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Deep Memories – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
October 13-November 3, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline

As if 2020 couldn’t get any more heavy, we approach another Mercury retrograde period. Mercury, the planet of communication and interaction, stalls out in the hyper-sensitive and secretive sign of Scorpio. No one wants to really talk. Most of us want to pull the covers over our heads and wait for the rain to stop. This is a time of deep reflection and we want our privacy to nurse our buried memories.

Whenever Mercury moves backward things don’t usually go well. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, along with computer, vehicle, and technical difficulties usually arise to create snafus. This time the effects are quite emotional, to the point where feelings are easily hurt and suspicion frames our perspectives. We must give ourselves extra time to get anywhere and be very careful on the road at this time. We can also be very easily creeped out and have fearful thoughts just in time for Halloween.

Mercury stations reverse on the evening of October 13th and may bring on some rather intense dreams involving issues of the past. We may wonder what happened to some of the people in our lives that once seemed important to us and simply faded away. We may think of loved ones that we’ve lost to time and the emotional weather. We may sense that there is still something important to learn from them, since our memory of them intensifies at this time of year when the veil between worlds becomes thin.

We may hear whispers of things once said, heard, or felt that still echo in our emotional halls. We need time to rest and retreat and to honor the ancestors. Mercury in our deeper thoughts will want to revisit all the dark corners of our minds where feelings have accumulated and the cobwebs have grown thick. The whispers ask the main question of “Do you remember?”

Mercury in retrograde prepares to revisit his face-off with Uranus Rx in Taurus on October 19th where the shadows are stirred into surprise revelations. We may have missed something at the first pass on October 5-6 that now comes back into review. Whatever was lost at that time can be reclaimed to process the in depth emotional results. Mercury will pass this way again in forward motion on November 16-17. So if we are feeling the ghosts, we are not alone, even though it may seem that we have our private demons to wrestle in a world gone awry.

This Mercury retrograde period may seem doubly intensified because it coincides with Mars already in retrograde motion. Therefore, if we’ve already felt lackluster with little motivation, we can bet that the universe is giving us extra time to restore physical and emotional strength for the coming changes in energy and for the rest of this intense year of 2020. It’s okay to have a good cry, especially on October 17th when the Moon gets in on the Scorpio rumble. It flushes the mind and heart of toxic, emotional sludge.

Mercury will back up into a meeting with the Scorpio Sun on October 25th to shine some light on these memories from the past. We must not let fear from the past overcome our present to stain the future. Yet we must face the fact that our lives and connections going forward will change to meet a new future.

Mercury will then retrograde back into Libra on October 27th. This changes the expression of Mercury to connect with memories of relationships from the past. There will be more thinking rather than emoting in this regard. Mercury then backs into a challenge with Saturn on October 31st. This may bring up a realization of necessary change in direction from the view of past karma. Trick-or-treating will certainly have a different tone with Covid being in major influence. Safety will be the watchword. With the Scorpio Sun in direct opposition to Uranus Rx, along with the Taurus Moon next to Uranus Rx, we can bet that the public is ready for major changes that are already on the horizon and that important decisions will have to be made. The markets are also likely to take shocks.

Mercury will station to forward motion on November 3rd, Election Day in the United States. He then lingers in the challenge to Saturn for the sake of justice in authority. We will need to see the turning of the wheel for better integrity and the restructuring of operations moving forward. (stay tuned for the November report for more details.)

Blessings of Healing Memories for us all.


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map
for the transits of October 2020

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

Rx = retrograde

Face-off = opposition

Open Flow = trine

Support Boost = sextile

Challenge = square

Awkward Angle = quincunx

Meets with = conjunction\

The Celestial Headlines

(see more detail below under power days)

* * * *

The month of October 2020 brings us into the scales of justice as the Sun tracks through Libra, the sign of relationships and balance. Cooperation is the theme for Libra, however, at the beginning of the month we are back to the Mars retrograde conflicts as he challenges Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter once again.

October begins with a Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron Rx, the Wounded Healer, and will be playing a pivotal role to color the month as Mars tracks backward in his home sign of Aries. However, Mars does not recede back far enough to reach a meeting with Chiron again. Yet, this Full Moon is packed out with inflammation of all kinds. Indeed, the month of October is bookended with Full Moons with the second of two Full Moons appearing on the 31st of All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced Sowen) in the pagan world. (more on this below)

Meanwhile, Venus jumps signs from Leo to Virgo early in the month. Venus is strong here in the sign of the Maid and will serve to activate environmental awareness as well as an attraction to accuracy, efficiency, and fruitful harvests.

Pluto stations to forward motion, the last of the three big planets traversing Capricorn to do so. His power is about the deconstruction of the old social/government/corporate order for the sake of reform and to push rebirth of new structures that are supportive and sustainable. By the time of the Winter Solstice, capitalism will move on different runners having shot its wad with dismal results. Community is what matters now and for the future.

Mercury makes powerful aspects before turning retrograde mid-month and slowing everything down to investigate malfunctions and secrets.

The Libra Sun challenges all the Capricorn planets just as the New Moon forms mid-month. It’s likely to be a very volatile ride up to the general election. Many lessons will be learned on up to the karmic level of proper functioning for all. For, the historic record of corrupt governments and greed is always failure on profound levels. Balance, justice, and fair trade for mutual benefit are what matter most now.

