientation in determining what is real, but strong connections and attractions are taking place in the collective psyche. We may have vivid night dreams about loved ones that have crossed over. Or we may be daydreaming about that perfect love when love is on tap in every corner of our lives if we choose to see it. This lunation brings a new beginning in understanding what lies beyond the mundane. When spiritual meaning blooms, we know we are energetically connected to all of the living world. This is also a good time to be creative, to meditate, and to make a wish on bringing something beautiful into our surroundings. Peace comes through forgiveness, for some are confused or feel unloved and know not what they do.

March 14, 2021 – The Moon meets with Chiron in Aries in support boosts to both Mars and Saturn. For Valentine’s Day we get the gift of healing. This could be healing through the aid of the military in disciplined distribution and administration of vaccines, along with health information, to the public.

March 15, 2021 – Mercury moves into Pisces and our perceptions and views may move to dreamier and poetic pursuits. We shouldn’t be surprised if our intuitive powers go up a notch or two. We just need to be careful about how we interpret unusual phenomena with our eyes and ears when it’s the soul or gut feeling that’s doing the talking. We may feel very sensitive and emotional, sympathetic and empathetic. We may see signs in nature that speak to us on the intuitive level. On the mundane level the weather could be on the wet side of the scale, especially in coastal regions. There may be some erosion going on. There may also be some dissolving of old social standards and structures. Meanwhile, the Sun sends a support boost to Pluto, bringing illumination to those things that were hidden. This energy enlightens us with clues as to what has been holding us back so that it is easier to let go.

March 18, 2021 – Support boosts appear everywhere like little sparkles in the chart. Venus sends a boost to Pluto and shows where there may be the need to eliminate waste and clutter that pollutes our mental surroundings. The Taurus Moon sends an emotional boost to her ruler, Venus. This is feel good energy that helps us pull down and ground the spiritual love around us. Mars sends a boost to Chiron that brings mental healing along with the physical as vaccine and Covid relief becomes more apparent. There are more ways to connect with like-minded groups. The fog lifts for a sign of hope in the final clearing. All of humanity comes together on this healing effort. It is good psychic food.

March 19, 2021 – The Moon meets Mars in Gemini in support of Chiron. This brings lots of emotional activity to help with the distribution of vaccines and other health aid, possibly through military support. Even though the energy is jittery and somewhat scattered, we will be curious about how quickly things can get accomplished. We want to move on from things that kept us feeling stuck in the past.

March 20, 2021 – The Sun enters Aries for a whole new beginning in initiatives and directives. No matter where we are on the track of our lives this energy illuminates the chance to start over in some area of endeavor. Let us set some good intentions for healing at this Spring Equinox.

March 21, 2021 – Mercury sends a boosting signal to Uranus, which can bring otherworldly signals and visions down to earth. We may also have strange dreams synchronization events/timing, or intuitive prompts. Meanwhile, Mars makes an open flow to Saturn. We may see changes in protocols when it comes to the disciplined sharing of scientific information. Where there were once restrictions, adaptability comes to the foreground. Hopefully, it means more teamwork in the distribution of vaccines where the supply chain has been held back. Meanwhile, Venus enters Aries to begin her new cycle round of the zodiac. Venus is not that comfortable in the opposite sign that she rules (Libra) however, she does pick up the initiative of forging new alliances. We will be attracted to moving forward in new territory.

March 23, 2021 – The Cancer Moon faces off with Pluto, which can bring moods down if we feel insecure or frightened. It doesn’t help that Mercury challenges Mars and brings confusion of direction. Someone could be using disinformation to scramble motivations or to throw security off or cover up nefarious communications.

March 24, 2021 – The Leo Moon challenges Uranus and faces off with Saturn. This is some very stubborn energy that could keep things stuck until we can move off from entrenched ideas and onto innovative solutions. Egos could churn up a lot of fear of change and even cause surprise disruptions.

March 25, 2021 – Mercury challenges both Lunar Nodes and we could find ourselves struggling with confusing perceptions. We are wondering how we got here and how we can move on with better ideas. We either sit in the fog or get curious about what lies ahead. As luck would have it, Venus meets with the Sun to blaze a new trail forward. We can see better which way to go when the haze burns off and we may be attracted to a change in direction.

March 27, 2021 – Mars meets with the Lunar North Node and faces off with the South Node. We will insist on picking up new ideas that blaze a trail to the future. However, we must take time to think before we jump the gun. We may still feel nervous about the unfamiliar road we find ourselves on, however, curiosity leads us to see what is over the next hill. We may be granted the courage and vision to push ahead despite our misgivings of the past. Meanwhile, Venus meets with Chiron to pursue inroads to healing. Venus will also insist on self-care and physical exercise as a means to healing.

March 28, 2021 – A Full Moon shines bright in the Libra Air and would normally bring a culmination of balance and peace. However, the lunation faces off with Venus/Chiron and throws an awkward angle to Uranus. This means that something is definitely off kilter, especially when it comes to justice in healing. There could be adjustments to surprise changes, either in the banking industry or market trading that could throw off progress to healing aid initiatives. Meanwhile, Mars still clings to the North Node wanting to get on with tinkerings for the future. Communication will have to be more focused on relaying reliable information rather than spreading unsubstantiated gossip. The weird thing is that some of the rumors are true, although, shocking. We just have to sort out the BS from the real data to retain a balanced perspective.

March 29, 2021 – Mercury meets with Neptune for a more compassionate tone in communication. However, we must also beware of snow-job confusion, disinformation, and deception. If we give special attention to our dreams, we can garner gentle guidance and healing. We can also find healing through music, meditation, and creative endeavors. Meanwhile, Venus sends a loving boost to Saturn. This gives good support to those whose tough duty requires disciplined response, such as hospital and medical staff. We can also see forward steps in the distribution of important legal information, as well as delivery of stimulus benefits.

March 30, 2021 – The Scorpio Moon faces off with Uranus and stirs up resentment and rebellion. The public feels restless about secrets being kept. Meanwhile, the Sun sends a boost to Saturn, which directs legal ramifications on those with secrets who hide behind a mantle of authority.

March 31, 2021 – The Moon opens flow with Mercury to bring up dreams from the depths of the collective psyche. However, we are being guided through these intense feelings to flush out fear. The same Moon challenges Jupiter to call out exaggerations and expectations that keep us drawn up in extremes.

Blessings to all, dear readers! Thanks for listening and hope it is helpful.

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Clarity in Review
New Moon in Aquarius: February 11, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

windmill and storm

As if we didn’t have enough Aquarian energy flying around, here we are with a New Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer for the new Age of Awareness. With no less than six celestial bodies packing out the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius at the time of the New Moon, we can bet that the winds of change are blowing. Aquarius is about circulation of information and we’ve certainly had a plethora of information swirling around us of late.

Since it is a fixed sign, we can imagine Aquarius as a windmill on a farm. The windmill generates electricity through the wind spinning the blades. This is quite interactive energy as the blades, in turn, also generate centrifugal force as the they pivot around the center point. This is exactly how we feel when lots of spin generates lots of energy and we witness pivotal moments of change in human history. (Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.)

Yes, the atmosphere is electrically charged as in the advent of a big storm brewing. At the time of this New Moon, we are in the midst of an unprecedented trial in the U.S. Senate. We are seeing evidence presented for the means of clarification of and application of justice in civil discourse. This requires effort and clarity of thought along with the discernment of legal ideology. Although this New Moon in Aquarius makes no exact aspects to other planets in the chart, the energy swirling around it is abuzz with the anticipation of justice.

The attention of the world is engaged as Venus meets with Jupiter in Aquarius. Humanity will gain new wisdom from this proceeding as we attempt to attain understanding of the why and when justice matters to the betterment of operations going forward. In some ways we are throwing off those elements that are not ideal to expand our reasoning in resolution. The new world can no longer hold those old world ideas of competition for domination when freedom and democracy for all are the major themes of the moment.

Meanwhile, Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde in Aquarius and just made a challenge to Mars in Taurus. This is stubborn, fiery rhetoric and thinking that could keep things stuck until we realize that we have to blaze a new trail to get to the heart of the matter in discourse. We may have to keep reviewing a sequence of events for the sake of clarity. In this case, there could be a lot of static noise, delays, or distractions until further evidence is presented. This is what happens when we stand at a crossroads and we perceive the past in comparison with a whole new road to the future. Do we stay stuck or do we change to move forward? At some point we have a defining moment of clarity.

However, Mercury is also in good connection to both Lunar Nodes. With a support boost angle to the South Node, the review of the recent past is part of the process for gaining more clarity of reasoning. With an open flow from Mercury retrograde to the North Node, we know that what we learn by review will change the course of the future. Furthermore, Mercury will change course to forward motion on February 21st. As Mercury moves back through Aquarius he will meet with Jupiter again in a grand flow in the Air signs with the Libra Moon and the North Node in Gemini on March 1st. This suggests that with all the fallout from the trial, justice will, indeed, be served. A new future will be decided and healing can begin in earnest.

After Mercury has cleared his retrograde phase at the beginning of March, we can expect a speed-up of production and distribution for the Covid vaccines. We can even expect more breakthroughs in vaccine science with the expansion of critical thinking and rationale. Collaboration of efforts for a common cause will go a long way to stimulate progress.

