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 Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of March 2021
By Margo Clines, Astrologer and MAAS Member

Please keep in mind that the following are descriptions of general transits that may affect everyone on the world stage, but that these will be reflected in different ways in your personal birth chart. A reading of how these transits affect your personal chart will always be more accurate for what department of your life (houses in your birth chart) in which the energy is happening for you in your personal life.

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.
Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
Rx = retrograde
Face-off = opposition
Open Flow = trine
Support Boost = sextile
Challenge = square
Awkward Angle = quincunx
Meets with = conjunction

foggyThe month of March 2021 brings in more Pisces expression, a Mutable Water sign, which can also bring on foggy conditions when it comes to navigating through spiritual waters. The sign of The Fishes wraps up as the “End Zone” of the zodiacal round and is quite the threshold transition between the end of one Sun cycle and the beginning of the next. With the Sun, Venus, and Neptune, ruler of Pisces, already there by the time March begins, the expression will bring much sensitive, emotional stuff that requires a more compassionate response within the collective psyche.

Furthermore, the realm of Pisces expression is about all things mystical, magical, inspirational, imaginational, dreamy, and wishful. The veil is thin and we can hear psychic whispers from loved ones on the other side. Of course, all signs have a shadow side, and with Pisces we also get deception, denial, delusions, scams, ghosts, gaslighting, and escapism. We will have to fight brain fog, forgetfulness, and drifting into addictions, especially when Mercury moves into Pisces on the 15th. Yet, we will have vivid night dreams, psychic insights, strong intuition, and empathic impressions.

By the time we get to March, Mercury has already shifted to forward motion in Aquarius and has cleared most of his shadow phase recovery to full speed ahead. This brings all planets to forward motion for nearly two months until Pluto shifts to backward motion near the end of April. Here, we have something of a sling-shot effect that puts everything on the fast track. After all the retrogrades we had last year, this will bring a breath of fresh air to projects when we can actually move ahead and get some things done. However, that doesn’t mean the planets will always behave or cooperate. Saturn is still within challenge range of Uranus, and can cause some rather stunning revelations that put a new wheel on the wagon when it comes to ground operations. We will certainly have to modify plans and adapt to necessary changes.

Meanwhile, Venus has already moved into Pisces (Feb. 26th,) the sign of her exaltation and her best expression. Here, the goddess and all the angels bring their compassion to the scene of the collective psyche. We can find forgiveness in friendships and restore good relationships in the world for the sake of healing. We will be attracted to the mysterious and spiritual side of life. Charity drives can go far to ease pandemic stress for the poor. On the practical side, we just have to be careful of naivete and getting carried away with wishful thinking. There’s a tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

They say that March roars in like a lion and March rolls out like a lamb. In this case, March is pretty much book-ended with blustery energy. March begins with a bit of a bang with a Grand Flow in the Air signs. This could literally mean high winds as in stormy weather. The Libra Moon opens the show on March 1st in link with the North Node in Gemini and the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. We might expect a huge announcement concerning justice that seeds new ideas for the future. The explorations of the planet Mars will also be in the news along with other scientific/technological advancements. The key to taking it all in is balanced perspectives. Some news may be exaggerated, so discernment of the facts will be important. However, curiosity will be piqued about implications for the future. This is very restless energy and we will want to explore and investigate innovative ways to move forward.

Meanwhile, as Mercury approaches an extended meeting with Jupiter that peaks in the first week of March, we can expect big announcements of continuing changes, including the passing of the Covid relief bill that puts more stimulus money into circulation. Generosity and philanthropy could be on the rise. However, the political spin and propaganda can also be quite exaggerated. It will be best not to believe everything one hears until it is traced to a verifiable source. Our beliefs and philosophies will be subject to great changes as more discoveries are made.

Furthermore, Mars makes a shift early in March as he moves from Taurus to Gemini. This shift brings more of the Air element into the picture along with active chatting and verbal sparring. In this regard, the shadow side of Mars in Gemini is theft and dis-information, tricksterism, invasive interrogation, talking out of both sides of the mouth, such as in hypocritical discourse, scattered focus and distractions, badgering, arguments and throwing blame and shade. The upside of Mars in Gemini will be about actively and open-mindedly working with new ideas and variations on a theme. Military dispatch to help with vaccinations will also be in the works. Community action work projects can also be part of the energy.

Mars in Gemini also approaches a meeting with the Lunar North Node by the end of the Month during the Full Moon. This meeting not only enhances the feeling of turning a corner in pandemic response, but moving toward a better future as well.

The month of March also always features the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is on March 20th when the Sun enters Aries to begin a new cycle of the zodiacal round. This is where we initiate a rebirth or regeneration of expression to a new season and new directions. Furthermore, by the time March comes to a close The Sun, Venus, and Chiron will come together in Aires for a spectacular new beginning in healing.

March rolls out in much the same way influenced by a whopping Full Moon in Libra in a face off with a triple conjunction of the Sun, Chiron, and Venus in Aries. We will have to take the initiative for healing balance.

Power Days of March 2021

March 2, 2021 – Mercury moves in tighter to a support boost with the South Node and an open flow with the North Node for a third time due to his recent retrograde motion. There is definitely a “signal” we need to hear and recognize. This one pertains to technological advancements. However, we are also learning about treatments of pandemics in the past that may help toward dealing with this one in the present as well as get a jump ahead on those that could be coming in the future.

March 4, 2021 – Mars enters Gemini to bring more multitasking activity and we may feel like we are juggling many thoughts at once. This is zig-zaggy energy that may make us feel like a ping-pong ball in a dryer. It may be difficult to focus, however, communication could improve if we have the courage to speak up. We must be careful of believing everything we hear because a lot of what is said is domineering or commercial chatter. At some point we have to stop asking questions and put together a plan of procedure to get on with things. Mercury meets with Jupiter to make big announcements, some of them exaggerated bluster, others about exploration with new technological advances.

Meanwhile, the Sun challenges both Lunar Nodes, bringing illumination to where we are on the map when it comes to the measure of deceptions of the past in view of the future. We must dissolve the old, dogmatic beliefs to alleviate discrimination and judgment of fellow human beings. As we move forward we will need to redefine our alignments with new reasoning in our philosophies. We have to update, modify, and adapt to new ideas along with variations of applications.

March 9, 2021 – Now it is Venus’s turn to challenge both Lunar Nodes. This is where we learn to find compassion in all our relationships. When we give love to the whole world it changes the collective frequency to a higher vibration. Let us reach for healing through compassion and forgiveness. Those who want to stay in the deceptive illusions will have to fall behind until their heads clear. We can’t rescue anyone that doesn’t want to rescue themselves. Meanwhile, the Aquarius Moon opens flow with Mars, and challenges Uranus before meeting with Saturn. There could be more protests and rebellious attitudes if the public becomes restless with the pace of progress. Uranus wants change and wants it now and Mars in Gemini is quick to fan the inflammatory gossip. Yet, the Moon’s meeting with Saturn later on can stem the tide of foolish pursuits. We will have to bring it back down to logical facts at the end of the day.

March 10, 2021 – The Moon joins up with Jupiter in Aquarius while the Sun joins Neptune in his home sign of Pisces. We may feel excited about new discoveries as well as helpful insights about the spread of the virus. We should see good evidence of the speed-up of aid and the introduction of new vaccines. We may put it together on climate science and the direct connection between the natural environment and our own good or poor health. It stands to reason that if the oceans are polluted, then so is the atmosphere, then so are we.

March 12, 2021 – The Moon meets with Venus in Pisces and we may find we are swimming through sensitive feelings in relationships. Gentleness and empathy are required. We may have vivid or colorful night and day dreams about loved ones that have crossed over. We may long for something that seems like a pipe dream or wishing on the Moon. However, we must be compassionate about what we would love to manifest in our reality. For, out of the mist, we bring what we most desire. Can we imagine a more compassionate world where all are part of the whole human experience?

March 13, 2021 – A New Moon hides in the Pisces mist as Venus prepares to meet with Neptune. We are sensing that more is going on in the realm of psychic intuition than is apparent on the surface. There could be some disorientation in determining what is real, but strong connections and attractions are taking place in the collective psyche. We may have vivid night dreams about loved ones that have crossed over. Or we may be daydreaming about that perfect love when love is on tap in every corner of our lives if we choose to see it. This lunation brings a new beginning in understanding what lies beyond the mundane. When spiritual meaning blooms, we know we are energetically connected to all of the living world. This is also a good time to be creative, to meditate, and to make a wish on bringing something beautiful into our surroundings. Peace comes through forgiveness, for some are confused or feel unloved and know not what they do.

March 14, 2021 – The Moon meets with Chiron in Aries in support boosts to both Mars and Saturn. For Valentine’s Day we get the gift of healing. This could be healing through the aid of the military in disciplined distribution and administration of vaccines, along with health information, to the public.

March 15, 2021 – Mercury moves into Pisces and our perceptions and views may move to dreamier and poetic pursuits. We shouldn’t be surprised if our intuitive powers go up a notch or two. We just need to be careful about how we interpret unusual phenomena with our eyes and ears when it’s the soul or gut feeling that’s doing the talking. We may feel very sensitive and emotional, sympathetic and empathetic. We may see signs in nature that speak to us on the intuitive level. On the mundane level the weather could be on the wet side of the scale, especially in coastal regions. There may be some erosion going on. There may also be some dissolving of old social standards and structures. Meanwhile, the Sun sends a support boost to Pluto, bringing illumination to those things that were hidden. This energy enlightens us with clues as to what has been holding us back so that it is easier to let go.

March 18, 2021 – Support boosts appear everywhere like little sparkles in the chart. Venus sends a boost to Pluto and shows where there may be the need to eliminate waste and clutter that pollutes our mental surroundings. The Taurus Moon sends an emotional boost to her ruler, Venus. This is feel good energy that helps us pull down and ground the spiritual love around us. Mars sends a boost to Chiron that brings mental healing along with the physical as vaccine and Covid relief becomes more apparent. There are more ways to connect with like-minded groups. The fog lifts for a sign of hope in the final clearing. All of humanity comes together on this healing effort. It is good psychic food.

March 19, 2021 – The Moon meets Mars in Gemini in support of Chiron. This brings lots of emotional activity to help with the distribution of vaccines and other health aid, possibly through military support. Even though the energy is jittery and somewhat scattered, we will be curious about how quickly things can get accomplished. We want to move on from things that kept us feeling stuck in the past.

March 20, 2021 – The Sun enters Aries for a whole new beginning in initiatives and directives. No matter where we are on the track of our lives this energy illuminates the chance to start over in some area of endeavor. Let us set some good intentions for healing at this Spring Equinox.

March 21, 2021 – Mercury sends a boosting signal to Uranus, which can bring otherworldly signals and visions down to earth. We may also have strange dreams synchronization events/timing, or intuitive prompts. Meanwhile, Mars makes an open flow to Saturn. We may see changes in protocols when it comes to the disciplined sharing of scientific information. Where there were once restrictions, adaptability comes to the foreground. Hopefully, it means more teamwork in the distribution of vaccines where the supply chain has been held back. Meanwhile, Venus enters Aries to begin her new cycle round of the zodiac. Venus is not that comfortable in the opposite sign that she rules (Libra) however, she does pick up the initiative of forging new alliances. We will be attracted to moving forward in new territory.

March 23, 2021 – The Cancer Moon faces off with Pluto, which can bring moods down if we feel insecure or frightened. It doesn’t help that Mercury challenges Mars and brings confusion of direction. Someone could be using disinformation to scramble motivations or to throw security off or cover up nefarious communications.

March 24, 2021 – The Leo Moon challenges Uranus and faces off with Saturn. This is some very stubborn energy that could keep things stuck until we can move off from entrenched ideas and onto innovative solutions. Egos could churn up a lot of fear of change and even cause surprise disruptions.

March 25, 2021 – Mercury challenges both Lunar Nodes and we could find ourselves struggling with confusing perceptions. We are wondering how we got here and how we can move on with better ideas. We either sit in the fog or get curious about what lies ahead. As luck would have it, Venus meets with the Sun to blaze a new trail forward. We can see better which way to go when the haze burns off and we may be attracted to a change in direction.

March 27, 2021 – Mars meets with the Lunar North Node and faces off with the South Node. We will insist on picking up new ideas that blaze a trail to the future. However, we must take time to think before we jump the gun. We may still feel nervous about the unfamiliar road we find ourselves on, however, curiosity leads us to see what is over the next hill. We may be granted the courage and vision to push ahead despite our misgivings of the past. Meanwhile, Venus meets with Chiron to pursue inroads to healing. Venus will also insist on self-care and physical exercise as a means to healing.

March 28, 2021 – A Full Moon shines bright in the Libra Air and would normally bring a culmination of balance and peace. However, the lunation faces off with Venus/Chiron and throws an awkward angle to Uranus. This means that something is definitely off kilter, especially when it comes to justice in healing. There could be adjustments to surprise changes, either in the banking industry or market trading that could throw off progress to healing aid initiatives. Meanwhile, Mars still clings to the North Node wanting to get on with tinkerings for the future. Communication will have to be more focused on relaying reliable information rather than spreading unsubstantiated gossip. The weird thing is that some of the rumors are true, although, shocking. We just have to sort out the BS from the real data to retain a balanced perspective.