Mercury Rx has a secret meeting with the Sun in Scorpio where nefarious deals may be struck. Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades back into Libra just as Venus moves into her home sign of Libra. Justice will be a big part of the role of karma to be played out in the here and now.

The Full Moon at the end of the month is conjunct Uranus Rx in Taurus. We will be in for big changes from the ground up by the time October draws to a close. Who knows what ghosts will come back to haunt from the past?

Power days of October 2020

October 1st brings on a Full Moon blazing like a lighthouse beacon in the sign of Aries. The lunation meets with Chiron Rx and may bring a howl of pain and anguish from the public. Wounds of the past, both personal and within emotional relationships, may be up for culmination and review. We must find new and pioneering ways toward healing. With Aries’s ruler, Mars, now in retrograde motion, this is a good time to work on physical rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the Sun side of the equation is in a face-off with Chiron Rx and an awkward angle to Uranus Rx. This can bring sudden changes and painful adjustments, possibly in judgments from others in relationships or from the courts. There is also the possibility that the military will buck ranks if given an illegal order. The military may question leadership and refuse orders. Let’s remember that the ruler of Aries, Mars, is now in reverse motion and may delay movements in question.

There’s a lot more going on in the sky during this Full Moon phase. Mars Rx is challenging Saturn but in favorable connections to the Lunar Nodes. This may have to do with the military challenging authority, or that old standards in the military will be tested and need modification to suit current situations and for the future. The missions to Mars may have to adjust technology in some way. As Mars moves closer to Earth during his retrograde phase, there may be a necessary refit of strategy. We will have to review the past so as not to get snagged in repeating painful mistakes that create obstacles for the future.

Meanwhile, the North Node begins to drift into an awkward angle to Pluto Rx, which is a long running transit. The future may look bleak as there is much damage to repair. However, there could also be good use of “retreat” in order to redress old problems in preparation to rebuild in more sustainable ways. Communities must take precautions to protect themselves from illness as well as a hard winter.

Venus moves into Virgo on October 3rd. Venus is fairly comfortable here in a fellow Earth sign, sister, in a way, to the Earth sign she rules of Taurus. Venus in Virgo brings an attraction to thinking through the details and methods of practical matters. We need good order and efficiency with the use of our time and to get supplies in readiness. We will also need to stay ready for good health practices and to prevent disease as colder weather approaches. We also need to focus on drawing in the harvest and prepare for winter. As long as we can make practical improvements instead of getting addicted to perfection, we can be in good shape and preparedness for the coming winter months.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx. This could be not so great news on the Covid front, however, there could be adjustments in the timeline of a vaccine. The good news is that the Taurus Moon sends an open flow to her ruler, Venus. There is a kind of calming peace when we know that progress is being made to balance things out.

Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, stations to direct forward motion on October 4th. He does so just in time to receive a challenge from Mars Rx. This is a day of power plays, manipulation, and revelation. There may be mutinies afoot and loyalties will have to be proven before trust can be restored.

Mercury faces off with Uranus Rx on October 5thThis is volatile energy where quick decisions are make or break. There could be revelation of blackmail in the works. One way or another information leaks could come fast as lightening and the news is abuzz with underground chatter. With Pluto’s tightening awkward angle to the North Node, there are big transformations of power that change the course of the future.

Venus sends awkward angles to both Chiron Rx and Mars Rx on October 8thThis brings scrutiny to either invasive maneuvers or neglect of the recent past. There could also be more inflammation of either the CV or a suspicion of too quick a vaccine being brought out. The lady says “something ain’t right.” It’s best to only make adjustments after verifying crucial facts.

Venus sends an open flow to Uranus Rx on October 9th. This brings about quick changes to health-care procedures. Somehow, a breakthrough is made, either on the economic front or in medical technology.

The Sun challenges Jupiter and sends an awkward angle to Neptune Rx on October 10thThere could be an attempt of deception with leadership and the courts. Bribery could also be involved. It’s best not to take any risky chances as scams and shady deals could be afoot. When in doubt, it’s a no.

On October 11th the Gemini Moon meets with her own North Node and sends out a challenge to both Mercury and Uranus Rx. Information may be scrambled at best and gossip runs wild. However, the public is abuzz with nervous talk about the future. Secret changes that were made may become public and it can create anxiety. Computer hacking, data breeches, and invasion tactics could be part of the scene. There could be news of launching new technology about which the public is quite skeptical. However, we will be on the verge of a new vision for the future.

October 13th brings more volatile energy as the Sun faces off with Mars Rx and challenges Pluto. Here comes an illegal order from leadership to the military. Much apprehension and many repercussions could be the result. This could be very destructive. Meanwhile, Mercury stations to retrograde motion in Scorpio facing off with Uranus Rx. We can certainly expect sudden and frightening announcements, attempted cover-ups, and/or secrets revealed.

Mars Rx challenges Jupiter on October 15thThis could bring more court entanglements or a judge may recuse himself from an important case. It is also possible that banks ease up on student loans and interest rates to help with economic difficulties during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Libra Sun makes positive connections with the Lunar Nodes, which could help balance out a way forward with new legal procedures.

October 16th brings on a New Moon hiding in the Libra night. It challenges Pluto and we may see court rulings against corrupt practices in governments as well as corporate profiteering. The gougers will get a strike against them for the sake of economic repair. The lunation is also in good stead with the Lunar Nodes, which could help with issues of social justice and the police systems of treatment.