New Moons are always about new beginnings. This lunation in Aquarius heralds a clearing sweep of perception between the past and the new future forming ahead. Awareness paves the way for new vision going forward.

Blessings of Awareness for all!

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Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of February 2021

 By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction

The Celestial Headlines


The month of February 2021 features an overload of Aquarius planetary expression that can really keep us on our toes. What it means most now is that the winds of change are blowing full scale. It is nervous and restless energy that gets tangled up in Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius. Clear thinking and communication may come at a premium. It will be all we can do to keep focus while we are going back over what was said, what was thought, and what was done.

Indeed, with Venus’s entry into Aquarius on the 1st and a New Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer on the 11th puts no less than six celestial bodies clustered in the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius. Plus, Saturn’s long-running challenge to Uranus in Taurus makes for a herky-jerky roller coaster ride of twisting changes in science news, especially concerning the Coronavirus and its variants. Yet, we are still seeking justice and a re-commitment to higher-minded ideals.

The sign of Aquarius expresses through the higher realms of thought and ideology. It doesn’t tolerate much room on the emotional side as it prefers logic and reason. However, the shadow of Aquarius gets very restless, very rebellious, very radical. Yet, with all the influence of this pivotal energy sign, we will be welcoming in fresh air and ideas that bring innovation and open-minded acceptance of diversity, freedom, justice, democracy, and equality. This next cycle could very well usher in what we could call; The Age of Awareness.

All this Aquarian influence makes for high winds, both literally and metaphorically. Weather could be erratic and/or sudden with more lightning storms or tornadoes. Internet, technological, and networking changes are likely, including online learning and sharing scientific discoveries. We could have possible electrical grid problems, possible earthquakes, and aviation could also be affected. It’s not all bad, there’s just a lot happening at once. It’s just a matter of what kind of mental label we put on big changes.

With all these planets in Aquarius joining up and crashing into one another, yes, there will be plenty of conspiracy theories still blowing around. The bad news is that we could see more radical rebellion, such as riots and protests. Resistance to change is very high and backlash creates stormy perceptions and attitudes. However, we could also see round-ups of these terrorist cells that put them to justice. The good news is that, even with Mercury’s retrograde, clear evidence will be presented and we can see improvement in the circulation of important information as well as the distribution of medical supplies and vaccines.

Power Days of February 2021

February 1, 2021 – Venus enters Aquarius and we are in for minimalist trends, sleek styles, modern design, and networking in like-minded groups. Friendships and alliances, along with tastes, may change. We are also attracted to seeking justice and freedom in all its shapes and forms. It will be time to get innovative in how we socialize now and in the future. On the same day, Saturn builds a long-running boost with Chiron. This can bring the disciplined order of the distribution of vaccines throughout the month, even with Mercury’s retrograde in the mix.

February 3, 2021 – We may feel very anxious as the Scorpio Moon faces off with Uranus and challenges Venus. Something may go wrong in relationships, such as jealousy, that can lead to sudden break-ups. We will have to be wary of our suspicions and jumping to conclusions.

February 4, 2021 – The Sun opens flow to the North Node and a boost to the South Node. We can take what worked from the past to modify applications for now and in the future. We may get a clearer picture of how our beliefs in the past may have hindered our view.

February 5, 2021 – Venus meets with Saturn to clarify obligations and technological standards. There may be more rules and regulations applied to social media and its use going forward.

February 6, 2021 – Venus sends a boost to Chiron but challenges Uranus. A woman wants to bring justice to those who breach internet security or perpetrated violence in riots or other crimes. Seeing this justice brought to bear can also bring a boost to healing social issues.

February 9, 2021 – We could be making a turning point in the pandemic as Saturn continues his boost to Chiron. However, with the Moon’s meeting with Pluto, there is still much emotional loss to contend with.

February 10, 2021 – Mercury retrograde challenges Mars and we will have to go back over old records to confirm or deny actions of the recent past. Major announcements may be made in this regard. We may also have to deal with earth and weather issues, or those of requiring military response.

February 11, 2021 – A New Moon hides in the Aquarius Air with no less than six planets occupying the realm of the Water Bearer. The New Moon, itself, doesn’t really make much impact on the rest of the chart other than packing out the house. This is quite a psychological awakening. However, there are many aspects happening around this New Moon that round out the action taking place. Mercury Rx still pushes a challenge on Mars that talks about security, including military, electrical grid, financial, and cyberspace controls. However, Mercury Rx also sends positive signals to the Lunar Nodes. The future is in our grasp with the voice of the people. Meanwhile, Venus comes together with Jupiter for a rousing boost of luck in circulation, perhaps more stimulus money.

On the same day, Saturn still makes a challenge to Uranus but sends a support boost to Chiron. The Science is improving on understanding and stemming the Coronavirus, however, there may be changes in protocols for distribution and priority medical teams. Those who are putting obstacles in the way may be dealt justice quickly. We must be able to take up changes and adapt to swiftly moving mental currents. Even with Mercury’s retrograde, we are having to put accurate pieces of information together into a procedural timeline.

Mars makes a support boost to Neptune, which can offer action-based church funded charity drives for those struggling during the pandemic.

This New Moon presents a rare moment of great awakening that changes the course of humanity’s thinking and perceptions of itself, along with its destiny.

February 12, 2021 – Venus meets with Mercury Rx to go over investigative or judicial evidence. We will pay witness to changes in objective reasoning.

February 14, 2021 – Mercury Rx meets with Jupiter where evidence and electronic data are presented to the courts. We can expand our breadth of knowledge and remember the bigger picture under examination. Meanwhile, Venus makes positive angles to the Lunar Nodes. Whatever judgment we hold today will speak to the future of law and protocol.

February 18, 2021 – The Sun enters Pisces to share compassion for an illness-weary world. The collective psyche is very sensitive now and can be part of guidance towards healing. We will have to treat ourselves and others gently. However, we may feel very anxious as the Moon meets with Uranus in his challenge to Saturn. We may want to move on but there are more obstacles and waiting. Patience may come at a premium. Meanwhile, relationships could have a rough go as Venus challenges her lover, Mars. There could be arguments over money and budgets could be strained. Markets are likely to be volatile along with the public reaction to necessary restrictions.

February 20, 2021 – At long last Mercury stations to direct forward motion. What we’ve learned in the past month has changed our perspectives of the future. We are now pivoting to think in terms of re-shaping our world since the onset of the Covid pandemic. There are some things we will have to deal with in terms of social and civil order. Humans are social creatures that need connection. We may see the formation of more “think tanks” consisting of experts on social issues. We may advance innovative programs for online teaching, such as for medical personnel and procedures.

February 21, 2021 – Mars approaches a stretch of an open flow to Pluto. This will transform banking, financial, building, farming, and business procedures. This energy will also have an effect on bringing ethical circumstances to light for the sake of putting sources of “dark money” to justice.

February 25, 2021 – The Leo Moon triggers a Mystic Rectangle involving Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes. Mystic Rectangles are complex positive aspects that indicate a collective “download” of cosmic information. These energies often present magical opportunities for psychic connections. In other words, we know what we know without knowing how we know. In this case, the public will know that leadership speaks to the comparison between the past and the future. We must each guide ourselves to share the talents we were born with to advance the greater common good. We may become “aware” of our sense of purpose for this cause. Although this Leo Moon faces off with Jupiter, we also know when we are being called to serve our purpose that brings rewarding insights.

On the same day, Venus enters her exalted state in Pisces. The energy corresponds to the compassionate spirit of the divine feminine influence. We will be attracted to the softer and better angels of our nature. We will want to take walks and meditations in nature as well to connect with sacred energy. This is also a good time to give to viable charities.

February 27, 2021 – A Full Moon shines bright over the vineyards of Virgo. This lunation is conflicted as it sends an open flow to Uranus but awkward angles to both Saturn and Chiron. There could surprising but difficult news concerning public health facilities and/or the status of the pandemic. We may have difficulty in getting the proper information or we could be facing more restrictions due to conditions of illness. The details may be obscured and we will have to remain diligent on our choices for precautions. However, where there are breakdowns, there may also be breakthroughs.

February 28, 2021 – The last day of the month presents a Grand open flow (trine) in the Earth signs. The energy involves the Virgo Moon opening flow to Mars and then Mars opening flow with Pluto. Usually, Grand Trines in the Earth signs bring more stability. This aspect brings a more stable transition in feelings about who is in charge and how the operation is going. The power is about taking action to build stabilizing flow in the economy as well as medical supplies and including environmental measures.

If we can allow patience for development of better operations, we can get a handle on feeling better about how we can work our way out of the difficulties of the pandemic.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

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Inauguration Day in the USA
January 20, 2021
Surprising Revelations

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member


Here we are at a new beginning. As always with new beginnings there are also some messy endings and the energy for this auspicious day in American history is ramped up and anxious. This is due to an abundance of Aquarian expression that has stirred up the human need for change for the sake of freedom. The energy began to shift dramatically at the Winter Solstice of last year 2020 when we had a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the beginning degrees of Aquarius. To say that change was in the air is an understatement.