March 29, 2021 – Mercury meets with Neptune for a more compassionate tone in communication. However, we must also beware of snow-job confusion, disinformation, and deception. If we give special attention to our dreams, we can garner gentle guidance and healing. We can also find healing through music, meditation, and creative endeavors. Meanwhile, Venus sends a loving boost to Saturn. This gives good support to those whose tough duty requires disciplined response, such as hospital and medical staff. We can also see forward steps in the distribution of important legal information, as well as delivery of stimulus benefits.

March 30, 2021 – The Scorpio Moon faces off with Uranus and stirs up resentment and rebellion. The public feels restless about secrets being kept. Meanwhile, the Sun sends a boost to Saturn, which directs legal ramifications on those with secrets who hide behind a mantle of authority.

March 31, 2021 – The Moon opens flow with Mercury to bring up dreams from the depths of the collective psyche. However, we are being guided through these intense feelings to flush out fear. The same Moon challenges Jupiter to call out exaggerations and expectations that keep us drawn up in extremes.

Blessings to all, dear readers! Thanks for listening and hope it is helpful.

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Shake-ups in the Clean-up
Full Moon in Virgo
February 27, 2021

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

full-moon-in-virgoFebruary 2021 comes to a close with a Full moon shining bright over the vineyards of Virgo. The sign of Virgo is about the analysis of details that puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Virgo is also the Mutable Earth sign that concerns health, nature cultivation environment, community service, as well as work place conditions. Within the influences of this lunation we will be wrapping things up, cleaning things up, and discovering surprises among the debris that put a new view on the picture of how we got where we are.

As with the Covid pandemic, we’ve all been pushed to make adjustments in everyday life. We’ve had to take precautions in how we do business as well as make contact in society for the sake of public health. With this Full Moon in awkward angles to both Saturn and Chiron, we are shown where these responsibilities of adjustments to conditions have either failed or passed the efficiency test in terms of transmission of this virus. Restrictions have been difficult but they have made a difference for the better. We’ve learned that good health is not to be taken for granted.

Accountability has also been a theme of late in the approach to this Full Moon. We have seen trials with witnesses presenting evidence and testimony to what has transpired in recent events, such as the storming of the U.S. Capitol. We’ve seen hearings in Congress to confirm posts to do the work of government business. Furthermore, we’ve also seen the expansion and speed-up of delivery of vaccines, supplies, funds and treatments for Covid relief. However, we are still tweaking the system for improvement of efficient response.

Meanwhile, this Full Moon in Virgo throws an open flow to Uranus in Taurus. During various lockdowns and restrictions we have been pushed to be innovative in our living conditions. This energy aspect can bring more freedom to lift those restrictions if we’ve done our homework to keep up with the changes. Furthermore, in this regard, we may have noticed that those changes have presented budget concerns along with sporadic supply chains as well as wildly teetering markets and values. Hopefully, with this open flow at the time of the lunation, we will be able to recognize now that these changes are necessary and have become a value measure for healing a damaged economy.

It is a difficult time when we have to make changes to the systems we live by when we are in major transition from an old order to a new one. However, this Full Moon can help the flow of that transition if we are willing to take responsibility for either staying stuck or moving on. Because the sign of Virgo is ruled by the communicator planet, Mercury, we have to be vigilant in how we articulate and convey information, especially procedural instructions, protocols, and sequential directions. As long as we don’t get too bogged down in details and rehashing circular thinking we can find decent progress, even if it is in small steps.

In many ways the lunation presents a chain-link reaction of re-configuration that ripples throughout the fabric of life. In other words, we re-connect in different and unique ways to form a new system of operations. We may begin to understand that good health starts with maintaining both mental and physical diet and hygiene. We have to clean up and stay clean to keep the flow of change going in the best direction for all around us. This has never before been a more important lesson than now in the work place, whether in-person office, school, or at home. The general well-being of our local communities as well as human communities at large will depend on this watchful state of consciousness.

At the time of this Full Moon, its ruler, Mercury, is making his way forward again through the sign of Aquarius. Furthermore, Mercury will be approaching another extended meeting with Jupiter. In this regard, there will be much broadcasting of advanced procedures, intellectual discourse, and discovery. We will be seeking personal and social justice. However, there is also exaggeration involved in whatever information we receive or perhaps, so much information that it takes a while to process. Therefore, it behooves us at this Full Moon to use the power of independent thinking, analysis, and discernment of factual evidence to proceed on a more truthful path forward.

With Venus’s entry into her exalted state in Pisces just before this Full Moon, we will be attracted to more spiritual or mystical pursuits with a desire for compassion and gentleness. Venus in Pisces represents the rising of the Sacred Feminine. Henceforth, we will want healing for all through empathy and forgiveness of ourselves and others. This energy, coupled with the Mercury/Jupiter meeting, will bring subtle but palpable changes in our beliefs and philosophies, not only concerning humanity, but for the sake of personal growth as well.

Full Moon Blessings for all!

The Shape-Shifter
Saturn square Uranus
Feb. 17- December 31, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

saturn___uranus_by_slice_of_cake-d4ankyiThis aspect will be with us all year so we had better get used to adapting to major changes. Saturn, the taskmaster, as well as karma teacher, in Aquarius, his ancient home sign, will be pulling some electrical strings and exercising the intellectual realms of humanity. Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius and the agent of change, is now in Taurus and will be promoting new applications and methods for groundbreaking innovations in basic living and environmental conditions.

These two Fixed signs, Aquarius (Air) and Taurus (Earth) will be the backdrops of shape-shifting structure and methods for the future. The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) can be quite stubborn in their approaches to getting on with things. They generally want things to stay in place and wait it out until there is solid evidence for necessary change. In this regard, operations can stay stuck for quite a while until better awareness brings pivotal change. The stage is now set for humanity to launch unique undertakings. But we will have to think about it, first. Thought (Aquarius) precedes manifestation (Taurus.)

Furthermore, energy can only stay stuck for so long before the dam breaks or the ice cracks and it is then released into circulation. Those that try to hold back new ideas or logical progression will be overwhelmed with dysfunction. The resistance to or denial of change will create more chaos and mental problems in circular thinking. There is always a breakdown before there is a breakthrough to awareness. This dynamic between Saturn and Uranus wants a controlled explosion but is likely to get last minute changes or re-arrangements to the agenda. The fallout will ripple across time and the dust will settle in a new world. It’s a struggle between the old ways of thinking and forging new methods of operation.

Saturn in Aquarius wants us to be ready for and take responsibility for accepting necessary changes. In this case, Saturn bases his science on logic and reasoning. He wants teamwork for the common cause of humanity with everyone pulling their weight to get there. Uranus in Taurus wants changes in banking, farming, and building systems that bring equal opportunity for all. He doesn’t care if we’re ready for it or not. Change will come through like a bull through a rodeo gate.

The shadow side of Saturn in Aquarius is authoritarianism and the crusty build-up of frightening conspiracy theories that separate one camp of thinking from another. This expression wants official proof and will hold us back until proper development is recognized. Yet, hard, cold facts aren’t everything if we are restricted from the freedom to enter new data into the matrix. The models and surveys need open-minded and collaborative interpretation for the sake of developmental progress.

The shadow side of Uranus in Taurus comes down to literal earthquakes and tornadoes that change the physical landscape. Yet, Uranus won’t be entrenched, shackled or yoked in slavery before his need for freedom finds a way out. This energy is akin to the imagery of a bull in china shop. If he doesn’t find a way out he will either go rabidly mad or use dynamite horns to find an exit. Uranus’s purpose here is to bring change to entrenched methods of operation, including outdated laws that need a serious upgrade from the ground up.

On the physical side of things if we resist change we may experience stiff necks, stuffy ears, sore throats, constipation, dehydration, arthritis, sprained ankles or muscle cramps in the calves, circulatory or neurological problems. The mental side of things could produce nervous tension, irritability, impatience, confusion, dizziness, or anxiety when we try to sleep with a restless mind. We may experience changes in friendships, partnerships, and alliances, shifting away from some old connections and moving toward new like-thinking groups. We may witness unusual events or pivotal moments in history that we wrestle to process because we know they mean warp-speed and lasting change.

The whole dynamic is electrically charged and fills the atmosphere like a huge storm. However, the energy also speaks of an awakening that is fueled by the urge for freedom from repetitive cycles through revolutionary ideas. This kind of regeneration can create chaos at first until we find the right shape for practical function in an evolving society.

This challenge dynamic between Saturn and Uranus stays in strong effect until the end of February, but it also heralds like a bugle a new threshold and pivotal direction in March when Mercury in Aquarius gets back up to forward speed. Furthermore, the Saturn-Uranus challenge returns to exactitude two more times this year on June 14th after Saturn shifts into retrograde motion. Saturn moves out of range of the square in retrograde, then re-approaches exactitude after Saturn stations forward and Uranus stations retrograde on December 24, 2021.

On the spiritual side of things, we must recognize a larger picture in the works, and that is the expansion of collective awareness. A new generation of thinkers will emerge in this enlightening atmosphere that will bring innovative techniques and movements. Humanity will run on a higher course of ideology and revolutionary energy for improving equal opportunities. It will be our responsibility to contribute to groups that promote this common cause and circulate truthful and reliable information for the good of all. This will be the year for shape-shifting the future.

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Clarity in Review
New Moon in Aquarius: February 11, 2021

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

windmill and stormAs if we didn’t have enough Aquarian energy flying around, here we are with a New Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer for the new Age of Awareness. With no less than six celestial bodies packing out the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius at the time of the New Moon, we can bet that the winds of change are blowing. Aquarius is about circulation of information and we’ve certainly had a plethora of information swirling around us of late.

Since it is a fixed sign, we can imagine Aquarius as a windmill on a farm. The windmill generates electricity through the wind spinning the blades. This is quite interactive energy as the blades, in turn, also generate centrifugal force as the they pivot around the center point. This is exactly how we feel when lots of spin generates lots of energy and we witness pivotal moments of change in human history. (Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.)

Yes, the atmosphere is electrically charged as in the advent of a big storm brewing. At the time of this New Moon, we are in the midst of an unprecedented trial in the U.S. Senate. We are seeing evidence presented for the means of clarification of and application of justice in civil discourse. This requires effort and clarity of thought along with the discernment of legal ideology. Although this New Moon in Aquarius makes no exact aspects to other planets in the chart, the energy swirling around it is abuzz with the anticipation of justice.

The attention of the world is engaged as Venus meets with Jupiter in Aquarius. Humanity will gain new wisdom from this proceeding as we attempt to attain understanding of the why and when justice matters to the betterment of operations going forward. In some ways we are throwing off those elements that are not ideal to expand our reasoning in resolution. The new world can no longer hold those old world ideas of competition for domination when freedom and democracy for all are the major themes of the moment.

Meanwhile, Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde in Aquarius and just made a challenge to Mars in Taurus. This is stubborn, fiery rhetoric and thinking that could keep things stuck until we realize that we have to blaze a new trail to get to the heart of the matter in discourse. We may have to keep reviewing a sequence of events for the sake of clarity. In this case, there could be a lot of static noise, delays, or distractions until further evidence is presented. This is what happens when we stand at a crossroads and we perceive the past in comparison with a whole new road to the future. Do we stay stuck or do we change to move forward? At some point we have a defining moment of clarity.

However, Mercury is also in good connection to both Lunar Nodes. With a support boost angle to the South Node, the review of the recent past is part of the process for gaining more clarity of reasoning. With an open flow from Mercury retrograde to the North Node, we know that what we learn by review will change the course of the future. Furthermore, Mercury will change course to forward motion on February 21st. As Mercury moves back through Aquarius he will meet with Jupiter again in a grand flow in the Air signs with the Libra Moon and the North Node in Gemini on March 1st. This suggests that with all the fallout from the trial, justice will, indeed, be served. A new future will be decided and healing can begin in earnest.

After Mercury has cleared his retrograde phase at the beginning of March, we can expect a speed-up of production and distribution for the Covid vaccines. We can even expect more breakthroughs in vaccine science with the expansion of critical thinking and rationale. Collaboration of efforts for a common cause will go a long way to stimulate progress.

New Moons are always about new beginnings. This lunation in Aquarius heralds a clearing sweep of perception between the past and the new future forming ahead. Awareness paves the way for new vision going forward.

Blessings of Awareness for all!

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Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of February 2021

 By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction

The Celestial Headlines

aquariusThe month of February 2021 features an overload of Aquarius planetary expression that can really keep us on our toes. What it means most now is that the winds of change are blowing full scale. It is nervous and restless energy that gets tangled up in Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius. Clear thinking and communication may come at a premium. It will be all we can do to keep focus while we are going back over what was said, what was thought, and what was done.

Indeed, with Venus’s entry into Aquarius on the 1st and a New Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer on the 11th puts no less than six celestial bodies clustered in the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius. Plus, Saturn’s long-running challenge to Uranus in Taurus makes for a herky-jerky roller coaster ride of twisting changes in science news, especially concerning the Coronavirus and its variants. Yet, we are still seeking justice and a re-commitment to higher-minded ideals.

The sign of Aquarius expresses through the higher realms of thought and ideology. It doesn’t tolerate much room on the emotional side as it prefers logic and reason. However, the shadow of Aquarius gets very restless, very rebellious, very radical. Yet, with all the influence of this pivotal energy sign, we will be welcoming in fresh air and ideas that bring innovation and open-minded acceptance of diversity, freedom, justice, democracy, and equality. This next cycle could very well usher in what we could call; The Age of Awareness.

All this Aquarian influence makes for high winds, both literally and metaphorically. Weather could be erratic and/or sudden with more lightning storms or tornadoes. Internet, technological, and networking changes are likely, including online learning and sharing scientific discoveries. We could have possible electrical grid problems, possible earthquakes, and aviation could also be affected. It’s not all bad, there’s just a lot happening at once. It’s just a matter of what kind of mental label we put on big changes.