Venus faces off with Neptune Rx on October 17th and brings evidence of cover-ups and scandals. Discernment needs to be the main ingredient for making big decisions. They say the “devil is in the details” and this is one of those times when it pays to do good research and get referrals. Meanwhile, the Moon joins up with Mercury Rx and faces off with Uranus Rx. Dirty secrets come up from the bottom. There may be much talk about surprise information leaks.

Venus sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx on October 18th. Evidence tangles with intentions as some men may be grilled and questioned in front of a body of peers. Polls and surveys may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, the Sun challenges Saturn on the same day, making for legal headaches and protocols. It’s time to come clean on responsibilities and abuse of authority. The good news is that Venus opens flow with lucky Jupiter, which could bring out good economic tendencies or more possible vaccine candidates to combat disease.

A Grand challenge fills the sky on October 20th. The Sagittarius Moon challenges Venus while Venus challenges both Lunar Nodes, with the Moon joining the South Node. People will want to cling to the beliefs of the past but the information is counter-intuitive. This is a matter of choice of which way to go when the future is at stake. Turning-points are everywhere. Meanwhile, Neptune Rx also challenges both Lunar Nodes. We must beware smoke and mirrors deceptions as some will wax nostalgic to keep us in the same patterns they can more easily manipulate like sheep. We must learn to think past the fog and make turning-point, transitional choices. Meanwhile, on the same day, Venus opens flow to Pluto. This could mean a big release of profound evidence of corruption, so that clean-up can begin. What was hidden was an important detail of suppressed information.

Mercury Rx sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx on October 22ndThis could be more unsavory news about the handling of the Covid pandemic. Information leaks of all kinds could spill everywhere. A big, invasive storm, either Covid, secrets, or literal weather could be in the works. This could be another political publication as well with Venus’s open flow to the Jupiter-Moon meeting. This could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, or the key that breaks a case wide open.

Venus sends an open flow to Saturn on October 24th. This is where good research and hard work pay off. If we’ve paid attention to details and have thoroughly combed the evidence we can really present a case well. It’s a good time to ask for a loan or raise as approval is available.

Mercury Rx meets the Sun on October 25th. The meeting in Scorpio can either bring up more evidence or try to create more secrets or tricky deals, including bribery or blackmail. However, there’s also a chance of leadership getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Whatever is up we will see again when Mercury moves forward to reach this point again later in November.

On October 28th Mercury recedes back into Libra just as Venus moves into her home sign of Libra. Mercury may be called upon to cooperate with investigations and someone will spill the beans of illegal or underhanded deals. In Libra, Venus is Lady Justice, ready to take on the big issues including social and relationship negotiations.

Legal action is likely to address alliances for good or ill. Meanwhile, the Sun in Scorpio sends an awkward ray to Chiron Rx in a meeting with the Moon. There may be much squirming and begging to an angry/wounded public.

More anger ignites the public domain as the Aries Moon meets with Mars Rx on October 29th. This can bring on more rioting if social issues are not addressed.

A Full Moon in Taurus fills the sky on October 31stThe lunation meets with Uranus Rx and big changes are on the horizon. It’s like a bull in a china shop. The bull may be stubborn against change but there is no stopping the momentum when the realizations come crashing in. This could be about the economy or it could be earthquakes that shake up the need for practical necessities. The spring-loaded culmination in the Full Moon makes room for the changes that must come from being suppressed for so long. Like a rubber band snapping, we know that things cannot remain the same without major problems building more tension. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx challenges Saturn and we could hear of more court battles against authority. The announcements could come quickly and the news is thick with shocks and surprise judgments.

On the same day, Venus faces off with Chiron Rx. Decisions must be made that could be painful or healing if taken in balance. We may have to compromise by going back to quarantine if a vaccine is not forthcoming or the spread of disease is on the rise again. We must make an informed choice with the right data. We must be careful of fear-mongering and worry. For some may use statistics to manipulate or influence the public. However, it is up to discernment to make a balanced decision for the sake of health-care issues.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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The Retreat – Mars Retrograde
Sept. 9-Nov. 14, 2020

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The retrogrades this year have been heavy and thick with swirling currents. You might say that this Summer has been infamous for retrograde action, such as moving backward against with the spread of COVID, enduring no progress on stimulus funds, plus no progress in police reform or social rights improvements. We continue to tumble over ourselves with retrogrades while at this time we have Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all in backward motion.

This year has been different in terms of retrogrades. It is rare that both Venus and Mars retrograde in the same year. It happened in 2018 and here we are again in 2020, where everything seems to have slowed to a crawl, including the U.S. mail, if not gone on standby or backwards. Earlier in the year Venus went retrograde and now Mars gets ready to retrace his steps in his home sign of Aries.

Mars has been in his home sign of Aries since June 28th, and has served to ramp up overly yang influence and aggressive tendencies. Mars in his primitive state just wants the basics, to eat, to sleep, to procreate, to compete for territory, and the spoils of battle/sports. This is the projective, male side of ourselves and it gets physical rather quickly. Surely, we’ve seen of late that with no sports or recreation outlets for these physical tendencies, how the shadow side of Mars in his home sign emerges in violence and mayhem. A part of us needs that physical outlet to release static tension.