From the point of the great conjunction our many voices of humanity could be heard ringing in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the Aquarian call is one for the rising frequency within human evolution. The frequency process moves from revelation, to revolution, to evolution. The worst of this energy is rebellion, riots, and chaos. The best of this energy is a willingness to explore new ideas – to break through a barrier to equal rights and civil community values. This is the time of an opening portal to the Age of Awareness.

On Inauguration Day the biggest feature we have to contend with is the Mar-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This can be explosive due to the Fixed Earth of Taurus taking a rather stubborn and entrenched stance. Uranus has just turned to direct forward motion and will pick up speed in the next few weeks. With Mars being the trigger for big changes, we can expect some show of resistance to appear. However, this time, the military is there to make cooler heads prevail. Mars’s recent and continuing challenge to Jupiter only heightens the political tension that brings in the necessity for overkill in military protection for the transitional change of power.

The Moon is also hot at the anaretic degree (29) of Aries, the same point as Mars was at the onset of the U. S. Capitol riots, and about to move on to Taurus. Public mood is angry and spring-loaded for some action to take place. Resistance tension is high and tight. Meanwhile, the Sun moves into Aquarius on his way to a meeting with Saturn. Whatever disciplinary action that needs to occur immediately will take place in the next few days. Evidence will be presented in court and formal charges will be filed. The Moon in Taurus will challenge the Sun in Aquarius in the afternoon and while the mood may settle somewhat, there will be more anger espressed when the Moon meets both Mars and Uranus early in the morning of the 21st. No one may get much sleep as the anxiety continues.

Mercury in Aquarius is still in good connection with the Lunar Nodal Axis, which can offer an open awareness of history being made and something new being created. However, Mercury will slow things down as he prepares to retrograde on January 30, 2021. We need to slow down in order to process all we have been through in recent days and weeks. As Neptune is still in a challenge with the Lunar Nodes, we may drift into reflection between the past and the future. Certainly with the onset of the Covid crisis, we have an understanding of the need to fight a common foe. Meanwhile, this may cause some to move toward escapism through substances and away from the grief of so much loss. We are also fighting depression that naturally occurs from the effects of massive change. We may call it mental whiplash because the contrasts are phenomenal.

There are those who are having mental disturbances and this is where we will be shown that mental health matters just as much as the physical. There is within this energy the distinct point that there will be “before and after” effects from the Covid pandemic. The post-Covid world will be different and is forming from the mysterious mist in front of us. How we create our future from this historic point forward is one for the record books of change. Humanity will change, our perspectives will change, our science will change, our beliefs will change, and from the ground up. How we live from this point forward will change.

May the changes be for the better, dear readers! Blessings for the New Age of Awareness.

Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of January 2021

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

 YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction

The Celestial Headlines


We’ve made it to the New Year of 2021 and probably very glad to leave 2020 behind. It’s been very tough on all of us, but luckily, we have new energy in place to charge up the new year in front of us. Back on the Solstice of December 21, 2020 a brand new and unique shift in energy occurred with both Jupiter and Saturn in a tightly pairing conjunction at the very beginning degree of Aquarius. This shift will bring in intellectual gifts of expanding the mind and a discipline of teamwork for a great common cause; humanity. We need the freedom to make progress and social equality to build a cooperating team.

For the most part, the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn sparks a new era – one that is curious (North Node in Gemini) about the future (Aquarius.) Think, Star Trek and you’ve got it. This is the story of a diverse and talented group of explorers that live by rules of peace, cultural inclusiveness, and equality. The way forward will include innovative thinking and technological advances for the cause of humanity.

As the New Year dawns on January 1st the Leo Moon sends good vibes to Chiron, which can bring strength in healing. However, the same Moon puts a challenge on Uranus Rx that can make for unexpected circumstances. It’s not the best energy for getting home late from celebrations. In fact, staying home may be the best policy considering the winter intensity of the spreading corona virus. Furthermore, Mercury sends a boosting signal to Neptune that can make us feel like survivors from a surreal world. We may pick up thoughts from around the globe through psychic impressions. The whole world is ‘a buzzin’ with electric anticipation.

New Year’s Day also features a tightening double challenge from Neptune to the Lunar Nodes, which can bring on confusing disturbances in the collective psychic field. Other than the lingering effect of hangovers, we may sense a growing need to choose between the past and the future. This could especially concern the natural environment and using more “Earth-friendly” practices to assuage damage and pollution. However, we may also have strong night dreams, visions, mysterious phenomenon, spirit visitations/voices, psychic whispers, premonitions, and/or signs in nature that affect us deeply. This aspect will become exact on Jan 5-6.

We wish we could say that most of the tough times are behind us with the old year. However, January 2021 still has its difficulties as Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, occupies tight space in another Fixed sign of Taurus. With plenty of planets moving through Aquarius and into challenges with Uranus, we are likely to still find ourselves in chaotic times and circumstances. Rebellion over big changes will be afoot even through until the end of February. It will be best to keep things as simple as possible, if it is, indeed, possible with the onset of fast changes we face.

In fact, when the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, 2021, we will be insisting on a more level playing field where all can get a leg up. This is not a victim thing, but a freedom one. The Sun will then be approaching a meeting with Saturn, where some fundamental truths will be shaken up. The meeting will shine a light on justice and equal/social rights.

There will be many bouts of rebellion in the air as humanity stirs its need for freedom and justice. We will be juggling many new thoughts, emerging insights, and modern philosophies, along with the logistics of common living operations. It may be very difficult to stay focused on course when confusion is so rampant at the beginning of the new year. However, as Aquarius is such a futuristic sign, we will be seeking opportunities and possibilities ahead of us. Humanity wants to form a better future for itself and all.

Future Forward! And Star Trek, Ho!

Power Days of January 2021

January 4 – Mercury meets Pluto as the Virgo Moon opens flow to the combo. We are likely to hear all kinds of news including revelations of corruption in government. However, we may also be able to see a deeper need to keep a diligent eye on staying healthy and taking precautions.

January 7 – Mars enters Taurus for a change of scene from his home sign of Aries and fiery battle action to more peaceful tending of the fields or homesteading. It could be nice not to feel so angry, frustrated, and impatient. However, that will only be for a few days until Mars meets with Uranus.

January 8 – Mercury enters Aquarius where he will take on higher intellect and conceptual thinking. We may get some clarity on where we want to go and why. However, Mercury will station retrograde near the end of the month, so it’s best to communicate clearly now while we can. It’s a good time to reconnect with friends and network within the community so that help and information can come more easily. Meanwhile, Venus enters Capricorn and is attracted to building business and fruitful enterprise. This will be a good time to put priorities in place and take a slower, steadier pace to work toward goals.

January 9 – Mercury meets Saturn where science, along with justice, takes on new and serious perspective. However, Mercury also challenges Mars about his plodding and stubborn nature. Everything may seem to move in slow motion. Information could be slow in coming or gets scrambled in translation. We could also see lightning storms, earthquake or wind damage. Meanwhile, Venus opens flow with Mars so that relationships can get back on an even footing, especially in financial dealings as well as business partnerships. Cooperation can improve with accurate communication. Material goods and supplies can also get back on a steady track.

January 11 – Mercury meets Jupiter in a support boost to Chiron, which can certainly bring good news about public health and distribution of aid for the same purpose. However, Mars challenges Saturn that can make for stubborn delays in taking action, especially in court or business matters. We may be waiting around for proof in results and solid evidence.

January 12 – Mercury challenges Uranus Rx and we could have more scrambled messages or rogue weather. The internet is likely to have a bad day or we could see very volatile markets and/or sudden announcements.

January 13 – A New Moon in Capricorn forms at the first minute of the morning. This lunation makes no other aspect save for a conjunction with Pluto. New Moons are usually about beginnings but this one depicts a serious ending. Hopefully, this ending is about putting a halt to corruption in government and corporate manipulation. In many ways we will have to start over, possibly with stemming off the soaring death rates from the corona pandemic. We will also need to let go of “business as usual,” particularly with those who take advantage of people in dire crisis. Meanwhile, Venus opens flow with Uranus Rx as Uranus stands still to move to forward motion. This is powerful energy that could restart the economy for surprising positive results. There may be shake-ups before we see the wheels gain traction, however, we will be building on a better foundation to steady progress.

January 14 – Uranus stations to direct forward motion and is the last planet to do so, making for all planets in forward motion. However, this will only last for a couple of weeks or less when Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius. We may see some shocking surprises and hear shocking announcements, yet, we will also have to go over old messages and rehash a re-start in the weeks to come.

January 17 – Jupiter challenges Uranus to bring breakthroughs in economic relief as well as new and unique concepts in general living operations and conditions. We may see new forms of farming and food distribution, building techniques, and banking reform. Circulation of verifiable results will be a big theme for moving forward. Big changes are on the horizon and it may seem like we are on a runaway train to unknown destinations. There’s too much happening at once, however, the future is upon us in glaring ways that require us to accept the changes.

January 20 – Mars meets with Uranus to stir up rebellion in those who cannot abide the changes that are coming. However, as the Sun enters Aquarius, a new call to freedom is in the works. Soon we will have both strange and unique means to understanding what it takes to create concepts that speak to the future. While there are those who are angry and frustrated, there are also those that know changes are inevitable in order to carry forward in better circumstances.