With all these planets in Aquarius joining up and crashing into one another, yes, there will be plenty of conspiracy theories still blowing around. The bad news is that we could see more radical rebellion, such as riots and protests. Resistance to change is very high and backlash creates stormy perceptions and attitudes. However, we could also see round-ups of these terrorist cells that put them to justice. The good news is that, even with Mercury’s retrograde, clear evidence will be presented and we can see improvement in the circulation of important information as well as the distribution of medical supplies and vaccines.

Power Days of February 2021

February 1, 2021 – Venus enters Aquarius and we are in for minimalist trends, sleek styles, modern design, and networking in like-minded groups. Friendships and alliances, along with tastes, may change. We are also attracted to seeking justice and freedom in all its shapes and forms. It will be time to get innovative in how we socialize now and in the future. On the same day, Saturn builds a long-running boost with Chiron. This can bring the disciplined order of the distribution of vaccines throughout the month, even with Mercury’s retrograde in the mix.

February 3, 2021 – We may feel very anxious as the Scorpio Moon faces off with Uranus and challenges Venus. Something may go wrong in relationships, such as jealousy, that can lead to sudden break-ups. We will have to be wary of our suspicions and jumping to conclusions.

February 4, 2021 – The Sun opens flow to the North Node and a boost to the South Node. We can take what worked from the past to modify applications for now and in the future. We may get a clearer picture of how our beliefs in the past may have hindered our view.

February 5, 2021 – Venus meets with Saturn to clarify obligations and technological standards. There may be more rules and regulations applied to social media and its use going forward.

February 6, 2021 – Venus sends a boost to Chiron but challenges Uranus. A woman wants to bring justice to those who breach internet security or perpetrated violence in riots or other crimes. Seeing this justice brought to bear can also bring a boost to healing social issues.

February 9, 2021 – We could be making a turning point in the pandemic as Saturn continues his boost to Chiron. However, with the Moon’s meeting with Pluto, there is still much emotional loss to contend with.

February 10, 2021 – Mercury retrograde challenges Mars and we will have to go back over old records to confirm or deny actions of the recent past. Major announcements may be made in this regard. We may also have to deal with earth and weather issues, or those of requiring military response.

February 11, 2021 – A New Moon hides in the Aquarius Air with no less than six planets occupying the realm of the Water Bearer. The New Moon, itself, doesn’t really make much impact on the rest of the chart other than packing out the house. This is quite a psychological awakening. However, there are many aspects happening around this New Moon that round out the action taking place. Mercury Rx still pushes a challenge on Mars that talks about security, including military, electrical grid, financial, and cyberspace controls. However, Mercury Rx also sends positive signals to the Lunar Nodes. The future is in our grasp with the voice of the people. Meanwhile, Venus comes together with Jupiter for a rousing boost of luck in circulation, perhaps more stimulus money.

On the same day, Saturn still makes a challenge to Uranus but sends a support boost to Chiron. The Science is improving on understanding and stemming the Coronavirus, however, there may be changes in protocols for distribution and priority medical teams. Those who are putting obstacles in the way may be dealt justice quickly. We must be able to take up changes and adapt to swiftly moving mental currents. Even with Mercury’s retrograde, we are having to put accurate pieces of information together into a procedural timeline.

Mars makes a support boost to Neptune, which can offer action-based church funded charity drives for those struggling during the pandemic.

This New Moon presents a rare moment of great awakening that changes the course of humanity’s thinking and perceptions of itself, along with its destiny.

February 12, 2021 – Venus meets with Mercury Rx to go over investigative or judicial evidence. We will pay witness to changes in objective reasoning.

February 14, 2021 – Mercury Rx meets with Jupiter where evidence and electronic data are presented to the courts. We can expand our breadth of knowledge and remember the bigger picture under examination. Meanwhile, Venus makes positive angles to the Lunar Nodes. Whatever judgment we hold today will speak to the future of law and protocol.

February 18, 2021 – The Sun enters Pisces to share compassion for an illness-weary world. The collective psyche is very sensitive now and can be part of guidance towards healing. We will have to treat ourselves and others gently. However, we may feel very anxious as the Moon meets with Uranus in his challenge to Saturn. We may want to move on but there are more obstacles and waiting. Patience may come at a premium. Meanwhile, relationships could have a rough go as Venus challenges her lover, Mars. There could be arguments over money and budgets could be strained. Markets are likely to be volatile along with the public reaction to necessary restrictions.

February 20, 2021 – At long last Mercury stations to direct forward motion. What we’ve learned in the past month has changed our perspectives of the future. We are now pivoting to think in terms of re-shaping our world since the onset of the Covid pandemic. There are some things we will have to deal with in terms of social and civil order. Humans are social creatures that need connection. We may see the formation of more “think tanks” consisting of experts on social issues. We may advance innovative programs for online teaching, such as for medical personnel and procedures.

February 21, 2021 – Mars approaches a stretch of an open flow to Pluto. This will transform banking, financial, building, farming, and business procedures. This energy will also have an effect on bringing ethical circumstances to light for the sake of putting sources of “dark money” to justice.

February 25, 2021 – The Leo Moon triggers a Mystic Rectangle involving Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes. Mystic Rectangles are complex positive aspects that indicate a collective “download” of cosmic information. These energies often present magical opportunities for psychic connections. In other words, we know what we know without knowing how we know. In this case, the public will know that leadership speaks to the comparison between the past and the future. We must each guide ourselves to share the talents we were born with to advance the greater common good. We may become “aware” of our sense of purpose for this cause. Although this Leo Moon faces off with Jupiter, we also know when we are being called to serve our purpose that brings rewarding insights.

On the same day, Venus enters her exalted state in Pisces. The energy corresponds to the compassionate spirit of the divine feminine influence. We will be attracted to the softer and better angels of our nature. We will want to take walks and meditations in nature as well to connect with sacred energy. This is also a good time to give to viable charities.

February 27, 2021 – A Full Moon shines bright over the vineyards of Virgo. This lunation is conflicted as it sends an open flow to Uranus but awkward angles to both Saturn and Chiron. There could surprising but difficult news concerning public health facilities and/or the status of the pandemic. We may have difficulty in getting the proper information or we could be facing more restrictions due to conditions of illness. The details may be obscured and we will have to remain diligent on our choices for precautions. However, where there are breakdowns, there may also be breakthroughs.

February 28, 2021 – The last day of the month presents a Grand open flow (trine) in the Earth signs. The energy involves the Virgo Moon opening flow to Mars and then Mars opening flow with Pluto. Usually, Grand Trines in the Earth signs bring more stability. This aspect brings a more stable transition in feelings about who is in charge and how the operation is going. The power is about taking action to build stabilizing flow in the economy as well as medical supplies and including environmental measures.

If we can allow patience for development of better operations, we can get a handle on feeling better about how we can work our way out of the difficulties of the pandemic.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

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Inauguration Day in the USA
January 20, 2021
Surprising Revelations

~by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

jupiter-uranus-w-mars-saturnHere we are at a new beginning. As always with new beginnings there are also some messy endings and the energy for this auspicious day in American history is ramped up and anxious. This is due to an abundance of Aquarian expression that has stirred up the human need for change for the sake of freedom. The energy began to shift dramatically at the Winter Solstice of last year 2020 when we had a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the beginning degrees of Aquarius. To say that change was in the air is an understatement.

From the point of the great conjunction our many voices of humanity could be heard ringing in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the Aquarian call is one for the rising frequency within human evolution. The frequency process moves from revelation, to revolution, to evolution. The worst of this energy is rebellion, riots, and chaos. The best of this energy is a willingness to explore new ideas – to break through a barrier to equal rights and civil community values. This is the time of an opening portal to the Age of Awareness.

On Inauguration Day the biggest feature we have to contend with is the Mar-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This can be explosive due to the Fixed Earth of Taurus taking a rather stubborn and entrenched stance. Uranus has just turned to direct forward motion and will pick up speed in the next few weeks. With Mars being the trigger for big changes, we can expect some show of resistance to appear. However, this time, the military is there to make cooler heads prevail. Mars’s recent and continuing challenge to Jupiter only heightens the political tension that brings in the necessity for overkill in military protection for the transitional change of power.

The Moon is also hot at the anaretic degree (29) of Aries, the same point as Mars was at the onset of the U. S. Capitol riots, and about to move on to Taurus. Public mood is angry and spring-loaded for some action to take place. Resistance tension is high and tight. Meanwhile, the Sun moves into Aquarius on his way to a meeting with Saturn. Whatever disciplinary action that needs to occur immediately will take place in the next few days. Evidence will be presented in court and formal charges will be filed. The Moon in Taurus will challenge the Sun in Aquarius in the afternoon and while the mood may settle somewhat, there will be more anger espressed when the Moon meets both Mars and Uranus early in the morning of the 21st. No one may get much sleep as the anxiety continues.

Mercury in Aquarius is still in good connection with the Lunar Nodal Axis, which can offer an open awareness of history being made and something new being created. However, Mercury will slow things down as he prepares to retrograde on January 30, 2021. We need to slow down in order to process all we have been through in recent days and weeks. As Neptune is still in a challenge with the Lunar Nodes, we may drift into reflection between the past and the future. Certainly with the onset of the Covid crisis, we have an understanding of the need to fight a common foe. Meanwhile, this may cause some to move toward escapism through substances and away from the grief of so much loss. We are also fighting depression that naturally occurs from the effects of massive change. We may call it mental whiplash because the contrasts are phenomenal.

There are those who are having mental disturbances and this is where we will be shown that mental health matters just as much as the physical. There is within this energy the distinct point that there will be “before and after” effects from the Covid pandemic. The post-Covid world will be different and is forming from the mysterious mist in front of us. How we create our future from this historic point forward is one for the record books of change. Humanity will change, our perspectives will change, our science will change, our beliefs will change, and from the ground up. How we live from this point forward will change.

May the changes be for the better, dear readers! Blessings for the New Age of Awareness.

Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of January 2021

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

 YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction

The Celestial Headlines

2021We’ve made it to the New Year of 2021 and probably very glad to leave 2020 behind. It’s been very tough on all of us, but luckily, we have new energy in place to charge up the new year in front of us. Back on the Solstice of December 21, 2020 a brand new and unique shift in energy occurred with both Jupiter and Saturn in a tightly pairing conjunction at the very beginning degree of Aquarius. This shift will bring in intellectual gifts of expanding the mind and a discipline of teamwork for a great common cause; humanity. We need the freedom to make progress and social equality to build a cooperating team.

For the most part, the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn sparks a new era – one that is curious (North Node in Gemini) about the future (Aquarius.) Think, Star Trek and you’ve got it. This is the story of a diverse and talented group of explorers that live by rules of peace, cultural inclusiveness, and equality. The way forward will include innovative thinking and technological advances for the cause of humanity.

As the New Year dawns on January 1st the Leo Moon sends good vibes to Chiron, which can bring strength in healing. However, the same Moon puts a challenge on Uranus Rx that can make for unexpected circumstances. It’s not the best energy for getting home late from celebrations. In fact, staying home may be the best policy considering the winter intensity of the spreading corona virus. Furthermore, Mercury sends a boosting signal to Neptune that can make us feel like survivors from a surreal world. We may pick up thoughts from around the globe through psychic impressions. The whole world is ‘a buzzin’ with electric anticipation.

New Year’s Day also features a tightening double challenge from Neptune to the Lunar Nodes, which can bring on confusing disturbances in the collective psychic field. Other than the lingering effect of hangovers, we may sense a growing need to choose between the past and the future. This could especially concern the natural environment and using more “Earth-friendly” practices to assuage damage and pollution. However, we may also have strong night dreams, visions, mysterious phenomenon, spirit visitations/voices, psychic whispers, premonitions, and/or signs in nature that affect us deeply. This aspect will become exact on Jan 5-6.

We wish we could say that most of the tough times are behind us with the old year. However, January 2021 still has its difficulties as Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, occupies tight space in another Fixed sign of Taurus. With plenty of planets moving through Aquarius and into challenges with Uranus, we are likely to still find ourselves in chaotic times and circumstances. Rebellion over big changes will be afoot even through until the end of February. It will be best to keep things as simple as possible, if it is, indeed, possible with the onset of fast changes we face.

In fact, when the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, 2021, we will be insisting on a more level playing field where all can get a leg up. This is not a victim thing, but a freedom one. The Sun will then be approaching a meeting with Saturn, where some fundamental truths will be shaken up. The meeting will shine a light on justice and equal/social rights.

There will be many bouts of rebellion in the air as humanity stirs its need for freedom and justice. We will be juggling many new thoughts, emerging insights, and modern philosophies, along with the logistics of common living operations. It may be very difficult to stay focused on course when confusion is so rampant at the beginning of the new year. However, as Aquarius is such a futuristic sign, we will be seeking opportunities and possibilities ahead of us. Humanity wants to form a better future for itself and all.

Future Forward! And Star Trek, Ho!

Power Days of January 2021

January 4 – Mercury meets Pluto as the Virgo Moon opens flow to the combo. We are likely to hear all kinds of news including revelations of corruption in government. However, we may also be able to see a deeper need to keep a diligent eye on staying healthy and taking precautions.

January 7 – Mars enters Taurus for a change of scene from his home sign of Aries and fiery battle action to more peaceful tending of the fields or homesteading. It could be nice not to feel so angry, frustrated, and impatient. However, that will only be for a few days until Mars meets with Uranus.