We have also seen the fiery front of Mars in forward motion these past six weeks in terms of aggressive wildfires, confrontational or adversarial attitudes and behavior, social unrest and argumentative interviews. With Mars these last few days in challenge to Jupiter Rx, Pluto Rx, and Saturn Rx, respectively, we have seen greed in the form of corporate profiteering, power plays and snortings of domination and bullying, as well as invasive authoritarianism. It is not a fun thing to think we will be revisiting these challenges in the weeks to come.

It’s fair to say that with Venus in Cancer these past few weeks we have felt our share of anger and frustration. Everything needs adjustments to social changes and the pace is more than crazy. We have felt the restrictions to our desire to get out and move around. Work has piled up and it’s hard to keep up the rush and push that Mars in Aries wants to go. In this regard, if we feel like we need to wind down, then we are feeling the pullback that Mars retrograde brings on.

The problem is that Mars in reverse is disoriented and just wants to hold out for resupply and new strategy. The gas runs out of the mower and battle fatigue sets in. We may feel lackluster with a loss of drive and direction. We may feel bored or a need for withdrawal from pushing anything. We may sense the need for overview and overhaul of our intentions.

Furthermore, Mars moves backward into a challenge with Saturn Rx on September 29th, yet opens a grand flow in the skies with Venus in Leo and the South Node in Sagittarius. This pretty much means that no matter how much we may want to go back to “normal” we just cannot go back the way we came. The Archer’s arrow only shoots one way. The only way out is through this time of passionate exploration of fresh ideas for the future. We have huge, turning-point decisions to make. No matter the distractions we will have to keep focus on the future and retool for the big changes to come.

Mars then backtracks into a challenge with Pluto freshly stationed forward on October 8th. We will be weighing out the ramifications of power plays that “bullied” ourselves into a corner. The predators will have to face justice in the long run, as Mars will be back at this point again before the end of the year. The good news is that Mars Rx will at the same time be in favorable connection with the Lunar Nodes. This is like backtracking for miles and finally finding the missed cut-off in the woods. This back-trail approach may put us on the right path if we are willing to bide our time on arrival.

The next re-challenge for Mars Rx comes on October 19th when he conflicts with Jupiter. This can be a judicial decision or a big transition in the markets as businesses prepare for the Christmas season. We could see more bankruptcies, restructurings, and foreclosures. However, we may also see a reining in of runaway corporate profiteering with a judgment of price-gouging during a crisis.

After all that, Mars Rx pretty much cools his jets until he finds himself in a face-off with his cosmic lover, Venus, on November 9th. However, the lady is in her home sign of Libra and therefore, very strong, while Mars is weaker in retrograde. There may be big doses of humble pie served along with justice. We could see a lady of high legal standing take on the established male privilege and hand him his walking papers. We must look for big announcements about big decisions from the courts on this day. For, the lady may be blind but she can certainly smell the stink.

Mars then stations to forward motion on the evening of November 13th. From then on he has another clash with Venus before moving to favorable connections with the parade of planets through Sagittarius. Mars has another challenge to Pluto on December 23rd. The Moon joins in and anger fills the air as more power plays challenge standard procedure. By this time the whole energy-scape has changed from the Winter solstice’s meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in a new sign of Aquarius. Nothing short of freedom will do for the year’s finale of 2020.

Let us find ways to be physically productive while reworking our intentions until Mars stations forward on November 14th. We have a long Winter ahead and getting prepared could be the best we can do during Mars’s retrograde phase. Meanwhile, we will have to take time to tend to our physical conditions. Muscle stretches, a good supportive diet, and gathering wood for the stove and exercise are good forms of self care. Hiking and camp-outs are also good measure for we can contemplate our next big move while we are tending to our physical needs. We must retreat to rest, restock, and fight another day.

Blessings of courage and patience, dear ones!


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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The Dance of Dreams – Full Moon in Pisces
September 2, 2020

 by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

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It’s time to get ready for illusions of all kinds when we greet this Full Moon in Neptune’s watery domain of Pisces. Waves of emotional feeling rise and crash during this Full Moon to the point where we are tossed around internally. We shouldn’t be surprised if we feel seasick and disoriented.

Pisces is the sign where mystery, imagination, psychic and esoteric phenomenon play with our mental capacities. Intuition is heightened and sensitivity is at a peak during this Full Moon. We may be grabbed by subtle forces as we undertake navigation through stormy and misty seas.

This Full Moon puts a harsh angle on Pluto retrograde. It is sensitive to feeling manipulated and gaslighted. We can be easily deceived if we’re not careful of charity scams or bogus commercial invasion. The same Moon puts an adjustment angle on Venus, making for the need to cocoon with our dreams against the external harshness of the world.

However, the good news is that we’re up for big changes in our living conditions as this Moon sends a big boost to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus brings surprises of all kinds and we may feel a yearning for freedom in this connection. With the Sun’s side of the lunation equation in an open flow to Uranus Rx, we want the freedom to think and work for ourselves. If we sense sea changes in our relationships then we want the open minded chance to craft our own path forward. However, with Uranus in retrograde, these insights and psychic feelings will be mostly internal, as in something to save through the winter in order to bloom early next year. Indeed, the anticipation of great change can offer incubation for alternative approaches of operation. Breakthroughs are possible if we are open to new insights and viewpoints.

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is quite turbulent. Mercury finds himself in a double challenge to the Lunar Nodal axis as well as an adjustment angle to Uranus Rx. It’s going to be a bumpy karmic ride as the waves of the past crash behind us and new ones form for the future. There will be consequences for our intentions and which side of history we operate on. How we set our sails and steer our boats through the next few weeks will take a kind of surrender for leaving behind what has not brought peace or resolution. Yet, Mercury also opens a flow to Saturn Rx, which can bring better announcements of cohesion in thinking through responsive communication.