January 22 – Mars challenges Jupiter for the distribution of goods and services. There may be more turmoil created over political changes. Our beliefs about what is good for all may be at odds with logistics if we try to take on too much too quickly. Meanwhile, Venus makes an awkward angle to North Node and we will need to make adjustments in business to meet the future. We must take what works for now from the old ways while we transition to new operations.

January 23 – The Sun meets with Saturn to bring a light to scientific strategies. New studies may reveal solutions to old problems.

January 28 – A Full Moon in Leo faces off with Jupiter and challenges Mars from both ends of the lunation. The Full Moon also makes a wide double challenge to Uranus, still in close proximity to Mars. We may have a full swing of dramatic emotions as there’s too much going on at once. Sudden events are likely to put us into chaotic spins with mass confusion on how to deal with it all. There could be earthquakes or other natural occurrences that create turmoil or anxiety. The need for response may come from military operations or other emergency response teams. Meanwhile, the Sun meets with Jupiter, making everything seem exaggerated. Strange phenomena is afoot, as well as overhead in the atmosphere, up to and including big magnetic storms and/or UFO sightings. Venus meets with Pluto in Capricorn during this lunation. The combo can bring errant attractions that cause more problems in the long run. Relationships may come to an end and we may have more market losses. Revelations of corruption or unhealthy alliances may come forward. Someone is raking in big money through nefarious means.

January 29 – The Leo Moon faces off with Mercury, which could indicate a standoff of sorts between what we hear and what we feel. The Sun challenges Mars to show where action must be taken to stem the tide of anxiety within the public as well as damage to land and property. However, the good news is that Saturn sends a positive boost to Chiron, which can help with strategic and logistic health aid, such as rescue operations either with or for the military.

January 30 – The Saturn-Chiron boost forms a YOD throwing awkward angles at the Virgo Moon. YODs are cosmic directives that insist on major adjustments in order to move forward. This one could be about the pandemic and public health crisis. It means that we have to take both personal and public responsibility for not spreading the virus even further during flu and the winter season. Aid must also be given to the front-line medical teams dealing with the crisis at hand. The Virgo Moon also sends an open flow to Uranus, which brings sudden help when least expected. Progress could be made with the delivery of vaccines and medical supplies. However, things remain volatile without further examination before jumping the gun. As if all this weren’t enough, Mercury stations to retrograde motion late in the evening. News may be quite chaotic and come before all can be correctly determined. We may have to go back to the drawing board on concepts and ideas, especially when it comes to distribution of necessary medical supplies, tests, and treatments.

January 31 – Confusion reigns supreme when the Virgo Moon forms a Grand Challenge in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) including the Lunar Nodal Axis and facing off with Neptune. We certainly seem at a crossroads concerning illness and/or vaccines. Medical staff may be overwhelmed. There may also be a crisis at sea with military personnel in tense situations. Saturn also approaches a challenge to Uranus, which can make for sudden need to change strategies.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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The Cosmic News
Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Gemini
November 30, 2020
by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member


 If we’ve been feeling jittery and scattered then we are in synch with this eclipse lunation. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign that brings us the news and several bits of information that vie for our attention. Every story has its spin and also two sides. Gemini pairs light and shadow for us to integrate and sometimes we bounce back and forth between the two.

Lunar eclipses, even partial ones, bring us a change in emotional response patterns. While part of the moon’s light is obscured, we may find that we are only getting part of the story while another part is being hidden from view. Full Moons bring a kind of emotional polarity and this one is between beliefs and perception of what is occurring around us. Communities are talking about what is happening in their experiences, but are we listening to what is being said? Are we hiding part of the story that we don’t want to hear? Are we able to integrate the full story between light and shadow?

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury currently located at the tail end of Scorpio. This brings up psychological impact on our perception and perspectives. In this case, we may fear what we hear and, therefore, “block” the stinger part of the story that feels decidedly uncomfortable.

However, Mercury is in a support boost angle to Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn, which means that the news is not all bad if we are willing to hear it for what it is. Speaking truth to power will be most important in these highly vulnerable and insecure times. Those with greater wealth may hear the call of responsibility to give back to those who are struggling to make ends meet for the sake of economic stability.

Meanwhile, the darker tale is pulled out by both ends of the polarity with the Sun’s and Moon’s harsh angles to Pluto. This is the part of the story that is hidden in lies, exaggeration, and disinformation. In this case, we must remember that what we don’t know can be held against us by nefarious operators, the shady dealers that want to take advantage of us when we are feeling vulnerable. The power-mongers will have us believe that we are under their control despite what is now being revealed.

The Moon’s side of the equation throws an awkward angle at Venus in Scorpio. We are having to make psychological adjustments in values. In this regard we must remain firm that lives, truth, and justice are way more valuable than just money. Furthermore, the Sun’s side of the equation throws an awkward angle to Uranus Rx in Taurus. In this case we are making major adjustments in our belief standards for the sake of growth in values. In some regards we are becoming aware that change is part of that growth and that our beliefs must align with truth in the full measure of results. (Jupiter/Saturn)

The main theme of this Full Moon Partial Lunar eclipse is that we must look at all the news, whether we perceive it as good or bad, in order to understand the meaning of seeking the truth as our guide forward. We are free to choose what we believe, however, if that choice is not open to connecting with the truth, then we are led astray.

Blessings of Understanding for us all.

Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of November 2020

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member


The Celestial Headlines

The month of November 2020 still has us under the spell of the Blue Full Moon of October 31st. The Halloween Moon in Taurus jangled our nerves as it was in a full meeting with Uranus Rx. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that dislikes change the most. With Uranus as the cosmic agent of change there, everything from the ground up gets shaken up within both the material and natural worlds. We might even say that things run into the supernatural or paranormal with odd occurrences and strange phenomena. If that’s not Halloween enough for you, I don’t know what is.

November begins right off the bat with two major face-off factors. Venus in her home sign of Libra pulls tension with Chiron Rx. Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun pulls tension with Uranus Rx. Face-off aspects, or oppositions, often push decisions and these are two whoppers occurring at the same time. Venus wants justice and fair trade, yet Chiron Rx represents the Covid pandemic holding us back. There is a balance to be struck between what is needed to keep us safe and well and how we can boost equality and ethical trade within the social realms. The economy is likely to be rattled should we go to lockdown once again. We need beauty and justice for a healthy life. We need culture and connections. However, this could also mean that there is either severe opposition to or delay from confirming the next Supreme Court justice because of contact contamination and the spreading virus.

Then there is the Sun opposition Uranus Rx matter, which brings a rush of illuminated rumbles from the underground. Secrets are revealed that shock the systems for the sake of change. Routing out corruption means a sudden purge of unethical tendencies. By the same token, radical opposition groups are likely to be out on the prowl looking to stir up fearful unrest. Protests are likely. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

Furthermore, Mercury’s Rx challenge to Saturn from Libra makes for all kinds of stalls and delays in the courts and its rulings. The hang-ups, divides, and misgivings are all about a failure or refusal to communicate, suspicion galore, or to keep things tight, on edge, or out of balance. It’s not a good day for negotiations or trade deals and relationships may find blockages or obstacles in their way.

As if all that weren’t enough, the cosmos features a whopping Jupiter-Pluto meeting that puts the topper on extremism within traditional religious/political/philosophical beliefs. Some of these can be deadly as Pluto in the mix and the spread of Covid can testify. This will be the third and final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto and this combo can be quite explosive. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean as in the close encounters with the asteroid kind. Yet, if we can overcome fear enough to see possibilities, we can invoke a power that protects us rather than lead us into rabid and paranoid extremes. Extremes are unsustainable, and therefore, we must let go of any and everything that cannot be upheld for the good of all in order to move forward. The Jupiter-Pluto combo also speaks of exploitation. Those mega-corporations who have profited from the virus crisis may see that they have bitten off more than they can chew and is too much for the rest of us to swallow. It means evolution beyond the greed if we are to survive the darkness.

The good news is that the sweet Taurus Moon sends a beam of hope to the Jupiter/Pluto combo, helping us to stabilize our feelings long enough for patience to override our fear of outcomes. Everything is transforming, which can be quite frightening, yet, the energy is also expanding our chances of reform for the better.

This is how our November begins. It certainly builds tension and pressure within the social, government, and corporate realms. Our material orders of operation are likely to be on target with forthcoming transformations.

Now, to the burning question of the particular date of November 3rd, 2020; Election Day in the U.S. Since there’s a lot to cover, we can skip the 2nd for the moment. Lady Venus in her home sign of Libra, where she is Lady Justice, makes an awkward angle to Uranus Rx. Obviously, there is something out of balance, such as possible voting machine hacking, or just a misplacement of proper or legal values. Everything seems on edge and off-kilter when we are about to make big changes. Meanwhile, the Jupiter/Pluto meeting sends an awkward angle to the North Node in Gemini. This energy brings a lot of static noise, jammed frequencies, and wild, runaway gossip. Chatter about the future will be off the scale with all radios, television, social media, mouths, and opinions blaring. It’s best to beware of the fear-mongers and propaganda with nothing better to do than distract and obfuscate. With a wide double challenge by Neptune Rx to both Lunar Nodes, we can bet that gas-lighting and deception will be afoot in attempts at confusing the perception of results. The energy brings on the big question of whether we are victims or dreamers.