January 8 – Mercury enters Aquarius where he will take on higher intellect and conceptual thinking. We may get some clarity on where we want to go and why. However, Mercury will station retrograde near the end of the month, so it’s best to communicate clearly now while we can. It’s a good time to reconnect with friends and network within the community so that help and information can come more easily. Meanwhile, Venus enters Capricorn and is attracted to building business and fruitful enterprise. This will be a good time to put priorities in place and take a slower, steadier pace to work toward goals.

January 9 – Mercury meets Saturn where science, along with justice, takes on new and serious perspective. However, Mercury also challenges Mars about his plodding and stubborn nature. Everything may seem to move in slow motion. Information could be slow in coming or gets scrambled in translation. We could also see lightning storms, earthquake or wind damage. Meanwhile, Venus opens flow with Mars so that relationships can get back on an even footing, especially in financial dealings as well as business partnerships. Cooperation can improve with accurate communication. Material goods and supplies can also get back on a steady track.

January 11 – Mercury meets Jupiter in a support boost to Chiron, which can certainly bring good news about public health and distribution of aid for the same purpose. However, Mars challenges Saturn that can make for stubborn delays in taking action, especially in court or business matters. We may be waiting around for proof in results and solid evidence.

January 12 – Mercury challenges Uranus Rx and we could have more scrambled messages or rogue weather. The internet is likely to have a bad day or we could see very volatile markets and/or sudden announcements.

January 13 – A New Moon in Capricorn forms at the first minute of the morning. This lunation makes no other aspect save for a conjunction with Pluto. New Moons are usually about beginnings but this one depicts a serious ending. Hopefully, this ending is about putting a halt to corruption in government and corporate manipulation. In many ways we will have to start over, possibly with stemming off the soaring death rates from the corona pandemic. We will also need to let go of “business as usual,” particularly with those who take advantage of people in dire crisis. Meanwhile, Venus opens flow with Uranus Rx as Uranus stands still to move to forward motion. This is powerful energy that could restart the economy for surprising positive results. There may be shake-ups before we see the wheels gain traction, however, we will be building on a better foundation to steady progress.

January 14 – Uranus stations to direct forward motion and is the last planet to do so, making for all planets in forward motion. However, this will only last for a couple of weeks or less when Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius. We may see some shocking surprises and hear shocking announcements, yet, we will also have to go over old messages and rehash a re-start in the weeks to come.

January 17 – Jupiter challenges Uranus to bring breakthroughs in economic relief as well as new and unique concepts in general living operations and conditions. We may see new forms of farming and food distribution, building techniques, and banking reform. Circulation of verifiable results will be a big theme for moving forward. Big changes are on the horizon and it may seem like we are on a runaway train to unknown destinations. There’s too much happening at once, however, the future is upon us in glaring ways that require us to accept the changes.

January 20 – Mars meets with Uranus to stir up rebellion in those who cannot abide the changes that are coming. However, as the Sun enters Aquarius, a new call to freedom is in the works. Soon we will have both strange and unique means to understanding what it takes to create concepts that speak to the future. While there are those who are angry and frustrated, there are also those that know changes are inevitable in order to carry forward in better circumstances.

January 22 – Mars challenges Jupiter for the distribution of goods and services. There may be more turmoil created over political changes. Our beliefs about what is good for all may be at odds with logistics if we try to take on too much too quickly. Meanwhile, Venus makes an awkward angle to North Node and we will need to make adjustments in business to meet the future. We must take what works for now from the old ways while we transition to new operations.

January 23 – The Sun meets with Saturn to bring a light to scientific strategies. New studies may reveal solutions to old problems.

January 28 – A Full Moon in Leo faces off with Jupiter and challenges Mars from both ends of the lunation. The Full Moon also makes a wide double challenge to Uranus, still in close proximity to Mars. We may have a full swing of dramatic emotions as there’s too much going on at once. Sudden events are likely to put us into chaotic spins with mass confusion on how to deal with it all. There could be earthquakes or other natural occurrences that create turmoil or anxiety. The need for response may come from military operations or other emergency response teams. Meanwhile, the Sun meets with Jupiter, making everything seem exaggerated. Strange phenomena is afoot, as well as overhead in the atmosphere, up to and including big magnetic storms and/or UFO sightings. Venus meets with Pluto in Capricorn during this lunation. The combo can bring errant attractions that cause more problems in the long run. Relationships may come to an end and we may have more market losses. Revelations of corruption or unhealthy alliances may come forward. Someone is raking in big money through nefarious means.

January 29 – The Leo Moon faces off with Mercury, which could indicate a standoff of sorts between what we hear and what we feel. The Sun challenges Mars to show where action must be taken to stem the tide of anxiety within the public as well as damage to land and property. However, the good news is that Saturn sends a positive boost to Chiron, which can help with strategic and logistic health aid, such as rescue operations either with or for the military.

January 30 – The Saturn-Chiron boost forms a YOD throwing awkward angles at the Virgo Moon. YODs are cosmic directives that insist on major adjustments in order to move forward. This one could be about the pandemic and public health crisis. It means that we have to take both personal and public responsibility for not spreading the virus even further during flu and the winter season. Aid must also be given to the front-line medical teams dealing with the crisis at hand. The Virgo Moon also sends an open flow to Uranus, which brings sudden help when least expected. Progress could be made with the delivery of vaccines and medical supplies. However, things remain volatile without further examination before jumping the gun. As if all this weren’t enough, Mercury stations to retrograde motion late in the evening. News may be quite chaotic and come before all can be correctly determined. We may have to go back to the drawing board on concepts and ideas, especially when it comes to distribution of necessary medical supplies, tests, and treatments.

January 31 – Confusion reigns supreme when the Virgo Moon forms a Grand Challenge in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) including the Lunar Nodal Axis and facing off with Neptune. We certainly seem at a crossroads concerning illness and/or vaccines. Medical staff may be overwhelmed. There may also be a crisis at sea with military personnel in tense situations. Saturn also approaches a challenge to Uranus, which can make for sudden need to change strategies.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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Full Moon in Cancer – December 29-30, 2020

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

cancer full moonA Full Moon appears in the emotional sign of Cancer on New Year’s Eve. Both ends of the lunation make a wide challenge to Chiron, The Wounded Healer, now in forward motion. There’s a lot of sentimentality when we’re looking back over this tumultuous year and we’ve lost a lot of loved ones. Covid-19 not only took lives, but livelihoods, social and civil peace, and in extreme terms, our bi-partisan cooperation for betterment of the people. Never before have we’ve felt so emotionally divided, vulnerable, weary, and with morale and the economy at its worst at the holidays. In the span of one short year this has truly been a painful passage in history. Our country has changed into something very different than what we expected, yet, awakening to higher thoughts and deeds for humanity is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, at the time of this lunation Venus approaches a meeting with the South Node to face off with the North Node, with both Nodes challenging Neptune in Pisces. This brings up a lot of confusion and deception from those who would keep us emotionally tied to the values of the past. However, our beliefs have been changing in many odd ways, and we have been pushing our curiosity towards future possibilities. Furthermore, the Moon makes a passing support boost to Uranus Rx and the Sun opens flow to same. There are still surprises that take our awareness even further. We know quite readily that we are up for major changes. What we want to know is, are they for the better. What we want to know is, how do we come back from rock bottom?

We’ve all had sacrifices galore this past year. We are mourning big loss while we are yearning for a brighter tomorrow. This is a good night to wish on the Full Moon. We need to pour our hearts out and romance, visualize, imagine, and dream of something unique and strange and wonderful. Let the angels soothe us with their loving light.

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The Corridor of Transition: December 14 – December 21, 2020
~by astrologer Margo Cline

capricorn-aquarius-cusp image

A powerful week of energy presents itself during this last month of the intense year of 2020. As we look back on this year we are sensing and reviewing a time of the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. This includes all the breakdowns and deconstruction of the material world associated with the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn.

With three major planets moving through Capricorn, (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto,) we have seen, respectively, the expansion of corporate profiteering, the turning points of authoritarian government, as well as the breakdown thereof that massive corruption brings to bear on matters of sensible operations. Covid 19, as well as other strong social current, has had its knee on our necks for an entire year and the entire world will never be the same.

On December 14th we have seen the major event of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This energy influences events for the next six months and effectively asks us to rise above the trials and tribulations of the 3-D world and into the sky of possibilities for great exploration of new philosophies in the adventure ahead of us. This is the “birth pulse” of transition. Some call it “The Ascension” referring to the evolution of humanity in a new era. In other words, the lower realms have become inflamed and push us to move on to higher wisdom.

After the bright flash of the eclipse, which propels us upward like a launched rocket, we find ourselves looking to the horizon of a new year ahead of us. Thus, the year 2020 provides us with both 20/20 hindsight as well as 20/20 foresight for a new vision of a new future. Indeed, we approach a new 20 year cycle with the star of hope, a phenomenal conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 at precisely the moment of the Solstice, (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.) Furthermore, the Sun enters Capricorn to herald the turning point of the new era.

The conjunction of these two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, at the beginning degrees of Aquarius marks some incredible universal timing of the cosmic clock. The sign of Aquarius concerns the higher concepts of the human race. Things such as equality and freedom will become more paramount in our thinking, philosophies, and understanding as we move forward into this new era for humanity. Scientific and technological breakthroughs will also be part of a visionary future. Although it may take some time for the “activation” of the new energy to kick in, we will soon be on the fast track to innovation as well as progressive connections and networking, both intellectually and technologically.

In this regard, trends such as AI (artificial intelligence,) robotics, such as drones and body enhancements, smart drug and nano-tech cures, and internet will be developed and expanded within the next year. Indeed, with Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, now in Taurus, we may also see the development of of high speed travel, both on land (Hyper-loop trains) and in air, and terra-forming, 3-D printing of buildings and homes take shape over the coming year.

We are definitely on the approach to a brave new world in front of us if we can hold on to our focus rather than being swept up in a whirlwind of chaotic twists and turns on the economic front.

These are just brief examples on the physical level of what we can expect in the immediate future, however, we will also be expanding mental capabilities beyond what we have ever known before in the past.

One of the first snags we may see will be, first, Jupiter, with Mercury in the lead, coming into challenge with Uranus just as Mars approaches a meeting with Uranus on January 15th, 2021, where things begin to move too quickly at once. Surprise changes and sudden turns may seem overwhelming early in the New Year. Then, Saturn, in conjunction with Venus, gets in on the challenge to Uranus on February 8, 2021, to try to put the brakes to runaway economic situations. Some of this wild energy also means more rogue and lightening storms, earthquake activity, as well as other atmospheric and magnetic field disturbances.

As we can see, we will be launching onto a wild ride for the coming year. For sure, it may be difficult to be prepared for all the social changes in store for us as we try to aim for moving forward rather than getting stuck in swirling maelstroms.

For now, it is best to stay in the present as much as possible so that we can ride out the transitional energies of a phenomenal week of change in this last month of a by-gone era. We must let go of what we thought we once needed to keep the shearing forces from tearing us up. It starts with beliefs from the old ways of thinking dropping away to allow new beliefs to form and shape our path ahead. Hold on! Star Trek is on the way!

Blessings to us all for the wild journey forward.


Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of December 2020
By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

 YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Sabian Symbol – An oracle clue for each degree of the zodiac
  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction


The Celestial Headlines

The month of December leaves us with the last gasp of the infamous year of 2020. Yet, this month also packs a whollop of an astounding shift in energy. We left November with a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini that stirred up talk of the coming new year. We are still talking about what the future holds for us as the Moon meets with the North Node in the sign of The Twins. We may find ourselves flip-flopping back and forth between two roads, one light and one dark.

December begins with Mars in forward motion and on the approach to an open flow with the the South Node and a boost to the North Node. Hopefully, this means better motivation for better communication using philosophies from the past to extrapolate absolute necessities in the future. It will take a while before Mars actually reaches new territory prior to his retrograde phase in the late degrees of his home sign of Aries. Meanwhile we will be going back over old ground to pick up what we may have missed before. Mars will also have to pass yet another challenge to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn (for the third time) before he can really begin to work things out. However, momentum toward progress can still be made by cleaning up the mess and clearing the rubble to start anew when the time comes to break fresh ground and advance in the new year. We are truly in need of new direction.

Meanwhile, Mercury finishes his tour of Scorpio at long last and moves into the more upbeat sign of Sagittarius on December 1st. We may finally feel a sense of adventure in front of us with possibilities opening up in the New Year. However, we must beware political rhetoric that exaggerates old hat perspectives and philosophies. Sagittarius likes to see what’s over the next hill and keeps his eye and aim on the horizon. Mercury will move forward to meet the South Node on December 13th. It’s good to examine the past to see where mistakes were made. However, this is where we will have to change the patterns of beliefs away from stale philosophies and dogma in order to aim toward the curiosities of the future. Furthermore, Mercury also finds himself in a deep challenge to Neptune, which can cause great confusion between what we think we know and what we must relearn about our perspectives on faith and beliefs. We cannot find spiritual growth if we cling to illusions from the past. Mercury then proceeds to greet the Sun on December 19th, a truly auspicious time for humanity with energy shifts galore and the birth of a new era. (more on this later in the report)

December 2020 also presents a rather splendid New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th. The lunation meets with Mercury to herald a new dawn of exploration and discovery. Yet, we will have to observe caution and not get too ahead of ourselves as Mercury makes a challenge with Neptune that can blur the horizon. Let’s not be so naive as to be taken for a ride of distraction. New Moons always bring new beginnings and solar eclipses hit the reset button on consciousness.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is a South Node eclipse and makes an open flow to Mars that can bring passionate resolve to forge ahead through the mist for the sake of exploration. In many ways we may shed the old beliefs for understanding newly discovered evidence of the meaning of humanity’s purpose on Earth. This may come through either archaeological or space exploration or both. This energy is part of the awakening process for a new era to come.