Venus says almost the same thing in her awkward angle to the South Node and her face-off with Saturn Rx. She wants to shuck away the old stuff that just clutters her home and learn from what history has hard taught. We may feel unappreciated for keeping a tidy home, but the efforts will pay off in the long run. However, hard work can bring rewards if we carefully choose priorities and make responsible decisions. What we’ve been attracted to in the past may no longer hold our interest.

Furthermore, Venus is still within challenge range of her lover, Mars, and relationships have been stressed with heavy, personal responsibility. Work and more work just seems like endless burden when communication and strategy are missing from the necessary operations.

Mars, himself, is tied up in a challenge to Saturn Rx. He is tripping up on a need to restructure strategy as he prepares for a long sleep in retrograde. This will mean a retreat back to the drawing board when it comes to reworking motivation and drive, However, it may serve to tone down the overly yang and aggressive tendencies we’ve seen of late. Mars will be working more in the background and we may see a deceleration in rioting and violent protests as Mars moves backward in the next few weeks. A kind of withdrawal from the bitterness and aggression will become a personal responsibility with more rest and the need for quiet moments away from the chaos.

This Full Moon brings a softer light and stokes a yearning for more compassion that we’ve seen of late. Our feelings are in want of tenderness and understanding. We must speak softly, for those who cannot hear an angry shout may strain to hear a whisper. Those whispers may be the voices of the ancestors advising the taking up a higher path forward in a compassionate partnership with all. After all, life is a dance of fleeting dreams. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” wrote the Bard. Let us dream some beautiful ones of peace.

Sweet thoughts, prayers, and dreams for us all, dear ones!


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map: The Transits of September 2020

 By Astrologer and MAAS Member Margo Cline

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction


The Celestial Headlines

The month of September 2020 puts up many concentrated shifts in energy as the Sun tracks through the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo. The mutable mode is about transition and in the Earth element we will see all sorts of climate, mudslide, or earthquake situations on the ground that can possibly change the landscape. Furthermore, for the sign of Virgo, we will see a backdrop of analysis of data. All sorts of poll-taking, questionnaires, and surveys may reach for our attention.

The downside of Virgo is a tendency to nit-pick, criticize, focus on flaws, and the seeking of perfection that doesn’t sit well for timing in delicate situations. There is also a tendency to get laser-eyed or lost in minutiae and details, instead of widening the field of view. Virgo can also trend towards OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or hypochondria that gets tied in with worry if tasked too much or feeling overwhelmed.

However, the brighter side of Virgo is great organization, cleanliness, and good timing. So, now would be a good time to sort things out within home and business operations with an eye and vision for improvement. Furthermore, the Virgo backdrop can use their natives well in that their insistence on good health practices and their microscopic focus can certainly come up with remedies and methods for preventing or curing illness. The absolute best use of Virgo Time is a sense of efficiency in all matters in order to make the best use of our time.

September is always a transitional month, hosting as it does the Autumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere.) For that matter, Mercury has already entered his home sign of Virgo as of last month, and our perspectives and perceptions shifted to ones of analysis of sequential information. More than likely, we’ve seen more probes and questioning concerning investigative reports and journalism. However, Mercury will move signs twice in September, scouting the way forward and bringing quickly changing viewpoints and perspectives.

Furthermore, both Mercury and Venus skip signs on the same day of September 5th when Mercury moves into Libra, and Venus enters Leo. Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, is fairly comfortable in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra. Our thoughts and perspectives will turn to justice and fair trade. Venus is the queen of hearts in the Fixed Fire sign of Leo. Our attractions turn to romance, shared talents, and creative endeavors.

Mars goes a little rogue as he stations to retrograde motion in his home sign of Aries on September 9th. He will not move forward again until November 14th. Furthermore, in the space of three days, we will have no less than seven planets retrograde at the same time. We may feel a sense of battle fatigue or a need to retreat, along with boredom and a lack of drive or initiative.

Luckily enough, the time of massive retrograde is fairly short as Jupiter stations to forward motion on September 12th. We may hear of more political publications, school situations, and judicial matters in the next few weeks to come. The expansion of business trade may also bring more stimulus money to boost the economy.

The Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd leaves a lot to talk about with many aspects plus a YOD formation filling the sky. (Scroll down for more detail.)

Meanwhile, another major YOD forms on September 26th the same day that Mercury enters Scorpio. (See below for more detail.)

Saturn, the taskmaster planet, stations to forward motion on September 28th. This will leave five planets in backward motion. However, Mercury will station retrograde next month and will not go forward again until the day of the General Election on November 3rd!

Power days of September 2020

Venus faces off with Saturn Rx on September 1st. This can bring up a lot of important decisions to be made concerning school structuring, home values, budget and billing issues, and repair work. We will have to take responsibility for home security as well. Venus also casts and awkward angle to the South Node, which could indicate adjustments concerning beliefs of the past and how they move as emotional value about a sense of belonging, whether to a family group, ideological community, or church group. Our attractions will be about home-related priorities, budget concerns, and social conditions.