However, the biggest feature of Election Day in the U.S. is the fact that transiting Mercury actually stations to direct forward motion at 1:50 pm (Washington D.C.) Mercury stations in the sign of Libra, asking for balanced perspectives. However, as Mercury is still in a challenge to Saturn, there are likely to see stalls and delays in getting out the appropriate information. There could be all kinds of circular thinking with back-and-forth rhetoric that creates an inability to reach a consensus. However, the Sabian Symbol for the Mercury station at 26 degrees of Libra reads as follows; AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE TURNING CONSTANTLY INTO EACH OTHER (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom.) The symbol speaks of the combination of strength (Eagle) and loving peace (Dove.) If we can use the balance of Mercury’s perspective in Libra, we can bring both energies into good use through integration. We have to see that strength without aggression blends well with the idea of peaceful dialog and cooperation for the greater good. We have to both stand our ground as well as allow listening to new ideas in order to strike that balance. We can only have that balance if we negotiate and communicate in good faith for mutual benefit. However, the tension of creating a balance is also felt with this symbol as this quote from Ms. Hill’s description implies; “This symbol may also indicate that somebody’s behavior is unpredictable and sometimes off-putting. Someone may be rather schizoid and flounder around between one response to another, leading others to wonder what sort of response they are likely to receive at any given time.”

The description indicates that the energy of election day or “decision time” is likely to shift back and forth considerably as Mercury makes his station forward at a crucial and critical time for Americans. The wobble of the scales of justice is intense and it may take some time for things to “shake out” and the information is compiled into something that makes sense.

November 4, 2020 – Twenty-four hours after Mercury’s station forward the Gemini Moon sends an open flow to its ruler, the messenger planet. Public thoughts and discourse are wild and the media chatter is non-stop. We may feel as if we are bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball on the emotional level depending on what kind of news we are getting. This is likely to make us feel quite agitated, scattered, and/or distracted. The Moon also sends an adjustment angle to the Scorpio Sun creating irritation and exposure on emotional levels. However, the Moon sides with her own North Node for a view on the future of choices and perspectives going forward. Meanwhile, Mercury in Libra as ruler of the Moon, in challenge to Saturn, still has to get past the squelch of information that Saturn sets up, with both a push into new territory as well as dealing with conventional bias. The Gemini Moon, herself, also puts out an awkward angle to Saturn, bringing the need for much adjustment in attitude for responsible emotional stability.

November 6, 2020 – The Cancer Moon has emotional reactions to underdeveloped perspectives. Information is still being blocked from the public. We are making adjustments to our view over the past. We may feel maladjusted and need to make decisions, however, everything may feel too exaggerated to make sense as we are exposed to overwhelming fear-mongering and propaganda spin.

November 7, 2020 – The Leo Moon sends an open flow to Chiron Rx that can bring healing joy to our emotional passion. However, the Scorpio Sun sends awkward rays to Mars Rx. There could be problems with security and a lack of prepared response. When in doubt it’s best to investigate motivations or to rest from frenzied activity as passions run high in the aftermath of the election. There could be news of confiscated materials. Egos can also run amok.

November 8, 2020 – The Leo Moon challenges the Scorpio Sun sending intense feelings flying everywhere. Ego eruptions and control dramas are likely. There is much confusion and disclosures of deception come bubbling to the surface to create scandals and obstinate posturing. Information is still being blocked from reaching the public, which creates frustration. Meanwhile, Venus faces off with Mars Rx and the tension builds within alliances as well as relationships. Big decisions will have to be made and we may hear of court rulings or the delays of same.

November 10, 2020 – The Virgo Moon faces off with Neptune Rx and sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx. Analysis is confusing and the balance of justice is being obscured from public view. The propaganda spin is being manipulated for deception, yet also illuminated to show where deception is being generated. Lady justice wants the imbalance to be revealed but she is being held back with the drag on action being taken.

November 11, 2020 – Mercury moves back into Scorpio in forward motion for the second time. We can expect more investigations into interference with proper information being released. Secrets are being withheld and cover-ups are part of the scenery.

November 13, 2020 – Venus sets up good connections with the Lunar Nodal Axis and shows the way to the future. Justice will serve to balance karma from the past and bring restoration to the flow of information against the background of political dogma. Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun sends an awkward ray to the Lunar North Node. Exposure of dodging the truth of the future will only backfire against underhanded leadership. Many leaks of previously hidden information may be in the works. This is a case where some of the gossip may have a kernel of truth in it. Many adjustments will be needed to correct the course. Furthermore, the final stage of the Jupiter-Pluto meeting also sets the stage for major transformations within the political realms. Greed and bribery, as well as financial manipulation (dark money,) including blackmail, will be exposed to rout out corruption. The Jupiter-Pluto effect will reflect the theme of the year of 2020; Ridiculous Extremes. Yet, the big news for this day comes in the form of Mars stationing direct later on in the evening. After long weeks of low morale and frustrating delays, we may finally get a chance to pick up and move forward. Mars will have to shake out the cobwebs of his retreat and face the consequences of his recent actions. Mars stations forward at a critical moment when the Mercury/Moon combo in Scorpio makes a wide opposition to Uranus Rx. Moods and thoughts of the general public are likely to be stirred to the boiling point with anger, resentment, and the need to blow off steam. We could see more rioting, protests, and computer hacking, along with the attempted squelching of a harsh truth. The Mercury/Moon combo also puts an awkward angle on Chiron Rx and another adjustment angle on Neptune Rx. This whips up the fog of confusion over issues related to the Corona Virus and can also bring emotional turmoil and resentment at being misled about our national health conditions.

November 14, 2020 – Lady Venus, still in her home sign of Libra, sends good vibes to the Lunar Nodal Axis. The injustice of the past can be balanced and corrected for the future. Court decisions can be in good favor for the future. Venus also sends a challenge to Pluto, which can offer blocks from the courts on bad policies and dark money. However, the Sun sends a boost to Pluto, which can help illuminate and expose those who have abused power for the sake of personal agendas. Mercury sends an awkward angle to Chiron Rx which can create confusing information concerning the virus pandemic. This could include fear tactics to manipulate or control information. Investigations are ongoing that could bring dark agendas to the surface. Let’s beware of fear-mongering propaganda. However, the Scorpio Moon sends an awkward beam to Mars, which can bring up dark feelings of anger and loathing from those who have lost their way or were tethered too tightly to an outcome. Everyone is likely to feel emotionally uncomfortable at best and resentful at worst. It’s not a good time to go out at night due to possible danger from rogue attacks. Mars in retrograde and stationing to forward motion can act like a spring-loaded reactionary response. Arguments can quickly escalate into serious conflict.

November 15, 2020 – The New Moon in Scorpio forms in the early morning and could reveal some dark emotional secrets. A purge of sorts is erupting while Mercury is still in an awkward angle to Chiron Rx. Pain and anguish can cause regrettable dialog and harsh exchanges. Long-running illness can create fearful dreams and visions of what we perceive to be a dark atmosphere. We will have to take charge of our psychological health lest we get lost in nightmarish thoughts. However, the good news is that the New Moon sends a boost to Jupiter, which can bring a more optimistic view for revealing possibilities through the darkness and a light at the end of the tunnel. Venus’s challenge to the Jupiter-Pluto combo can bring justice to those who would steal away the wealth undercover. Insider trading could meet a wall from the courts.

November 16, 2020 – Mercury once again faces off with Uranus Rx and continues to bring shocks concerning financial maleficence and misappropriations. Theft and deception can be part of the view in this tense atmosphere. Big decisions need to be made to bring big changes. Shake-ups are likely, including actual earthquakes and rogue storms, or riots, rebellions, and protests.

November 18, 2020 – Venus challenges Saturn and brings delays in important decisions. Frustration mounts when justice is denied or stonewalled. Restructuring of values will be part of partnership decisions. Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun sends a boosting ray to Saturn, which can shine a light on hidden obstructions or reveal secrets as obstacles to understanding serious problems. The Capricorn Moon challenges Mars which can make for frustration in rebuilding a path forward.

November 21, 2020 – Venus moves into Scorpio to bring attraction to underground movements. The rumbles are about money, values, tanking markets, and possible sex scandals or trafficking. Meanwhile, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Mars, which can mean economic struggles in business, hidden or squelched information, heated rhetoric, as well as covert military attacks.

November 22, 2020 – The Sun moves into Sagittarius and can bring more optimistic illumination of the journey forward. However, we must beware of exaggerated propaganda and pompous leadership. Sagittarius is the backdrop sign of our philosophical journey, and while its ruler, Jupiter, is in the sign of Capricorn in a meeting with Pluto, we must take the meaning of our material experience seriously. We must drop away the fear of further exploration of possibilities.

November 23, 2020 – Mercury makes an open flow to Neptune Rx, which could bring good news about a vaccine for the Covid pandemic. However, the sensitive Pisces Moon meets Neptune Rx to bring dreams of ending the illness that has plagued us for so long. Yet, we must not get caught up in wishful thinking until there is a full investigation of effectiveness. We must also be mindful of very wet weather and flooding. Emotional intensity can also run as high tides.

November 24, 2020 – Emotions may run hot as the Aries Moon meets with Chiron Rx to express painful actions concerning public health. However, with Mars picking up steam in his home sign of Aries, we may be able to take reasonable action toward healing.