Meanwhile, Venus makes a loving boost to Jupiter’s meeting with Saturn, which can do a great job in wrapping up business for the holidays. We may get some nice bonuses or other financial aid as Venus slips into Sagittarius on December 15th. At least we are likely to feel more cheer as delays clear up for resolution and we can move on to better things. We will be ready for and attracted to new adventures.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, stations to direct forward motion on December 15th. He does so just as Venus approaches an open flow to him from Sagittarius. It may take a while for Chiron to come up to speed but this can certainly reverse the backward slide, we’ve experienced concerning the corona crisis. We’ve had to pause for research and experimentation while the virus rages on within the global population. However, Venus gives good blessing to Chiron’s forward motion and we may begin to see strides toward healing made through the winter. (Northern Hemisphere)

Saturn is the first to reach the sign of Aquarius in the wee hours of the morning of December 17th. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius so he is fairly comfortable there. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign of high intellect and conceptual thought. Saturn had advanced into this same degree of Aquarius on March 22nd, 2020, soon before his retrograde back into Capricorn. It was then we got a taste of what this energy is about. It’s about the science, especially about how Covid is spread through the air, as well as moving toward a touchless operation of society. Social distancing and the discipline of self-isolation became the standard protocols for dealing with a pandemic. We may pick back up where Saturn left off here, however, this time with better luck as Jupiter closes in for a meeting.

Mercury meets the Sun on December 19th just as Jupiter moves into Aquarius. The energy brings great awakening and startling revelations as well as new pathways to learning and discovery. This is where we can see the bigger picture of human possibilities and venture forth with higher perspectives. Now, with Jupiter’s influence, this could be a more joyful time with the star of hope shining above for equality, prosperity, and generosity. Sharing important discoveries can expand our horizons going forward.

Venus does the talking on December 20th when she throws a loving flow to Chiron, but an awkward angle to Uranus Rx. The world will have to make changes in material operations. Venus asks for better awareness and wants real healing that requires changes in values and prosperity for all. This is not the time for exaggeration, but for careful examination of clear results. For the most part, we will be in for surprising answers from past research.

December 21, 2020

Solstice Wonder

The sign of Aquarius is the backdrop of the human community that works for the cause of the common good. Therefore, Aquarius is a social sign that also has to do with groups of thinking people working together. The lighter side of the sign also has to do with friendships, alliances, and networking information for distribution and circulation of new technology. However, the darker side of the sign has to do with aloofness, coldness, radical thoughts, and spinning in chaotic circles. This Fixed Air sign will be the lens through which Jupiter and Saturn shine at their special meeting on this day of the Winter Solstice. The subject will be about learning new expertise on distribution and circulation logistics. They will also be talking about responsibility of those with means to affect global equality in common goals, such as the pandemic, as well as climate accords.

Jupiter is almost the opposite energy of Saturn. Where Jupiter is the agent of expansion, Saturn is the agent of contraction. While Jupiter in Aquarius will be opening new avenues of learning and intellectual awareness, Saturn, like the scientist, may want to contain everything down to purely objective reasoning. Furthermore, it could feel like we are doing the high-paced breathwork of giving birth to a new dawn of consciousness.

Certainly, we have all heard about the Age of Aquarius for years, and now may well be the time when we, the human race, will evolve in a wave of awakening that expands our horizons. However, while Saturn can be quite cold and unfeeling in his approaches, we will be able to reach for the truth through examination and integration of new concepts.

Jupiter’s time in Aquarius will run shorter than Saturn’s, but Jupiter will lead the way in new expanding ways of thinking and learning. Saturn will define our limits so that we don’t move faster than we can handle the integration of new technology along with new modes of operation. More than likely we will move toward online courses and tutorials as we improve these technological methods of study as well as of distribution of materials and information.

Jupiter will pass through Aquarius in a year while Saturn will take two-and-a half years to make his way through the sign. Jupiter will actually move forward into his ancient home sign of Pisces on May 13, 2021. He will station retrograde on another auspicious day of the Summer Solstice of June 20th, 2021. Jupiter will re-enter Aquarius on July 28, 2021 and stations forward on October 18th, 2021. Jupiter will then move forward to exit Aquarius for good on December 28th, 2021. It will be a year of expanding intellect within humanity.

Saturn will proceed slowly and turn retrograde in May of 2021 until October 2021. Saturn will turn retrograde again in later degrees of Aquarius in June 2022 until October 2022. Saturn will leave Aquarius in March of 2023 and will not return again to the sign for 29 years. Saturn’s trek through Aquarius will sharpen scientific intellect and disciplined technological work within humanity. Clarity of purpose will be the theme for this period of time.

The last time Saturn and Jupiter came together was about 20 years ago on May 28th, 2000 as part of the grand conjunction that year in Taurus. However, this time the two come together very early in the sign of Aquarius on the precise day of the Winter Solstice at 0 degrees and 28 minutes. This time we start a new 20-year cycle in the element of Air, rather than Earth.

The Sabian Symbol for the meeting between Jupiter and Saturn is as follows;

AN OLD ADOBE MISSION IN CALIFORNIA (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) The symbol indicates the necessity for building established centers for community help and learning. However, it is interesting to note how well this symbol accommodates both the energies of Jupiter (beliefs) and Saturn (structures.) These community centers began as churches that strove to make inroads of religion into indigenous cultures, thus the “mission.” While these missions provided necessary support (Saturn) for those in need of food and comfort and aid to the sick, they also pushed foreign beliefs (Jupiter) onto those who believed differently and usurped, restricted, or suppressed native traditions (Saturn.)

The symbol also suggests that we can find common ground in helping those in need in the community without harsh divisions for the sake of equality (Aquarius) and respect (Saturn) for others’ beliefs. We will learn the first lesson quickly concerning human rights and mental health. The emphasis is not on control as it is personal freedom (Aquarius) and support of strength (Saturn) in diversity.

This point of high transition on the Winter solstice also puts the Sun in Capricorn to illuminate where structural integrity or institutional support may be lacking. However, this may have a little less gravitas now that Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, has left the auditorium. The passage of the Sun through Capricorn will shine light in the dark corners where Pluto is hiding things. What has been done by government authority will be brought to legal examination. Mercury’s presence in Capricorn will lead the way to put the eye on responsibility between what was said and what was actually done. Records will show discrepancies.

Mars moves in to challenge Pluto on December 22nd. There could be power plays including aggressive maneuvers by the military. We must be wary of bullying tactics. Meanwhile, Mercury’s challenge to Chiron could bring delays in presenting practical vaccine delivery.

Christmas Eve may be fraught with all kinds of strange problems. Mercury opens a positive flow with Uranus Rx, which can bring unexpected surprises, changes, and/or shocking news. These could be for the better if we know how to take things in stride. However, the Sun challenges Chiron about a rush on unproven health aid when we have yet to see solid results. Meanwhile, the Taurus Moon is the first to challenge the Saturn/Jupiter combo in Aquarius in that we need to take a saner and steadier pace in priority management, especially concerning environmental restructurings. We won’t like the feelings of being stuck but may also feel too tired or overwhelmed to do much.

Venus joins the South Node on December 29th to face-off with the North Node to enhance Neptune’s challenge to both nodes. This brings big karma into play and the possible confusion of cover-ups and deception. Our beliefs may not be in line with our values. We may not be able to see the future for being blinded by our past.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Cancer on the same day puts a challenge on Chiron, but also positive aspects to Uranus Rx. We are facing the changes that sickness and healing bring on in a turning point in history. Our families will never be the same and the emotional toll can be quite acute. Yet, the changes we face could also be the ones that break us free of old stalemates and help us move on to the next priorities.

New Year’s Eve December 31, 2020

New Year’s Eve 2020 features a very difficult challenge from Neptune to the Lunar Nodes. It will be too easy to imbibe too much in celebration, so it will be best to pace ourselves for the sake of safety. We may be happy to see the end of a turbulent and trying year, however, we must have the wits and responsibility for making it to the new one. The late Cancer Moon challenges Mars and we may be feeling somewhat angry or emotionally raw about the way the year has progressed. We stand on the threshold of a new year that we are wishing will be full of promise for the better. However, we may also be feeling trepidation concerning the future. What we may uncover is how we need to face where we have fooled ourselves about the past. This may help clear the fog to see better what lies ahead for us. In the next few days Mars will reach new ground to pioneer a way forward. We may just surprise ourselves at what new possibilities we can explore. One path will lead to repetitive frustration, while the other will lead to open more chances if we have the courage to embrace changes.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,
Margo Cline

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The Cosmic News
Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Gemini
November 30, 2020
by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member


 If we’ve been feeling jittery and scattered then we are in synch with this eclipse lunation. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign that brings us the news and several bits of information that vie for our attention. Every story has its spin and also two sides. Gemini pairs light and shadow for us to integrate and sometimes we bounce back and forth between the two.

Lunar eclipses, even partial ones, bring us a change in emotional response patterns. While part of the moon’s light is obscured, we may find that we are only getting part of the story while another part is being hidden from view. Full Moons bring a kind of emotional polarity and this one is between beliefs and perception of what is occurring around us. Communities are talking about what is happening in their experiences, but are we listening to what is being said? Are we hiding part of the story that we don’t want to hear? Are we able to integrate the full story between light and shadow?

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury currently located at the tail end of Scorpio. This brings up psychological impact on our perception and perspectives. In this case, we may fear what we hear and, therefore, “block” the stinger part of the story that feels decidedly uncomfortable.

However, Mercury is in a support boost angle to Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn, which means that the news is not all bad if we are willing to hear it for what it is. Speaking truth to power will be most important in these highly vulnerable and insecure times. Those with greater wealth may hear the call of responsibility to give back to those who are struggling to make ends meet for the sake of economic stability.

Meanwhile, the darker tale is pulled out by both ends of the polarity with the Sun’s and Moon’s harsh angles to Pluto. This is the part of the story that is hidden in lies, exaggeration, and disinformation. In this case, we must remember that what we don’t know can be held against us by nefarious operators, the shady dealers that want to take advantage of us when we are feeling vulnerable. The power-mongers will have us believe that we are under their control despite what is now being revealed.

The Moon’s side of the equation throws an awkward angle at Venus in Scorpio. We are having to make psychological adjustments in values. In this regard we must remain firm that lives, truth, and justice are way more valuable than just money. Furthermore, the Sun’s side of the equation throws an awkward angle to Uranus Rx in Taurus. In this case we are making major adjustments in our belief standards for the sake of growth in values. In some regards we are becoming aware that change is part of that growth and that our beliefs must align with truth in the full measure of results. (Jupiter/Saturn)

The main theme of this Full Moon Partial Lunar eclipse is that we must look at all the news, whether we perceive it as good or bad, in order to understand the meaning of seeking the truth as our guide forward. We are free to choose what we believe, however, if that choice is not open to connecting with the truth, then we are led astray.

Blessings of Understanding for us all.

Astro-Energy Sky Map: Transits of November 2020

By Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member


The Celestial Headlines

The month of November 2020 still has us under the spell of the Blue Full Moon of October 31st. The Halloween Moon in Taurus jangled our nerves as it was in a full meeting with Uranus Rx. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that dislikes change the most. With Uranus as the cosmic agent of change there, everything from the ground up gets shaken up within both the material and natural worlds. We might even say that things run into the supernatural or paranormal with odd occurrences and strange phenomena. If that’s not Halloween enough for you, I don’t know what is.

November begins right off the bat with two major face-off factors. Venus in her home sign of Libra pulls tension with Chiron Rx. Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun pulls tension with Uranus Rx. Face-off aspects, or oppositions, often push decisions and these are two whoppers occurring at the same time. Venus wants justice and fair trade, yet Chiron Rx represents the Covid pandemic holding us back. There is a balance to be struck between what is needed to keep us safe and well and how we can boost equality and ethical trade within the social realms. The economy is likely to be rattled should we go to lockdown once again. We need beauty and justice for a healthy life. We need culture and connections. However, this could also mean that there is either severe opposition to or delay from confirming the next Supreme Court justice because of contact contamination and the spreading virus.

Then there is the Sun opposition Uranus Rx matter, which brings a rush of illuminated rumbles from the underground. Secrets are revealed that shock the systems for the sake of change. Routing out corruption means a sudden purge of unethical tendencies. By the same token, radical opposition groups are likely to be out on the prowl looking to stir up fearful unrest. Protests are likely. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

Furthermore, Mercury’s Rx challenge to Saturn from Libra makes for all kinds of stalls and delays in the courts and its rulings. The hang-ups, divides, and misgivings are all about a failure or refusal to communicate, suspicion galore, or to keep things tight, on edge, or out of balance. It’s not a good day for negotiations or trade deals and relationships may find blockages or obstacles in their way.