A Full Moon shines over the Pisces Ocean on September 2nd. The lunation sends a support boost to Uranus Rx, while the Sun side of the equation opens flow with Uranus Rx. This configuration certainly opens up to possible big changes in the tides of intuitive feelings within the public. We may feel very sensitive to the need for awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, including flooding or rogue waves. We may also have highly emotional reactions to strange dreams or psychic insights as to where we must place our trust concerning the changes we face. Financial markets and crop issues are also involved with this lunation. However, there is also the possibility of more stimulus money coming in. Furthermore, we could also hear of a spate of UFO sightings or other mysterious phenomena.

It is quite the noisy sky on the night of this Full Moon as Venus still faces off with Saturn Rx and is challenging her cosmic lover, Mars. Women will want a say in home matters against the restriction din of men-in-charge. Budgets may be very tight. Care of the elderly could also come forward as big decisions. There could also be domestic problems with police involvement. Meanwhile, Mercury in his home sign of Virgo challenges both Lunar Nodes and opens flow to Saturn Rx. This may mean some rather stern announcements from authority, possibly concerning curfews or health-related restrictions. There could be deception involved with information restricted from the public. However, personal karma is also at play in this configuration in terms of social responsibility. Again, school situations may be part of the buzz scene going on.

This seems to fit the oracle part of the zodiac as the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon at 11 degrees of Pisces reads: MEN TRAVELLING A NARROW PATH, SEEKING ILLUMINATION. (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom)

This symbol may pertain to seeking answers that may seem “invisible” to the mundane world. A spiritual path is sought to obtain more fulfilling meaning other than can be found with just physical being. The “narrow path” could mean that we may have to forego some material measures in order to find insights that enhance our feeling of conscious connection with all, especially on a higher plane of understanding.

September 3rd brings on a Grand Challenge (Grand Square) in the sky involving the Lunar Nodes. Mercury sends challenges to the Lunar Nodes in a face-off with the Pisces Moon in a double challenge to her own nodes. This could indicate that we are at a confusing crossroads in terms of the past and the future. With the seemingly unabated spread of the CV in the United States, we are searching for answers as to where and how we can move out of illness into a more promising way forward. The health care system’s gears are jammed and, with Venus’s challenge to Mars, cooperation, as well as initiatives, may also be compromised. From their own standpoint, men and women have always seen things differently. In this case, women are looking to protect their home and children while men want to fight for domination. The beliefs of the past are filled with the stereotypical patriarchal, hierarchical dogma that we need to move out of toward a more gender-neutral social partnership. Somewhere in the melee, we will need to come to the middle ground of understanding a course for the common good. We need to envision a new destiny that works for all to prosper.

On September 4th Mercury sends an awkward signal to Mars. Adjustments in thinking may lead to new analysis of what we are fighting for. We will have to strive to fit the pieces of the life puzzle into a bigger picture view of where we want to go and why. Our motivations need vision in order to find a clear path to improvement in health as well as direction.

Mercury sends a support boost to Venus on September 5th just as she moves into Leo. Women will find a confident and steady voice on core values and energy directives. Meanwhile, Mercury, himself, changes signs to enter Libra, the sign of justice and balance. While this expression may have trouble making decisions, we may also be able to think about the shoe on the other foot. Venus rules the sign of Libra and she may be able to illuminate issues of cooperation. This is where we may see both sides of the coin and can open civil dialog to contemplate the issues at stake. Our perceptions of what is “fair” will take thinking for mutual benefit.

On September 7th the Taurus Moon sets up a Grand Flow in the Earth signs with the Virgo Sun and Jupiter Rx/Pluto Rx/Saturn Rx. Hopefully, this energy can help us work out practical matters with more ease. An open connection with Earth signs can bring stabilizing energy, however, we can also get bogged down in details if we try to take on too much at once. It may not be necessary to struggle, but to allow things to settle without too much interference. This day may be best preserved for just one major project, or just to take in some peace at home on the range.

September 9th brings Mars to a stop in his racing tracks to begin his retrograde phase. Mars only retrogrades once every two years, so he is not used to backtracking, especially in his home sign of Aries. We may find that we have trouble taking initiatives as our drive flags and we may need to retrace our steps. What this means is retreating, resting, and working out our own inner motivations. We may be bored but we also have the chance to go back to reworking our intentions for new directions when we have to move forward again through the winter. Now would be a good time to stock up and organize what we might need for future use.

Mercury faces off with Chiron Rx on September 10thWe may have to make painful decisions concerning health or moving in a different direction. Balancing anything may have to come to extensive negotiation or one step at a time. We may hear announcements from the courts concerning health-care guidelines, or special health relief parameters. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Virgo Sun faces off with Neptune Rx. This can bring up confusion when it comes to sorting out the details of health issues and prioritizing what has the most return for directing our energy. In this case, efficiency involving time and intuition will serve best in making decisions.

Mercury sends an awkward signal to Uranus Rx on September 11thThe changes we face will take difficult adjustments and balanced thinking. We may have electronic snafus or communication problems when it comes to processing important information. Financial markets may fluctuate or there could be sudden shortfalls. It is possible that a court decision may bring about untenable logistics. However, the changes may work toward opening up inward understanding and insights to new methods and approaches in the long run.

Just when we feel like giving up the energy changes on September 12th. Venus sends loving energy to Chiron Rx to help with health problems. This is good heart energy that can be soothing in the sharing. Perhaps there is a breakthrough for pandemic relief. Meanwhile, Jupiter stations to forward motion in Capricorn. This releases pent up issues concerning financial relief, banking issues, student debt, or judicial matters. Congress may begin to come to terms with dealing with immediate issues.