November 26, 2020 – The Sun opens a flow with Chiron Rx while Venus faces off with Uranus Rx. We may be promised the moon and the stars but we will have to want to see the truth in where leadership has brought us on issues of public health cures and care methods. The markets are in an uproar and big decisions for change will have to be made. Both banks and Wall Street will have to adjust to a new and quickly evolving economic reality. Meanwhile, the Aries Moon is hot in challenges to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. The public will not be thrilled with government control of or attacks on integral social institutions.

November 27, 2020 – The only way to any decent stability will be to make big changes in values and markets as the Taurus Moon sides with Uranus Rx. We may be surprised to see breakthroughs, yet we are also facing economic turmoil in many ways. Meanwhile, Mercury sends a boosting signal to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, which can reveal control tactics, greed, and authoritarian propaganda. Where they are clearly seen, these tactics can be called out, faced, and addressed. Big corporations are manipulating the money and power and maybe caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

November 28, 2020 – The Sun sends an awkward ray to Uranus Rx. Mercury sends a boosting signal to Jupiter. However, Venus is still in a face-off with Uranus Rx. Leadership may struggle against necessary changes in markets and values. Shocks are likely to charge up major realizations if markets are simply “propped up” and are really unsustainable.

November 29, 2020 – Neptune, Lord of the seas, stations to forward motion in Pisces, the sign that he rules. He does so in a wide double challenge to both Lunar Nodes. Neptune has been retrograde since June 23, 2020. With the station forward, the fog and confusion may begin to subside, and we may even begin to see a way through to progress on coronavirus relief on the medical front. However, this aspect to the Lunar Nodes tightens its grip and will take a while before it becomes exact on January 6, 2021. We may be hanging in the balance for public health to improve through the Winter holidays when families tend to gather. As in the past (South Node) with the Spanish Flu raging through the world, we will have to learn from history to affect a better outcome for the future (North Node.) We are all sailing the same seas during a pandemic, so we must take responsibility for not doing traditional gatherings for the sake of general and social health. This is why it is a good idea more than ever to stock up on supplies as best as possible for the coming months so that we can keep households small to maintain health stability.

November 30, 2020 – A Full Moon shines bright in the Gemini air. It also brings tension between hearsay and beliefs. Both ends of the lunation are in awkward angles to Pluto/Jupiter, where scandals and greed are exposed. The news spreads like wildfire as Mercury, still in Scorpio, in a boost signal to Jupiter/Saturn, brings out the shadows of theft of wealth by those in charge of an overvalued market system.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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Strange Magic

Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus

October 31, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS member

Night sky with clouds stars and full moon
Night sky with clouds and Blue Full Moon

This is, indeed, the spookiest time of year. This rare Blue (second in one month) Full Moon is just in time for Halloween and at its best power in the sign of Taurus. (exalted) Still, with the Scorpio Sun building tension, it may sound like it’s full of Bull. However, the hidden treasure is that this lunation is also quite full of rare magic. Trick-or-treating and parties may be limited during the pandemic but the energy is abundant for more supernatural qualities than any Halloween ever before.

You see, this Full Moon shares a spot in the sky with the cosmic agent for big change, Uranus Rx. Uranus is the radical, the oddball, the weirdo, and the genius of our solar system. He pushes the conceptual envelope with his flair for innovative surprise. When this character, even in retrograde, is parked next to a Full Moon our feelings run wild and we howl for freedom. Somehow, the pent-up creative within us has to come out and it does so in strange ways. The Moon even looks blue on this rare occasion. We may even see other odd things in the mental sky as well. We can expect the unexpected mood swings and emotional revelations. It’s as weird as it gets.

You see, Taurus is a backdrop sign for mother earth and all her natural living beings. However, Taurus is also the backdrop of money and values, plus all things material. The sign of the Bull is Fixed Earth and just wants peace in his meadow and all the greens he can eat. Taurus likes a steady pace without the rush. Taurus is the sign that dislikes change the most, while the planet Uranus gets bored rather quickly with the same, old, plodding routine. Uranus wants the future to hurry up and get here. The future, in this case, is AI and automatic everything online, new tech everywhere, and alternative methods for doing practical things. Home-building, for example. Three-D printed, anyone?

However, what this also means is that when Uranus turns to forward motion early in the New Year, we may also see great strides forward in alternative energy resources that spare the eco-damaging way we use energy now. Climate change is getting more radical and more costly now to ignore. Uranus will have us open our eyes to finding new ways for saving the Earth, the home-base commons for all humanity.

Herein lies the root of the problem with the Sun in Scorpio. Who do we trust when change gets radical? What behavior is expected when one is let out of a cage? This time we may want to symbolically strip off the mask of coronavirus and be free of it for good. However, we also love it that when humanity is in lockdown how the environment gets a break. It’s time to develop a higher-minded understanding of the symbiotic relationship with our planet. It is the only way to come back into balance, both with ourselves and universal energy.

During this lunation, these wild feelings have to go somewhere and the shadows cast by this Full Moon come alive. With the presidential election only three days away, everyone may feel edgy and anxious in anticipating the outcome. If this Full Moon is any indication, strange endings are occurring and we can bet that our deeper senses are both shaken AND stirred.

Deep within us lies the desire to connect with all of nature. Even if the sky is full of lightning, we can receive the energy and power-driven by this electrically charged Full Moon. The best we can do is ground ourselves well enough to take on the full charge of major changes within the material world. This includes the kind of energy that hits the power button on the awakening consciousness of humanity.

This Full Moon is ruled by Venus, by now in her other home sign of Libra. This lends an air of justice, peace, and balance, even though Uranus Rx may rattle us to the bone. The markets fluctuate all over the place and the economy hangs in the balance. Venus in Libra is Lady Justice – blind, but calling out for the grace of truth. The problem is that Venus will be in a face-off with Chiron Rx at the time of this Full Moon.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer. In his retrograde phase, Chiron nurses the wound within, the one no one else can see. In Aries, Chiron is the wounded warrior, who needs to tend to his headaches off the battlefield. He is in retreat to heal his wounds of battle. This is especially so when Mars, the warrior, is himself in retrograde retreat AND in his home sign of Aries.

Mars doesn’t like being incapacitated. He doesn’t like being held back when there’s so much to do. This is the frustration building up from the coronavirus interrupting progress and disrupting normal operations. Therefore, along with Mercury’s retrograde, we may have been feeling lackluster, even lethargic or bored these past few weeks. With a surge in new illness, we are feeling weak, however, as with all universal energy, there will be corrections for balance between light and dark.

With the opposition aspect from Venus, the Chiron wound is about an imbalance in values between justice and healing. This is not only about the handling of the corona crisis, but also about healing a deep burn of social values. We can see this clearly play out in society with racial and social equality on the scales. It is not war, but justice that must prevail. It is not only sickness, but social and mental health that needs attendance. It is not massive greed, but equality that means peace in the world.

Yes, there is pain in this Full Moon, but also a chance to make different decisions for the sake of humanity. The future is at stake as the powerful oncoming Jupiter/Pluto meeting makes a strained angle to the North Node in Gemini. The old, patriarchal, hierarchical beliefs are eroding and dissolving so that new ideas can come forth to lead on the path ahead. We are at a crossroads in history and major adjustments and changes in the course to the future are needed now. The time of wealth imbalance must be shown to make hardship for others who will no longer tolerate or support the manipulation for money and power. The time is now, at our feet and in our face. Uranus insists on it.

Furthermore, Mercury Rx at the time of this Full Moon makes a very sharp square to Saturn. Here, again, is a turning point offered from alliances of the past to allow a casting off of old patterns of relating that no longer support balance or sustainability. In this regard, we can learn from history where things went wrong and to make for new negotiations to create justice and equality for all.

The Halloween Blue Full Moon will send a jolt through the ground to stir up the mists from the graveyards of old. Those that haunt will point the way to the future if we dare to see and face the specter of change. The faces of those things to come will shape, form, and manifest on the path in front of us. We must take up the rare moment of using our thoughts to focus on the future and prepare for the magic of great awakenings.

Blessings for a safe and magical Halloween!

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Deep Memories – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
October 13-November 3, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline

As if 2020 couldn’t get any more heavy, we approach another Mercury retrograde period. Mercury, the planet of communication and interaction, stalls out in the hyper-sensitive and secretive sign of Scorpio. No one wants to really talk. Most of us want to pull the covers over our heads and wait for the rain to stop. This is a time of deep reflection and we want our privacy to nurse our buried memories.

Whenever Mercury moves backward things don’t usually go well. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, along with computer, vehicle, and technical difficulties usually arise to create snafus. This time the effects are quite emotional, to the point where feelings are easily hurt and suspicion frames our perspectives. We must give ourselves extra time to get anywhere and be very careful on the road at this time. We can also be very easily creeped out and have fearful thoughts just in time for Halloween.

Mercury stations reverse on the evening of October 13th and may bring on some rather intense dreams involving issues of the past. We may wonder what happened to some of the people in our lives that once seemed important to us and simply faded away. We may think of loved ones that we’ve lost to time and the emotional weather. We may sense that there is still something important to learn from them, since our memory of them intensifies at this time of year when the veil between worlds becomes thin.