As if all that weren’t enough, the cosmos features a whopping Jupiter-Pluto meeting that puts the topper on extremism within traditional religious/political/philosophical beliefs. Some of these can be deadly as Pluto in the mix and the spread of Covid can testify. This will be the third and final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto and this combo can be quite explosive. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean as in the close encounters with the asteroid kind. Yet, if we can overcome fear enough to see possibilities, we can invoke a power that protects us rather than lead us into rabid and paranoid extremes. Extremes are unsustainable, and therefore, we must let go of any and everything that cannot be upheld for the good of all in order to move forward. The Jupiter-Pluto combo also speaks of exploitation. Those mega-corporations who have profited from the virus crisis may see that they have bitten off more than they can chew and is too much for the rest of us to swallow. It means evolution beyond the greed if we are to survive the darkness.

The good news is that the sweet Taurus Moon sends a beam of hope to the Jupiter/Pluto combo, helping us to stabilize our feelings long enough for patience to override our fear of outcomes. Everything is transforming, which can be quite frightening, yet, the energy is also expanding our chances of reform for the better.

This is how our November begins. It certainly builds tension and pressure within the social, government, and corporate realms. Our material orders of operation are likely to be on target with forthcoming transformations.

Now, to the burning question of the particular date of November 3rd, 2020; Election Day in the U.S. Since there’s a lot to cover, we can skip the 2nd for the moment. Lady Venus in her home sign of Libra, where she is Lady Justice, makes an awkward angle to Uranus Rx. Obviously, there is something out of balance, such as possible voting machine hacking, or just a misplacement of proper or legal values. Everything seems on edge and off-kilter when we are about to make big changes. Meanwhile, the Jupiter/Pluto meeting sends an awkward angle to the North Node in Gemini. This energy brings a lot of static noise, jammed frequencies, and wild, runaway gossip. Chatter about the future will be off the scale with all radios, television, social media, mouths, and opinions blaring. It’s best to beware of the fear-mongers and propaganda with nothing better to do than distract and obfuscate. With a wide double challenge by Neptune Rx to both Lunar Nodes, we can bet that gas-lighting and deception will be afoot in attempts at confusing the perception of results. The energy brings on the big question of whether we are victims or dreamers.

However, the biggest feature of Election Day in the U.S. is the fact that transiting Mercury actually stations to direct forward motion at 1:50 pm (Washington D.C.) Mercury stations in the sign of Libra, asking for balanced perspectives. However, as Mercury is still in a challenge to Saturn, there are likely to see stalls and delays in getting out the appropriate information. There could be all kinds of circular thinking with back-and-forth rhetoric that creates an inability to reach a consensus. However, the Sabian Symbol for the Mercury station at 26 degrees of Libra reads as follows; AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE TURNING CONSTANTLY INTO EACH OTHER (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom.) The symbol speaks of the combination of strength (Eagle) and loving peace (Dove.) If we can use the balance of Mercury’s perspective in Libra, we can bring both energies into good use through integration. We have to see that strength without aggression blends well with the idea of peaceful dialog and cooperation for the greater good. We have to both stand our ground as well as allow listening to new ideas in order to strike that balance. We can only have that balance if we negotiate and communicate in good faith for mutual benefit. However, the tension of creating a balance is also felt with this symbol as this quote from Ms. Hill’s description implies; “This symbol may also indicate that somebody’s behavior is unpredictable and sometimes off-putting. Someone may be rather schizoid and flounder around between one response to another, leading others to wonder what sort of response they are likely to receive at any given time.”

The description indicates that the energy of election day or “decision time” is likely to shift back and forth considerably as Mercury makes his station forward at a crucial and critical time for Americans. The wobble of the scales of justice is intense and it may take some time for things to “shake out” and the information is compiled into something that makes sense.

November 4, 2020 – Twenty-four hours after Mercury’s station forward the Gemini Moon sends an open flow to its ruler, the messenger planet. Public thoughts and discourse are wild and the media chatter is non-stop. We may feel as if we are bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball on the emotional level depending on what kind of news we are getting. This is likely to make us feel quite agitated, scattered, and/or distracted. The Moon also sends an adjustment angle to the Scorpio Sun creating irritation and exposure on emotional levels. However, the Moon sides with her own North Node for a view on the future of choices and perspectives going forward. Meanwhile, Mercury in Libra as ruler of the Moon, in challenge to Saturn, still has to get past the squelch of information that Saturn sets up, with both a push into new territory as well as dealing with conventional bias. The Gemini Moon, herself, also puts out an awkward angle to Saturn, bringing the need for much adjustment in attitude for responsible emotional stability.

November 6, 2020 – The Cancer Moon has emotional reactions to underdeveloped perspectives. Information is still being blocked from the public. We are making adjustments to our view over the past. We may feel maladjusted and need to make decisions, however, everything may feel too exaggerated to make sense as we are exposed to overwhelming fear-mongering and propaganda spin.

November 7, 2020 – The Leo Moon sends an open flow to Chiron Rx that can bring healing joy to our emotional passion. However, the Scorpio Sun sends awkward rays to Mars Rx. There could be problems with security and a lack of prepared response. When in doubt it’s best to investigate motivations or to rest from frenzied activity as passions run high in the aftermath of the election. There could be news of confiscated materials. Egos can also run amok.

November 8, 2020 – The Leo Moon challenges the Scorpio Sun sending intense feelings flying everywhere. Ego eruptions and control dramas are likely. There is much confusion and disclosures of deception come bubbling to the surface to create scandals and obstinate posturing. Information is still being blocked from reaching the public, which creates frustration. Meanwhile, Venus faces off with Mars Rx and the tension builds within alliances as well as relationships. Big decisions will have to be made and we may hear of court rulings or the delays of same.

November 10, 2020 – The Virgo Moon faces off with Neptune Rx and sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx. Analysis is confusing and the balance of justice is being obscured from public view. The propaganda spin is being manipulated for deception, yet also illuminated to show where deception is being generated. Lady justice wants the imbalance to be revealed but she is being held back with the drag on action being taken.

November 11, 2020 – Mercury moves back into Scorpio in forward motion for the second time. We can expect more investigations into interference with proper information being released. Secrets are being withheld and cover-ups are part of the scenery.

November 13, 2020 – Venus sets up good connections with the Lunar Nodal Axis and shows the way to the future. Justice will serve to balance karma from the past and bring restoration to the flow of information against the background of political dogma. Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun sends an awkward ray to the Lunar North Node. Exposure of dodging the truth of the future will only backfire against underhanded leadership. Many leaks of previously hidden information may be in the works. This is a case where some of the gossip may have a kernel of truth in it. Many adjustments will be needed to correct the course. Furthermore, the final stage of the Jupiter-Pluto meeting also sets the stage for major transformations within the political realms. Greed and bribery, as well as financial manipulation (dark money,) including blackmail, will be exposed to rout out corruption. The Jupiter-Pluto effect will reflect the theme of the year of 2020; Ridiculous Extremes. Yet, the big news for this day comes in the form of Mars stationing direct later on in the evening. After long weeks of low morale and frustrating delays, we may finally get a chance to pick up and move forward. Mars will have to shake out the cobwebs of his retreat and face the consequences of his recent actions. Mars stations forward at a critical moment when the Mercury/Moon combo in Scorpio makes a wide opposition to Uranus Rx. Moods and thoughts of the general public are likely to be stirred to the boiling point with anger, resentment, and the need to blow off steam. We could see more rioting, protests, and computer hacking, along with the attempted squelching of a harsh truth. The Mercury/Moon combo also puts an awkward angle on Chiron Rx and another adjustment angle on Neptune Rx. This whips up the fog of confusion over issues related to the Corona Virus and can also bring emotional turmoil and resentment at being misled about our national health conditions.

November 14, 2020 – Lady Venus, still in her home sign of Libra, sends good vibes to the Lunar Nodal Axis. The injustice of the past can be balanced and corrected for the future. Court decisions can be in good favor for the future. Venus also sends a challenge to Pluto, which can offer blocks from the courts on bad policies and dark money. However, the Sun sends a boost to Pluto, which can help illuminate and expose those who have abused power for the sake of personal agendas. Mercury sends an awkward angle to Chiron Rx which can create confusing information concerning the virus pandemic. This could include fear tactics to manipulate or control information. Investigations are ongoing that could bring dark agendas to the surface. Let’s beware of fear-mongering propaganda. However, the Scorpio Moon sends an awkward beam to Mars, which can bring up dark feelings of anger and loathing from those who have lost their way or were tethered too tightly to an outcome. Everyone is likely to feel emotionally uncomfortable at best and resentful at worst. It’s not a good time to go out at night due to possible danger from rogue attacks. Mars in retrograde and stationing to forward motion can act like a spring-loaded reactionary response. Arguments can quickly escalate into serious conflict.

November 15, 2020 – The New Moon in Scorpio forms in the early morning and could reveal some dark emotional secrets. A purge of sorts is erupting while Mercury is still in an awkward angle to Chiron Rx. Pain and anguish can cause regrettable dialog and harsh exchanges. Long-running illness can create fearful dreams and visions of what we perceive to be a dark atmosphere. We will have to take charge of our psychological health lest we get lost in nightmarish thoughts. However, the good news is that the New Moon sends a boost to Jupiter, which can bring a more optimistic view for revealing possibilities through the darkness and a light at the end of the tunnel. Venus’s challenge to the Jupiter-Pluto combo can bring justice to those who would steal away the wealth undercover. Insider trading could meet a wall from the courts.

November 16, 2020 – Mercury once again faces off with Uranus Rx and continues to bring shocks concerning financial maleficence and misappropriations. Theft and deception can be part of the view in this tense atmosphere. Big decisions need to be made to bring big changes. Shake-ups are likely, including actual earthquakes and rogue storms, or riots, rebellions, and protests.

November 18, 2020 – Venus challenges Saturn and brings delays in important decisions. Frustration mounts when justice is denied or stonewalled. Restructuring of values will be part of partnership decisions. Meanwhile, the Scorpio Sun sends a boosting ray to Saturn, which can shine a light on hidden obstructions or reveal secrets as obstacles to understanding serious problems. The Capricorn Moon challenges Mars which can make for frustration in rebuilding a path forward.

November 21, 2020 – Venus moves into Scorpio to bring attraction to underground movements. The rumbles are about money, values, tanking markets, and possible sex scandals or trafficking. Meanwhile, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Mars, which can mean economic struggles in business, hidden or squelched information, heated rhetoric, as well as covert military attacks.

November 22, 2020 – The Sun moves into Sagittarius and can bring more optimistic illumination of the journey forward. However, we must beware of exaggerated propaganda and pompous leadership. Sagittarius is the backdrop sign of our philosophical journey, and while its ruler, Jupiter, is in the sign of Capricorn in a meeting with Pluto, we must take the meaning of our material experience seriously. We must drop away the fear of further exploration of possibilities.

November 23, 2020 – Mercury makes an open flow to Neptune Rx, which could bring good news about a vaccine for the Covid pandemic. However, the sensitive Pisces Moon meets Neptune Rx to bring dreams of ending the illness that has plagued us for so long. Yet, we must not get caught up in wishful thinking until there is a full investigation of effectiveness. We must also be mindful of very wet weather and flooding. Emotional intensity can also run as high tides.

November 24, 2020 – Emotions may run hot as the Aries Moon meets with Chiron Rx to express painful actions concerning public health. However, with Mars picking up steam in his home sign of Aries, we may be able to take reasonable action toward healing.

November 26, 2020 – The Sun opens a flow with Chiron Rx while Venus faces off with Uranus Rx. We may be promised the moon and the stars but we will have to want to see the truth in where leadership has brought us on issues of public health cures and care methods. The markets are in an uproar and big decisions for change will have to be made. Both banks and Wall Street will have to adjust to a new and quickly evolving economic reality. Meanwhile, the Aries Moon is hot in challenges to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. The public will not be thrilled with government control of or attacks on integral social institutions.

November 27, 2020 – The only way to any decent stability will be to make big changes in values and markets as the Taurus Moon sides with Uranus Rx. We may be surprised to see breakthroughs, yet we are also facing economic turmoil in many ways. Meanwhile, Mercury sends a boosting signal to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, which can reveal control tactics, greed, and authoritarian propaganda. Where they are clearly seen, these tactics can be called out, faced, and addressed. Big corporations are manipulating the money and power and maybe caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

November 28, 2020 – The Sun sends an awkward ray to Uranus Rx. Mercury sends a boosting signal to Jupiter. However, Venus is still in a face-off with Uranus Rx. Leadership may struggle against necessary changes in markets and values. Shocks are likely to charge up major realizations if markets are simply “propped up” and are really unsustainable.

November 29, 2020 – Neptune, Lord of the seas, stations to forward motion in Pisces, the sign that he rules. He does so in a wide double challenge to both Lunar Nodes. Neptune has been retrograde since June 23, 2020. With the station forward, the fog and confusion may begin to subside, and we may even begin to see a way through to progress on coronavirus relief on the medical front. However, this aspect to the Lunar Nodes tightens its grip and will take a while before it becomes exact on January 6, 2021. We may be hanging in the balance for public health to improve through the Winter holidays when families tend to gather. As in the past (South Node) with the Spanish Flu raging through the world, we will have to learn from history to affect a better outcome for the future (North Node.) We are all sailing the same seas during a pandemic, so we must take responsibility for not doing traditional gatherings for the sake of general and social health. This is why it is a good idea more than ever to stock up on supplies as best as possible for the coming months so that we can keep households small to maintain health stability.