The Sun opens flow with Pluto Rx on September 14th. Where there have been power struggles we may find sensible restructuring of details and/or the release of once hidden important information. Analysis of this information can reveal subversive tactics, as well as drive accountability for theft or power plays on the part of leadership.

September 15th could be difficult when the Sun challenges both Lunar Nodes and Venus challenges Uranus Rx. Karma is at hand in a transition point between the past and the future. Details are likely to emerge that shake up our sense of established philosophies and perspectives. Changes have to be made concerning leadership, beliefs, health-care issues, and shared values. Whether financial accounting, technological trends or environmental concerns, these common values affect all. It is also possible that we could see earthquakes or geomagnetic storms.

A New Moon hides in the Virgo night on September 17th. The lunation challenges both Nodes and opens flow with Saturn Rx. We will have to learn the lessons of history in order to make a better path forward. We will have to understand chain-link reactions of cause and effect so as not to repeat mistakes of the past. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is at 26 degrees of Virgo which reads; A BOY WITH A CENSER SERVES NEAR THE PRIEST AT THE ALTAR (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) This is a symbol of “duty” or service, no matter how small, according to traditional beliefs. Sometimes even the small things are an important part of the whole of service. Our youth serves as an apprenticeship to mature experience. The details sketch into the bigger picture of service and are required to fill in the routines of daily life. However, this could also indicate a belief in a hierarchical structure that keeps one in servitude to those who may abuse their authority.

Meanwhile, Mercury challenges Jupiter, at the time of this lunation, which can create an uproar over injustices of all kinds. Rebellion and protests could also occur over sneaky details that create bigger problems and challenges to justice. Rampant greed and unfair tax advantages have created a wealth imbalance on the social scale. Hopefully, this accountability awareness offers the need to judiciously correct and fine corporate profiteering and taking advantage of people in a widespread crisis.

Mercury sends an awkward signal to Neptune Rx on September 18th. There is much confusion over announcements of adjustments. Deception could also be afoot and trigger protests for justice. Perhaps a legal decision is unclear or insensitive to the moment’s needs. Perhaps there could be more scandals and cover-ups that the courts need to address.

The Sun sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx on September 19th. This could indicate that leadership misleads the military, or that military orders are not valid or legal. The military or business influences may have to backtrack or retreat in order to find the wrench in the works. This could also be whistle-blower action, new publications, or information leaks that have to be retraced and analyzed for a detailed accounting.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd to herald the Autumnal Equinox. Aspect-wise, it is a busy day. Mercury challenges Saturn Rx to ratchet up the strain on perceived injustices. Authority will have to answer for discrepancies in legal procedures. However, Mercury also opens flow with the South Node and sends a boost signal to the North Node. This brings karma home to roost where these injustices are exposed. We may hear of court announcements that offer examples of mistakes in the past and speak to corrections for the future. But the biggie for the day is Venus at the apex of a YOD in adjustment angles to the Jupiter/Neptune Rx connection. The answer point to the YOD is at 19 degrees Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol reads; A FOREST FIRE FINALLY QUENCHED (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) This is a message of damage control and the illumination of compromised values. There will be a battle for balance and to stave off more damage. The struggle can be exhausting but when the fire is finally out it can be quite the relief. Whatever damage occurred can be seen as routing out the old for the sake of new growth for the future. Furthermore, our values are moving toward more spiritual awareness and soul growth in our philosophies.

Mercury calls out imbalance and injustices on September 23rd as he faces off with Mars Rx and challenges Saturn Rx. Those overly yang tendencies within authority push perspectives toward the need for backtracking and compensation. The need for better communication and information within relationships of all kinds becomes paramount. Overhauls and re-training may be in order for police and military procedures. Meanwhile, Venus sends an awkward angle to Neptune Rx. Deception may be afoot and our necessity values will shed light on those who poison the waters.

The Moon joins Pluto Rx in an awkward angle to Venus on September 25thThe public may become aware of power plays, especially against women. Revelations concerning mass manipulations may bring on the need for independent evaluations. The struggle for truth and balance is real and those who abuse power may find that the people have more power that they realize.

September 26th is a busy day as Pluto Rx winds up at the apex of a YOD in awkward angles to the Venus/North Node connection. The answer point to the YOD is at 23 degrees of Cancer. It reads; THE MEETING OF A STUDY GROUP OR LITERARY SOCIETY. (Lynda Hills’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) This symbol speaks to groups of people sharing their thoughts together in a forum setting where everyone present gets to contribute to a common goal. Venus and the North Node want to move forward with shared ideas and values. In many ways the people speak truth to power through their collective voices on social media, the news, and protests against suppression and inequality. Venus also opens flow with the South Node and brings up values in beliefs from the past. She allows us to remember the truths we must carry forward to affect a positive future. Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury moves into Scorpio, where sometimes the truth lies buried in secret places only to be discovered through investigation and private questioning.

Venus makes an awkward angle to Saturn on September 28th just as Saturn stations to forward motion. We shouldn’t be surprised if new reports come available from old investigations. Authority will be held responsible for questionable procedures and withholding evidence of untoward agendas. As Saturn stations forward this leaves five planets retrograde and a delay or drag on priorities and procedures can be lifted in the weeks to come. On the same day, Venus offers an open flow with her cosmic lover, Mars Rx. This can bring great cooperation in sharing creative insights and passionate values. While Mars is in retreat mode there can be an understanding of balancing talents and qualified goals instead of bullying and dominance.