We may hear whispers of things once said, heard, or felt that still echo in our emotional halls. We need time to rest and retreat and to honor the ancestors. Mercury in our deeper thoughts will want to revisit all the dark corners of our minds where feelings have accumulated and the cobwebs have grown thick. The whispers ask the main question of “Do you remember?”

Mercury in retrograde prepares to revisit his face-off with Uranus Rx in Taurus on October 19th where the shadows are stirred into surprise revelations. We may have missed something at the first pass on October 5-6 that now comes back into review. Whatever was lost at that time can be reclaimed to process the in depth emotional results. Mercury will pass this way again in forward motion on November 16-17. So if we are feeling the ghosts, we are not alone, even though it may seem that we have our private demons to wrestle in a world gone awry.

This Mercury retrograde period may seem doubly intensified because it coincides with Mars already in retrograde motion. Therefore, if we’ve already felt lackluster with little motivation, we can bet that the universe is giving us extra time to restore physical and emotional strength for the coming changes in energy and for the rest of this intense year of 2020. It’s okay to have a good cry, especially on October 17th when the Moon gets in on the Scorpio rumble. It flushes the mind and heart of toxic, emotional sludge.

Mercury will back up into a meeting with the Scorpio Sun on October 25th to shine some light on these memories from the past. We must not let fear from the past overcome our present to stain the future. Yet we must face the fact that our lives and connections going forward will change to meet a new future.

Mercury will then retrograde back into Libra on October 27th. This changes the expression of Mercury to connect with memories of relationships from the past. There will be more thinking rather than emoting in this regard. Mercury then backs into a challenge with Saturn on October 31st. This may bring up a realization of necessary change in direction from the view of past karma. Trick-or-treating will certainly have a different tone with Covid being in major influence. Safety will be the watchword. With the Scorpio Sun in direct opposition to Uranus Rx, along with the Taurus Moon next to Uranus Rx, we can bet that the public is ready for major changes that are already on the horizon and that important decisions will have to be made. The markets are also likely to take shocks.

Mercury will station to forward motion on November 3rd, Election Day in the United States. He then lingers in the challenge to Saturn for the sake of justice in authority. We will need to see the turning of the wheel for better integrity and the restructuring of operations moving forward. (stay tuned for the November report for more details.)

Blessings of Healing Memories for us all.


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map
for the transits of October 2020

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

Rx = retrograde

Face-off = opposition

Open Flow = trine

Support Boost = sextile

Challenge = square

Awkward Angle = quincunx

Meets with = conjunction\

The Celestial Headlines

(see more detail below under power days)

* * * *

The month of October 2020 brings us into the scales of justice as the Sun tracks through Libra, the sign of relationships and balance. Cooperation is the theme for Libra, however, at the beginning of the month we are back to the Mars retrograde conflicts as he challenges Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter once again.

October begins with a Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron Rx, the Wounded Healer, and will be playing a pivotal role to color the month as Mars tracks backward in his home sign of Aries. However, Mars does not recede back far enough to reach a meeting with Chiron again. Yet, this Full Moon is packed out with inflammation of all kinds. Indeed, the month of October is bookended with Full Moons with the second of two Full Moons appearing on the 31st of All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced Sowen) in the pagan world. (more on this below)

Meanwhile, Venus jumps signs from Leo to Virgo early in the month. Venus is strong here in the sign of the Maid and will serve to activate environmental awareness as well as an attraction to accuracy, efficiency, and fruitful harvests.

Pluto stations to forward motion, the last of the three big planets traversing Capricorn to do so. His power is about the deconstruction of the old social/government/corporate order for the sake of reform and to push rebirth of new structures that are supportive and sustainable. By the time of the Winter Solstice, capitalism will move on different runners having shot its wad with dismal results. Community is what matters now and for the future.

Mercury makes powerful aspects before turning retrograde mid-month and slowing everything down to investigate malfunctions and secrets.

The Libra Sun challenges all the Capricorn planets just as the New Moon forms mid-month. It’s likely to be a very volatile ride up to the general election. Many lessons will be learned on up to the karmic level of proper functioning for all. For, the historic record of corrupt governments and greed is always failure on profound levels. Balance, justice, and fair trade for mutual benefit are what matter most now.

Mercury Rx has a secret meeting with the Sun in Scorpio where nefarious deals may be struck. Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades back into Libra just as Venus moves into her home sign of Libra. Justice will be a big part of the role of karma to be played out in the here and now.

The Full Moon at the end of the month is conjunct Uranus Rx in Taurus. We will be in for big changes from the ground up by the time October draws to a close. Who knows what ghosts will come back to haunt from the past?

Power days of October 2020

October 1st brings on a Full Moon blazing like a lighthouse beacon in the sign of Aries. The lunation meets with Chiron Rx and may bring a howl of pain and anguish from the public. Wounds of the past, both personal and within emotional relationships, may be up for culmination and review. We must find new and pioneering ways toward healing. With Aries’s ruler, Mars, now in retrograde motion, this is a good time to work on physical rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the Sun side of the equation is in a face-off with Chiron Rx and an awkward angle to Uranus Rx. This can bring sudden changes and painful adjustments, possibly in judgments from others in relationships or from the courts. There is also the possibility that the military will buck ranks if given an illegal order. The military may question leadership and refuse orders. Let’s remember that the ruler of Aries, Mars, is now in reverse motion and may delay movements in question.

There’s a lot more going on in the sky during this Full Moon phase. Mars Rx is challenging Saturn but in favorable connections to the Lunar Nodes. This may have to do with the military challenging authority, or that old standards in the military will be tested and need modification to suit current situations and for the future. The missions to Mars may have to adjust technology in some way. As Mars moves closer to Earth during his retrograde phase, there may be a necessary refit of strategy. We will have to review the past so as not to get snagged in repeating painful mistakes that create obstacles for the future.

Meanwhile, the North Node begins to drift into an awkward angle to Pluto Rx, which is a long running transit. The future may look bleak as there is much damage to repair. However, there could also be good use of “retreat” in order to redress old problems in preparation to rebuild in more sustainable ways. Communities must take precautions to protect themselves from illness as well as a hard winter.

Venus moves into Virgo on October 3rd. Venus is fairly comfortable here in a fellow Earth sign, sister, in a way, to the Earth sign she rules of Taurus. Venus in Virgo brings an attraction to thinking through the details and methods of practical matters. We need good order and efficiency with the use of our time and to get supplies in readiness. We will also need to stay ready for good health practices and to prevent disease as colder weather approaches. We also need to focus on drawing in the harvest and prepare for winter. As long as we can make practical improvements instead of getting addicted to perfection, we can be in good shape and preparedness for the coming winter months.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx. This could be not so great news on the Covid front, however, there could be adjustments in the timeline of a vaccine. The good news is that the Taurus Moon sends an open flow to her ruler, Venus. There is a kind of calming peace when we know that progress is being made to balance things out.

Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, stations to direct forward motion on October 4th. He does so just in time to receive a challenge from Mars Rx. This is a day of power plays, manipulation, and revelation. There may be mutinies afoot and loyalties will have to be proven before trust can be restored.

Mercury faces off with Uranus Rx on October 5thThis is volatile energy where quick decisions are make or break. There could be revelation of blackmail in the works. One way or another information leaks could come fast as lightening and the news is abuzz with underground chatter. With Pluto’s tightening awkward angle to the North Node, there are big transformations of power that change the course of the future.

Venus sends awkward angles to both Chiron Rx and Mars Rx on October 8thThis brings scrutiny to either invasive maneuvers or neglect of the recent past. There could also be more inflammation of either the CV or a suspicion of too quick a vaccine being brought out. The lady says “something ain’t right.” It’s best to only make adjustments after verifying crucial facts.

Venus sends an open flow to Uranus Rx on October 9th. This brings about quick changes to health-care procedures. Somehow, a breakthrough is made, either on the economic front or in medical technology.

The Sun challenges Jupiter and sends an awkward angle to Neptune Rx on October 10thThere could be an attempt of deception with leadership and the courts. Bribery could also be involved. It’s best not to take any risky chances as scams and shady deals could be afoot. When in doubt, it’s a no.

On October 11th the Gemini Moon meets with her own North Node and sends out a challenge to both Mercury and Uranus Rx. Information may be scrambled at best and gossip runs wild. However, the public is abuzz with nervous talk about the future. Secret changes that were made may become public and it can create anxiety. Computer hacking, data breeches, and invasion tactics could be part of the scene. There could be news of launching new technology about which the public is quite skeptical. However, we will be on the verge of a new vision for the future.

October 13th brings more volatile energy as the Sun faces off with Mars Rx and challenges Pluto. Here comes an illegal order from leadership to the military. Much apprehension and many repercussions could be the result. This could be very destructive. Meanwhile, Mercury stations to retrograde motion in Scorpio facing off with Uranus Rx. We can certainly expect sudden and frightening announcements, attempted cover-ups, and/or secrets revealed.

Mars Rx challenges Jupiter on October 15thThis could bring more court entanglements or a judge may recuse himself from an important case. It is also possible that banks ease up on student loans and interest rates to help with economic difficulties during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Libra Sun makes positive connections with the Lunar Nodes, which could help balance out a way forward with new legal procedures.

October 16th brings on a New Moon hiding in the Libra night. It challenges Pluto and we may see court rulings against corrupt practices in governments as well as corporate profiteering. The gougers will get a strike against them for the sake of economic repair. The lunation is also in good stead with the Lunar Nodes, which could help with issues of social justice and the police systems of treatment.

Venus faces off with Neptune Rx on October 17th and brings evidence of cover-ups and scandals. Discernment needs to be the main ingredient for making big decisions. They say the “devil is in the details” and this is one of those times when it pays to do good research and get referrals. Meanwhile, the Moon joins up with Mercury Rx and faces off with Uranus Rx. Dirty secrets come up from the bottom. There may be much talk about surprise information leaks.

Venus sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx on October 18th. Evidence tangles with intentions as some men may be grilled and questioned in front of a body of peers. Polls and surveys may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, the Sun challenges Saturn on the same day, making for legal headaches and protocols. It’s time to come clean on responsibilities and abuse of authority. The good news is that Venus opens flow with lucky Jupiter, which could bring out good economic tendencies or more possible vaccine candidates to combat disease.

A Grand challenge fills the sky on October 20th. The Sagittarius Moon challenges Venus while Venus challenges both Lunar Nodes, with the Moon joining the South Node. People will want to cling to the beliefs of the past but the information is counter-intuitive. This is a matter of choice of which way to go when the future is at stake. Turning-points are everywhere. Meanwhile, Neptune Rx also challenges both Lunar Nodes. We must beware smoke and mirrors deceptions as some will wax nostalgic to keep us in the same patterns they can more easily manipulate like sheep. We must learn to think past the fog and make turning-point, transitional choices. Meanwhile, on the same day, Venus opens flow to Pluto. This could mean a big release of profound evidence of corruption, so that clean-up can begin. What was hidden was an important detail of suppressed information.

Mercury Rx sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx on October 22ndThis could be more unsavory news about the handling of the Covid pandemic. Information leaks of all kinds could spill everywhere. A big, invasive storm, either Covid, secrets, or literal weather could be in the works. This could be another political publication as well with Venus’s open flow to the Jupiter-Moon meeting. This could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, or the key that breaks a case wide open.

Venus sends an open flow to Saturn on October 24th. This is where good research and hard work pay off. If we’ve paid attention to details and have thoroughly combed the evidence we can really present a case well. It’s a good time to ask for a loan or raise as approval is available.

Mercury Rx meets the Sun on October 25th. The meeting in Scorpio can either bring up more evidence or try to create more secrets or tricky deals, including bribery or blackmail. However, there’s also a chance of leadership getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Whatever is up we will see again when Mercury moves forward to reach this point again later in November.

On October 28th Mercury recedes back into Libra just as Venus moves into her home sign of Libra. Mercury may be called upon to cooperate with investigations and someone will spill the beans of illegal or underhanded deals. In Libra, Venus is Lady Justice, ready to take on the big issues including social and relationship negotiations.

Legal action is likely to address alliances for good or ill. Meanwhile, the Sun in Scorpio sends an awkward ray to Chiron Rx in a meeting with the Moon. There may be much squirming and begging to an angry/wounded public.

More anger ignites the public domain as the Aries Moon meets with Mars Rx on October 29th. This can bring on more rioting if social issues are not addressed.

A Full Moon in Taurus fills the sky on October 31stThe lunation meets with Uranus Rx and big changes are on the horizon. It’s like a bull in a china shop. The bull may be stubborn against change but there is no stopping the momentum when the realizations come crashing in. This could be about the economy or it could be earthquakes that shake up the need for practical necessities. The spring-loaded culmination in the Full Moon makes room for the changes that must come from being suppressed for so long. Like a rubber band snapping, we know that things cannot remain the same without major problems building more tension. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx challenges Saturn and we could hear of more court battles against authority. The announcements could come quickly and the news is thick with shocks and surprise judgments.

On the same day, Venus faces off with Chiron Rx. Decisions must be made that could be painful or healing if taken in balance. We may have to compromise by going back to quarantine if a vaccine is not forthcoming or the spread of disease is on the rise again. We must make an informed choice with the right data. We must be careful of fear-mongering and worry. For some may use statistics to manipulate or influence the public. However, it is up to discernment to make a balanced decision for the sake of health-care issues.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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The Retreat – Mars Retrograde
Sept. 9-Nov. 14, 2020

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The retrogrades this year have been heavy and thick with swirling currents. You might say that this Summer has been infamous for retrograde action, such as moving backward against with the spread of COVID, enduring no progress on stimulus funds, plus no progress in police reform or social rights improvements. We continue to tumble over ourselves with retrogrades while at this time we have Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all in backward motion.

This year has been different in terms of retrogrades. It is rare that both Venus and Mars retrograde in the same year. It happened in 2018 and here we are again in 2020, where everything seems to have slowed to a crawl, including the U.S. mail, if not gone on standby or backwards. Earlier in the year Venus went retrograde and now Mars gets ready to retrace his steps in his home sign of Aries.

Mars has been in his home sign of Aries since June 28th, and has served to ramp up overly yang influence and aggressive tendencies. Mars in his primitive state just wants the basics, to eat, to sleep, to procreate, to compete for territory, and the spoils of battle/sports. This is the projective, male side of ourselves and it gets physical rather quickly. Surely, we’ve seen of late that with no sports or recreation outlets for these physical tendencies, how the shadow side of Mars in his home sign emerges in violence and mayhem. A part of us needs that physical outlet to release static tension.

We have also seen the fiery front of Mars in forward motion these past six weeks in terms of aggressive wildfires, confrontational or adversarial attitudes and behavior, social unrest and argumentative interviews. With Mars these last few days in challenge to Jupiter Rx, Pluto Rx, and Saturn Rx, respectively, we have seen greed in the form of corporate profiteering, power plays and snortings of domination and bullying, as well as invasive authoritarianism. It is not a fun thing to think we will be revisiting these challenges in the weeks to come.

It’s fair to say that with Venus in Cancer these past few weeks we have felt our share of anger and frustration. Everything needs adjustments to social changes and the pace is more than crazy. We have felt the restrictions to our desire to get out and move around. Work has piled up and it’s hard to keep up the rush and push that Mars in Aries wants to go. In this regard, if we feel like we need to wind down, then we are feeling the pullback that Mars retrograde brings on.

The problem is that Mars in reverse is disoriented and just wants to hold out for resupply and new strategy. The gas runs out of the mower and battle fatigue sets in. We may feel lackluster with a loss of drive and direction. We may feel bored or a need for withdrawal from pushing anything. We may sense the need for overview and overhaul of our intentions.

Furthermore, Mars moves backward into a challenge with Saturn Rx on September 29th, yet opens a grand flow in the skies with Venus in Leo and the South Node in Sagittarius. This pretty much means that no matter how much we may want to go back to “normal” we just cannot go back the way we came. The Archer’s arrow only shoots one way. The only way out is through this time of passionate exploration of fresh ideas for the future. We have huge, turning-point decisions to make. No matter the distractions we will have to keep focus on the future and retool for the big changes to come.

Mars then backtracks into a challenge with Pluto freshly stationed forward on October 8th. We will be weighing out the ramifications of power plays that “bullied” ourselves into a corner. The predators will have to face justice in the long run, as Mars will be back at this point again before the end of the year. The good news is that Mars Rx will at the same time be in favorable connection with the Lunar Nodes. This is like backtracking for miles and finally finding the missed cut-off in the woods. This back-trail approach may put us on the right path if we are willing to bide our time on arrival.

The next re-challenge for Mars Rx comes on October 19th when he conflicts with Jupiter. This can be a judicial decision or a big transition in the markets as businesses prepare for the Christmas season. We could see more bankruptcies, restructurings, and foreclosures. However, we may also see a reining in of runaway corporate profiteering with a judgment of price-gouging during a crisis.

After all that, Mars Rx pretty much cools his jets until he finds himself in a face-off with his cosmic lover, Venus, on November 9th. However, the lady is in her home sign of Libra and therefore, very strong, while Mars is weaker in retrograde. There may be big doses of humble pie served along with justice. We could see a lady of high legal standing take on the established male privilege and hand him his walking papers. We must look for big announcements about big decisions from the courts on this day. For, the lady may be blind but she can certainly smell the stink.

Mars then stations to forward motion on the evening of November 13th. From then on he has another clash with Venus before moving to favorable connections with the parade of planets through Sagittarius. Mars has another challenge to Pluto on December 23rd. The Moon joins in and anger fills the air as more power plays challenge standard procedure. By this time the whole energy-scape has changed from the Winter solstice’s meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in a new sign of Aquarius. Nothing short of freedom will do for the year’s finale of 2020.

Let us find ways to be physically productive while reworking our intentions until Mars stations forward on November 14th. We have a long Winter ahead and getting prepared could be the best we can do during Mars’s retrograde phase. Meanwhile, we will have to take time to tend to our physical conditions. Muscle stretches, a good supportive diet, and gathering wood for the stove and exercise are good forms of self care. Hiking and camp-outs are also good measure for we can contemplate our next big move while we are tending to our physical needs. We must retreat to rest, restock, and fight another day.

Blessings of courage and patience, dear ones!


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.


Your loving astrologer, Margo Cline


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