On September 29th the Sun faces off with Chiron Rx. This can bring big decisions from court proceedings as well as new directives in health care issues. A vaccine for COVID could be part of the scene if new trials can get underway. Meanwhile, on the same day, Mars Rx challenges Saturn. This can put a drain on initiatives or stall important proceedings. However, we may see backtracking on errant structuring and possible withdrawal or sit-down strikes against past social conditions.

The sensitive Pisces Moon challenges both her Nodes on September 30thThe public may speak up about deceptions that cause more problems with illness or environmental distress. We are sick of being sick and want more than empty promises and lip service to recover a better future.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer, Margo Cline


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The Freedom Bell – Full Moon in Aquarius
August 3, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline

The Full Moon of August 3rd, 2020 is quite the rebellious one. For the lunation moving through Aquarius stirs tension of all kinds within the social realms. This Full Moon challenges its ruler, Uranus, the wild card planet of the solar system that is never satisfied with the status quo. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign that sets the backdrop of progress in human rights and causes for equality. This Full Moon sets its sights for major changes and radical ideas.

The rogue planet, Uranus, has been setting up major changes in the sign that dislikes change more than any other; Taurus. Taurus, a Fixed sign of Mother Earth, likes a steady routine and wants peace in the meadows of nature. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is also the backdrop of financial markets, values, quality, and possessions. For the past couple of years we have seen Uranus wreak the havoc of change in all these areas from disturbances of the Earth’s natural ecosystems, to roller coaster action within stock markets and trading values. The effect has built up both the literal and metaphorical tectonic stress within the support systems of both economic and ecologic dependence.

As this Full Moon approaches, we are likely to feel the tension so much from all the problems that we face now, such as racial, social, and political divides, economic stress, and a deeply uncertain future, that something’s got to give. Revolutionary energy is palpably on the rise. We want freedom, we want equality, we want resolution and are stubborn enough to stand up for human rights, to protest injustice, and to rebel against oppressors of these civil liberties in order to reclaim them. Just like spring-loaded Uranus, we want change and we want it now.

The Full Moon makes adjustment angles to both Lunar Nodes, asking for examination of our philosophies with flexible ideas to open up a balance to meet the future. The emotional anxiety involved indicates that the future can go from here in one of two ways; dark or light. Meanwhile, both Mercury and Venus in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini weigh in on the adjustment action at the time of this wild and restless lunation. Mercury sends an awkward warning signal to the South Node while facing off with Saturn retrograde. This could indicate that if we choose the same old tired rhetoric of the past we can only come to meet our own undoing. The frustration of being held back by old standards mounts into overload from priorities being ignored by authority. We can no longer afford to move and think forever in useless circles, for it creates mental stagnation.

Luckily enough, Venus sides with the North Node, faces off with the South Node, and makes an awkward angle to Saturn retrograde. This could suggest that the way of the future involves more women to stand against the patriarchal ideas of authority. The conventional beliefs of the past could take us down if we don’t meet our needs with fresh thinking and alternative approaches. It may well be a younger generation of women that can take us toward a lighter future.

In this regard, we may hear announcements of new possibilities and people on the scene, especially women, in government management that have the flexibility to implement a fresh course to the future. Restructurings of government will become paramount to making a way forward.

The Full Moon makes a support boost to Chiron Rx that could show progress in medical methods of dealing with the CV crisis that has gripped the world for months. Aquarius likes alternative ideas, along with the unique and inventive side of human nature. Therefore, some of these medical techniques could sound strange, yet could be just the ticket to outstrip the virus’s means of mutation. Meanwhile, the Sun side of the Full Moon equation makes an open flow to Chiron Rx. This is where a hero could emerge in advancing those medical techniques that pioneer the approach to defeating Covid. However, we may have to backtrack a bit to refit a remedy from previous research.

Yet another brand of tension is involved with this lunation in the form of Mars’s challenge to Jupiter retrograde. It seems that the bully method of hoarding funds and/or withholding financial resources may meet a backlash of reproach and disdain. Aggressive propaganda and corporate profiteering, along with militia tactics against protesters, may backfire. These bullying or bribing tactics may only serve to fuel the frustration and anger that inflames the public to rebel even more. Overtly yang tendencies will have to loosen their grip on the exaggerated arrogance of domination and predisposed sense of entitlements.

The brighter side of this Full Moon is that sudden awareness and insights can serve to pull us out of the nosedive of the illness and economic crises we face. It is at times like these that we can realize it takes different thinking to affect a different outcome. Yet, we will have to set our sights on the star of hope for all humanity to reach for the greater common good.

As we can see, this is a very restless Full Moon that strives to ring the freedom bell and break out of the stubborn ruts that have caused injustice, imbalance, and inequality for far too long. Indeed, this is a pivotal moment in human history. Shall we meet it with the call to a different future? We can only watch the social tension build to blow the lid off the pressure cooker. For, this is a very old fight whose time has come to win back the rights we should afford to all. This is a time when the sword of truth casts a bolt of lightening across the plane of human consciousness. When we hear the peal of that freedom bell we will know that this is the time when standing up for a better future will always be a worthy cause.

Blessings of enlightenment for us all.


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

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