November 30, 2020 – A Full Moon shines bright in the Gemini air. It also brings tension between hearsay and beliefs. Both ends of the lunation are in awkward angles to Pluto/Jupiter, where scandals and greed are exposed. The news spreads like wildfire as Mercury, still in Scorpio, in a boost signal to Jupiter/Saturn, brings out the shadows of theft of wealth by those in charge of an overvalued market system.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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Strange Magic

Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus

October 31, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS member

Night sky with clouds stars and full moon

Night sky with clouds and Blue Full Moon

This is, indeed, the spookiest time of year. This rare Blue (second in one month) Full Moon is just in time for Halloween and at its best power in the sign of Taurus. (exalted) Still, with the Scorpio Sun building tension, it may sound like it’s full of Bull. However, the hidden treasure is that this lunation is also quite full of rare magic. Trick-or-treating and parties may be limited during the pandemic but the energy is abundant for more supernatural qualities than any Halloween ever before.

You see, this Full Moon shares a spot in the sky with the cosmic agent for big change, Uranus Rx. Uranus is the radical, the oddball, the weirdo, and the genius of our solar system. He pushes the conceptual envelope with his flair for innovative surprise. When this character, even in retrograde, is parked next to a Full Moon our feelings run wild and we howl for freedom. Somehow, the pent-up creative within us has to come out and it does so in strange ways. The Moon even looks blue on this rare occasion. We may even see other odd things in the mental sky as well. We can expect the unexpected mood swings and emotional revelations. It’s as weird as it gets.

You see, Taurus is a backdrop sign for mother earth and all her natural living beings. However, Taurus is also the backdrop of money and values, plus all things material. The sign of the Bull is Fixed Earth and just wants peace in his meadow and all the greens he can eat. Taurus likes a steady pace without the rush. Taurus is the sign that dislikes change the most, while the planet Uranus gets bored rather quickly with the same, old, plodding routine. Uranus wants the future to hurry up and get here. The future, in this case, is AI and automatic everything online, new tech everywhere, and alternative methods for doing practical things. Home-building, for example. Three-D printed, anyone?

However, what this also means is that when Uranus turns to forward motion early in the New Year, we may also see great strides forward in alternative energy resources that spare the eco-damaging way we use energy now. Climate change is getting more radical and more costly now to ignore. Uranus will have us open our eyes to finding new ways for saving the Earth, the home-base commons for all humanity.

Herein lies the root of the problem with the Sun in Scorpio. Who do we trust when change gets radical? What behavior is expected when one is let out of a cage? This time we may want to symbolically strip off the mask of coronavirus and be free of it for good. However, we also love it that when humanity is in lockdown how the environment gets a break. It’s time to develop a higher-minded understanding of the symbiotic relationship with our planet. It is the only way to come back into balance, both with ourselves and universal energy.

During this lunation, these wild feelings have to go somewhere and the shadows cast by this Full Moon come alive. With the presidential election only three days away, everyone may feel edgy and anxious in anticipating the outcome. If this Full Moon is any indication, strange endings are occurring and we can bet that our deeper senses are both shaken AND stirred.

Deep within us lies the desire to connect with all of nature. Even if the sky is full of lightning, we can receive the energy and power-driven by this electrically charged Full Moon. The best we can do is ground ourselves well enough to take on the full charge of major changes within the material world. This includes the kind of energy that hits the power button on the awakening consciousness of humanity.

This Full Moon is ruled by Venus, by now in her other home sign of Libra. This lends an air of justice, peace, and balance, even though Uranus Rx may rattle us to the bone. The markets fluctuate all over the place and the economy hangs in the balance. Venus in Libra is Lady Justice – blind, but calling out for the grace of truth. The problem is that Venus will be in a face-off with Chiron Rx at the time of this Full Moon.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer. In his retrograde phase, Chiron nurses the wound within, the one no one else can see. In Aries, Chiron is the wounded warrior, who needs to tend to his headaches off the battlefield. He is in retreat to heal his wounds of battle. This is especially so when Mars, the warrior, is himself in retrograde retreat AND in his home sign of Aries.

Mars doesn’t like being incapacitated. He doesn’t like being held back when there’s so much to do. This is the frustration building up from the coronavirus interrupting progress and disrupting normal operations. Therefore, along with Mercury’s retrograde, we may have been feeling lackluster, even lethargic or bored these past few weeks. With a surge in new illness, we are feeling weak, however, as with all universal energy, there will be corrections for balance between light and dark.

With the opposition aspect from Venus, the Chiron wound is about an imbalance in values between justice and healing. This is not only about the handling of the corona crisis, but also about healing a deep burn of social values. We can see this clearly play out in society with racial and social equality on the scales. It is not war, but justice that must prevail. It is not only sickness, but social and mental health that needs attendance. It is not massive greed, but equality that means peace in the world.

Yes, there is pain in this Full Moon, but also a chance to make different decisions for the sake of humanity. The future is at stake as the powerful oncoming Jupiter/Pluto meeting makes a strained angle to the North Node in Gemini. The old, patriarchal, hierarchical beliefs are eroding and dissolving so that new ideas can come forth to lead on the path ahead. We are at a crossroads in history and major adjustments and changes in the course to the future are needed now. The time of wealth imbalance must be shown to make hardship for others who will no longer tolerate or support the manipulation for money and power. The time is now, at our feet and in our face. Uranus insists on it.

Furthermore, Mercury Rx at the time of this Full Moon makes a very sharp square to Saturn. Here, again, is a turning point offered from alliances of the past to allow a casting off of old patterns of relating that no longer support balance or sustainability. In this regard, we can learn from history where things went wrong and to make for new negotiations to create justice and equality for all.

The Halloween Blue Full Moon will send a jolt through the ground to stir up the mists from the graveyards of old. Those that haunt will point the way to the future if we dare to see and face the specter of change. The faces of those things to come will shape, form, and manifest on the path in front of us. We must take up the rare moment of using our thoughts to focus on the future and prepare for the magic of great awakenings.

Blessings for a safe and magical Halloween!

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Deep Memories – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
October 13-November 3, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline

As if 2020 couldn’t get any more heavy, we approach another Mercury retrograde period. Mercury, the planet of communication and interaction, stalls out in the hyper-sensitive and secretive sign of Scorpio. No one wants to really talk. Most of us want to pull the covers over our heads and wait for the rain to stop. This is a time of deep reflection and we want our privacy to nurse our buried memories.

Whenever Mercury moves backward things don’t usually go well. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, along with computer, vehicle, and technical difficulties usually arise to create snafus. This time the effects are quite emotional, to the point where feelings are easily hurt and suspicion frames our perspectives. We must give ourselves extra time to get anywhere and be very careful on the road at this time. We can also be very easily creeped out and have fearful thoughts just in time for Halloween.

Mercury stations reverse on the evening of October 13th and may bring on some rather intense dreams involving issues of the past. We may wonder what happened to some of the people in our lives that once seemed important to us and simply faded away. We may think of loved ones that we’ve lost to time and the emotional weather. We may sense that there is still something important to learn from them, since our memory of them intensifies at this time of year when the veil between worlds becomes thin.

We may hear whispers of things once said, heard, or felt that still echo in our emotional halls. We need time to rest and retreat and to honor the ancestors. Mercury in our deeper thoughts will want to revisit all the dark corners of our minds where feelings have accumulated and the cobwebs have grown thick. The whispers ask the main question of “Do you remember?”

Mercury in retrograde prepares to revisit his face-off with Uranus Rx in Taurus on October 19th where the shadows are stirred into surprise revelations. We may have missed something at the first pass on October 5-6 that now comes back into review. Whatever was lost at that time can be reclaimed to process the in depth emotional results. Mercury will pass this way again in forward motion on November 16-17. So if we are feeling the ghosts, we are not alone, even though it may seem that we have our private demons to wrestle in a world gone awry.

This Mercury retrograde period may seem doubly intensified because it coincides with Mars already in retrograde motion. Therefore, if we’ve already felt lackluster with little motivation, we can bet that the universe is giving us extra time to restore physical and emotional strength for the coming changes in energy and for the rest of this intense year of 2020. It’s okay to have a good cry, especially on October 17th when the Moon gets in on the Scorpio rumble. It flushes the mind and heart of toxic, emotional sludge.

Mercury will back up into a meeting with the Scorpio Sun on October 25th to shine some light on these memories from the past. We must not let fear from the past overcome our present to stain the future. Yet we must face the fact that our lives and connections going forward will change to meet a new future.

Mercury will then retrograde back into Libra on October 27th. This changes the expression of Mercury to connect with memories of relationships from the past. There will be more thinking rather than emoting in this regard. Mercury then backs into a challenge with Saturn on October 31st. This may bring up a realization of necessary change in direction from the view of past karma. Trick-or-treating will certainly have a different tone with Covid being in major influence. Safety will be the watchword. With the Scorpio Sun in direct opposition to Uranus Rx, along with the Taurus Moon next to Uranus Rx, we can bet that the public is ready for major changes that are already on the horizon and that important decisions will have to be made. The markets are also likely to take shocks.

Mercury will station to forward motion on November 3rd, Election Day in the United States. He then lingers in the challenge to Saturn for the sake of justice in authority. We will need to see the turning of the wheel for better integrity and the restructuring of operations moving forward. (stay tuned for the November report for more details.)

Blessings of Healing Memories for us all.


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map
for the transits of October 2020

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

Rx = retrograde

Face-off = opposition

Open Flow = trine

Support Boost = sextile

Challenge = square

Awkward Angle = quincunx

Meets with = conjunction\

The Celestial Headlines

(see more detail below under power days)

* * * *

The month of October 2020 brings us into the scales of justice as the Sun tracks through Libra, the sign of relationships and balance. Cooperation is the theme for Libra, however, at the beginning of the month we are back to the Mars retrograde conflicts as he challenges Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter once again.

October begins with a Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron Rx, the Wounded Healer, and will be playing a pivotal role to color the month as Mars tracks backward in his home sign of Aries. However, Mars does not recede back far enough to reach a meeting with Chiron again. Yet, this Full Moon is packed out with inflammation of all kinds. Indeed, the month of October is bookended with Full Moons with the second of two Full Moons appearing on the 31st of All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced Sowen) in the pagan world. (more on this below)

Meanwhile, Venus jumps signs from Leo to Virgo early in the month. Venus is strong here in the sign of the Maid and will serve to activate environmental awareness as well as an attraction to accuracy, efficiency, and fruitful harvests.

Pluto stations to forward motion, the last of the three big planets traversing Capricorn to do so. His power is about the deconstruction of the old social/government/corporate order for the sake of reform and to push rebirth of new structures that are supportive and sustainable. By the time of the Winter Solstice, capitalism will move on different runners having shot its wad with dismal results. Community is what matters now and for the future.

Mercury makes powerful aspects before turning retrograde mid-month and slowing everything down to investigate malfunctions and secrets.

The Libra Sun challenges all the Capricorn planets just as the New Moon forms mid-month. It’s likely to be a very volatile ride up to the general election. Many lessons will be learned on up to the karmic level of proper functioning for all. For, the historic record of corrupt governments and greed is always failure on profound levels. Balance, justice, and fair trade for mutual benefit are what matter most now.

Mercury Rx has a secret meeting with the Sun in Scorpio where nefarious deals may be struck. Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades back into Libra just as Venus moves into her home sign of Libra. Justice will be a big part of the role of karma to be played out in the here and now.

The Full Moon at the end of the month is conjunct Uranus Rx in Taurus. We will be in for big changes from the ground up by the time October draws to a close. Who knows what ghosts will come back to haunt from the past?

Power days of October 2020

October 1st brings on a Full Moon blazing like a lighthouse beacon in the sign of Aries. The lunation meets with Chiron Rx and may bring a howl of pain and anguish from the public. Wounds of the past, both personal and within emotional relationships, may be up for culmination and review. We must find new and pioneering ways toward healing. With Aries’s ruler, Mars, now in retrograde motion, this is a good time to work on physical rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the Sun side of the equation is in a face-off with Chiron Rx and an awkward angle to Uranus Rx. This can bring sudden changes and painful adjustments, possibly in judgments from others in relationships or from the courts. There is also the possibility that the military will buck ranks if given an illegal order. The military may question leadership and refuse orders. Let’s remember that the ruler of Aries, Mars, is now in reverse motion and may delay movements in question.

There’s a lot more going on in the sky during this Full Moon phase. Mars Rx is challenging Saturn but in favorable connections to the Lunar Nodes. This may have to do with the military challenging authority, or that old standards in the military will be tested and need modification to suit current situations and for the future. The missions to Mars may have to adjust technology in some way. As Mars moves closer to Earth during his retrograde phase, there may be a necessary refit of strategy. We will have to review the past so as not to get snagged in repeating painful mistakes that create obstacles for the future.

Meanwhile, the North Node begins to drift into an awkward angle to Pluto Rx, which is a long running transit. The future may look bleak as there is much damage to repair. However, there could also be good use of “retreat” in order to redress old problems in preparation to rebuild in more sustainable ways. Communities must take precautions to protect themselves from illness as well as a hard winter.

Venus moves into Virgo on October 3rd. Venus is fairly comfortable here in a fellow Earth sign, sister, in a way, to the Earth sign she rules of Taurus. Venus in Virgo brings an attraction to thinking through the details and methods of practical matters. We need good order and efficiency with the use of our time and to get supplies in readiness. We will also need to stay ready for good health practices and to prevent disease as colder weather approaches. We also need to focus on drawing in the harvest and prepare for winter. As long as we can make practical improvements instead of getting addicted to perfection, we can be in good shape and preparedness for the coming winter months.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx. This could be not so great news on the Covid front, however, there could be adjustments in the timeline of a vaccine. The good news is that the Taurus Moon sends an open flow to her ruler, Venus. There is a kind of calming peace when we know that progress is being made to balance things out.

Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, stations to direct forward motion on October 4th. He does so just in time to receive a challenge from Mars Rx. This is a day of power plays, manipulation, and revelation. There may be mutinies afoot and loyalties will have to be proven before trust can be restored.

Mercury faces off with Uranus Rx on October 5thThis is volatile energy where quick decisions are make or break. There could be revelation of blackmail in the works. One way or another information leaks could come fast as lightening and the news is abuzz with underground chatter. With Pluto’s tightening awkward angle to the North Node, there are big transformations of power that change the course of the future.

Venus sends awkward angles to both Chiron Rx and Mars Rx on October 8thThis brings scrutiny to either invasive maneuvers or neglect of the recent past. There could also be more inflammation of either the CV or a suspicion of too quick a vaccine being brought out. The lady says “something ain’t right.” It’s best to only make adjustments after verifying crucial facts.

Venus sends an open flow to Uranus Rx on October 9th. This brings about quick changes to health-care procedures. Somehow, a breakthrough is made, either on the economic front or in medical technology.

The Sun challenges Jupiter and sends an awkward angle to Neptune Rx on October 10thThere could be an attempt of deception with leadership and the courts. Bribery could also be involved. It’s best not to take any risky chances as scams and shady deals could be afoot. When in doubt, it’s a no.

On October 11th the Gemini Moon meets with her own North Node and sends out a challenge to both Mercury and Uranus Rx. Information may be scrambled at best and gossip runs wild. However, the public is abuzz with nervous talk about the future. Secret changes that were made may become public and it can create anxiety. Computer hacking, data breeches, and invasion tactics could be part of the scene. There could be news of launching new technology about which the public is quite skeptical. However, we will be on the verge of a new vision for the future.

October 13th brings more volatile energy as the Sun faces off with Mars Rx and challenges Pluto. Here comes an illegal order from leadership to the military. Much apprehension and many repercussions could be the result. This could be very destructive. Meanwhile, Mercury stations to retrograde motion in Scorpio facing off with Uranus Rx. We can certainly expect sudden and frightening announcements, attempted cover-ups, and/or secrets revealed.

Mars Rx challenges Jupiter on October 15thThis could bring more court entanglements or a judge may recuse himself from an important case. It is also possible that banks ease up on student loans and interest rates to help with economic difficulties during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Libra Sun makes positive connections with the Lunar Nodes, which could help balance out a way forward with new legal procedures.

October 16th brings on a New Moon hiding in the Libra night. It challenges Pluto and we may see court rulings against corrupt practices in governments as well as corporate profiteering. The gougers will get a strike against them for the sake of economic repair. The lunation is also in good stead with the Lunar Nodes, which could help with issues of social justice and the police systems of treatment.

Venus faces off with Neptune Rx on October 17th and brings evidence of cover-ups and scandals. Discernment needs to be the main ingredient for making big decisions. They say the “devil is in the details” and this is one of those times when it pays to do good research and get referrals. Meanwhile, the Moon joins up with Mercury Rx and faces off with Uranus Rx. Dirty secrets come up from the bottom. There may be much talk about surprise information leaks.

Venus sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx on October 18th. Evidence tangles with intentions as some men may be grilled and questioned in front of a body of peers. Polls and surveys may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, the Sun challenges Saturn on the same day, making for legal headaches and protocols. It’s time to come clean on responsibilities and abuse of authority. The good news is that Venus opens flow with lucky Jupiter, which could bring out good economic tendencies or more possible vaccine candidates to combat disease.

A Grand challenge fills the sky on October 20th. The Sagittarius Moon challenges Venus while Venus challenges both Lunar Nodes, with the Moon joining the South Node. People will want to cling to the beliefs of the past but the information is counter-intuitive. This is a matter of choice of which way to go when the future is at stake. Turning-points are everywhere. Meanwhile, Neptune Rx also challenges both Lunar Nodes. We must beware smoke and mirrors deceptions as some will wax nostalgic to keep us in the same patterns they can more easily manipulate like sheep. We must learn to think past the fog and make turning-point, transitional choices. Meanwhile, on the same day, Venus opens flow to Pluto. This could mean a big release of profound evidence of corruption, so that clean-up can begin. What was hidden was an important detail of suppressed information.

Mercury Rx sends an awkward signal to Chiron Rx on October 22ndThis could be more unsavory news about the handling of the Covid pandemic. Information leaks of all kinds could spill everywhere. A big, invasive storm, either Covid, secrets, or literal weather could be in the works. This could be another political publication as well with Venus’s open flow to the Jupiter-Moon meeting. This could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, or the key that breaks a case wide open.

Venus sends an open flow to Saturn on October 24th. This is where good research and hard work pay off. If we’ve paid attention to details and have thoroughly combed the evidence we can really present a case well. It’s a good time to ask for a loan or raise as approval is available.

Mercury Rx meets the Sun on October 25th. The meeting in Scorpio can either bring up more evidence or try to create more secrets or tricky deals, including bribery or blackmail. However, there’s also a chance of leadership getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Whatever is up we will see again when Mercury moves forward to reach this point again later in November.

On October 28th Mercury recedes back into Libra just as Venus moves into her home sign of Libra. Mercury may be called upon to cooperate with investigations and someone will spill the beans of illegal or underhanded deals. In Libra, Venus is Lady Justice, ready to take on the big issues including social and relationship negotiations.

Legal action is likely to address alliances for good or ill. Meanwhile, the Sun in Scorpio sends an awkward ray to Chiron Rx in a meeting with the Moon. There may be much squirming and begging to an angry/wounded public.

More anger ignites the public domain as the Aries Moon meets with Mars Rx on October 29th. This can bring on more rioting if social issues are not addressed.

A Full Moon in Taurus fills the sky on October 31stThe lunation meets with Uranus Rx and big changes are on the horizon. It’s like a bull in a china shop. The bull may be stubborn against change but there is no stopping the momentum when the realizations come crashing in. This could be about the economy or it could be earthquakes that shake up the need for practical necessities. The spring-loaded culmination in the Full Moon makes room for the changes that must come from being suppressed for so long. Like a rubber band snapping, we know that things cannot remain the same without major problems building more tension. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx challenges Saturn and we could hear of more court battles against authority. The announcements could come quickly and the news is thick with shocks and surprise judgments.

On the same day, Venus faces off with Chiron Rx. Decisions must be made that could be painful or healing if taken in balance. We may have to compromise by going back to quarantine if a vaccine is not forthcoming or the spread of disease is on the rise again. We must make an informed choice with the right data. We must be careful of fear-mongering and worry. For some may use statistics to manipulate or influence the public. However, it is up to discernment to make a balanced decision for the sake of health-care issues.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer,

Margo Cline

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Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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The Retreat – Mars Retrograde
Sept. 9-Nov. 14, 2020

(scroll down for previous forecasts)

The retrogrades this year have been heavy and thick with swirling currents. You might say that this Summer has been infamous for retrograde action, such as moving backward against with the spread of COVID, enduring no progress on stimulus funds, plus no progress in police reform or social rights improvements. We continue to tumble over ourselves with retrogrades while at this time we have Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all in backward motion.

This year has been different in terms of retrogrades. It is rare that both Venus and Mars retrograde in the same year. It happened in 2018 and here we are again in 2020, where everything seems to have slowed to a crawl, including the U.S. mail, if not gone on standby or backwards. Earlier in the year Venus went retrograde and now Mars gets ready to retrace his steps in his home sign of Aries.

Mars has been in his home sign of Aries since June 28th, and has served to ramp up overly yang influence and aggressive tendencies. Mars in his primitive state just wants the basics, to eat, to sleep, to procreate, to compete for territory, and the spoils of battle/sports. This is the projective, male side of ourselves and it gets physical rather quickly. Surely, we’ve seen of late that with no sports or recreation outlets for these physical tendencies, how the shadow side of Mars in his home sign emerges in violence and mayhem. A part of us needs that physical outlet to release static tension.

We have also seen the fiery front of Mars in forward motion these past six weeks in terms of aggressive wildfires, confrontational or adversarial attitudes and behavior, social unrest and argumentative interviews. With Mars these last few days in challenge to Jupiter Rx, Pluto Rx, and Saturn Rx, respectively, we have seen greed in the form of corporate profiteering, power plays and snortings of domination and bullying, as well as invasive authoritarianism. It is not a fun thing to think we will be revisiting these challenges in the weeks to come.

It’s fair to say that with Venus in Cancer these past few weeks we have felt our share of anger and frustration. Everything needs adjustments to social changes and the pace is more than crazy. We have felt the restrictions to our desire to get out and move around. Work has piled up and it’s hard to keep up the rush and push that Mars in Aries wants to go. In this regard, if we feel like we need to wind down, then we are feeling the pullback that Mars retrograde brings on.

The problem is that Mars in reverse is disoriented and just wants to hold out for resupply and new strategy. The gas runs out of the mower and battle fatigue sets in. We may feel lackluster with a loss of drive and direction. We may feel bored or a need for withdrawal from pushing anything. We may sense the need for overview and overhaul of our intentions.

Furthermore, Mars moves backward into a challenge with Saturn Rx on September 29th, yet opens a grand flow in the skies with Venus in Leo and the South Node in Sagittarius. This pretty much means that no matter how much we may want to go back to “normal” we just cannot go back the way we came. The Archer’s arrow only shoots one way. The only way out is through this time of passionate exploration of fresh ideas for the future. We have huge, turning-point decisions to make. No matter the distractions we will have to keep focus on the future and retool for the big changes to come.

Mars then backtracks into a challenge with Pluto freshly stationed forward on October 8th. We will be weighing out the ramifications of power plays that “bullied” ourselves into a corner. The predators will have to face justice in the long run, as Mars will be back at this point again before the end of the year. The good news is that Mars Rx will at the same time be in favorable connection with the Lunar Nodes. This is like backtracking for miles and finally finding the missed cut-off in the woods. This back-trail approach may put us on the right path if we are willing to bide our time on arrival.

The next re-challenge for Mars Rx comes on October 19th when he conflicts with Jupiter. This can be a judicial decision or a big transition in the markets as businesses prepare for the Christmas season. We could see more bankruptcies, restructurings, and foreclosures. However, we may also see a reining in of runaway corporate profiteering with a judgment of price-gouging during a crisis.

After all that, Mars Rx pretty much cools his jets until he finds himself in a face-off with his cosmic lover, Venus, on November 9th. However, the lady is in her home sign of Libra and therefore, very strong, while Mars is weaker in retrograde. There may be big doses of humble pie served along with justice. We could see a lady of high legal standing take on the established male privilege and hand him his walking papers. We must look for big announcements about big decisions from the courts on this day. For, the lady may be blind but she can certainly smell the stink.

Mars then stations to forward motion on the evening of November 13th. From then on he has another clash with Venus before moving to favorable connections with the parade of planets through Sagittarius. Mars has another challenge to Pluto on December 23rd. The Moon joins in and anger fills the air as more power plays challenge standard procedure. By this time the whole energy-scape has changed from the Winter solstice’s meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in a new sign of Aquarius. Nothing short of freedom will do for the year’s finale of 2020.

Let us find ways to be physically productive while reworking our intentions until Mars stations forward on November 14th. We have a long Winter ahead and getting prepared could be the best we can do during Mars’s retrograde phase. Meanwhile, we will have to take time to tend to our physical conditions. Muscle stretches, a good supportive diet, and gathering wood for the stove and exercise are good forms of self care. Hiking and camp-outs are also good measure for we can contemplate our next big move while we are tending to our physical needs. We must retreat to rest, restock, and fight another day.

Blessings of courage and patience, dear ones!


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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The Dance of Dreams – Full Moon in Pisces
September 2, 2020

 by Margo Cline, Astrologer and MAAS Member

(scroll down for previous forecasts)

It’s time to get ready for illusions of all kinds when we greet this Full Moon in Neptune’s watery domain of Pisces. Waves of emotional feeling rise and crash during this Full Moon to the point where we are tossed around internally. We shouldn’t be surprised if we feel seasick and disoriented.

Pisces is the sign where mystery, imagination, psychic and esoteric phenomenon play with our mental capacities. Intuition is heightened and sensitivity is at a peak during this Full Moon. We may be grabbed by subtle forces as we undertake navigation through stormy and misty seas.

This Full Moon puts a harsh angle on Pluto retrograde. It is sensitive to feeling manipulated and gaslighted. We can be easily deceived if we’re not careful of charity scams or bogus commercial invasion. The same Moon puts an adjustment angle on Venus, making for the need to cocoon with our dreams against the external harshness of the world.

However, the good news is that we’re up for big changes in our living conditions as this Moon sends a big boost to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus brings surprises of all kinds and we may feel a yearning for freedom in this connection. With the Sun’s side of the lunation equation in an open flow to Uranus Rx, we want the freedom to think and work for ourselves. If we sense sea changes in our relationships then we want the open minded chance to craft our own path forward. However, with Uranus in retrograde, these insights and psychic feelings will be mostly internal, as in something to save through the winter in order to bloom early next year. Indeed, the anticipation of great change can offer incubation for alternative approaches of operation. Breakthroughs are possible if we are open to new insights and viewpoints.

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is quite turbulent. Mercury finds himself in a double challenge to the Lunar Nodal axis as well as an adjustment angle to Uranus Rx. It’s going to be a bumpy karmic ride as the waves of the past crash behind us and new ones form for the future. There will be consequences for our intentions and which side of history we operate on. How we set our sails and steer our boats through the next few weeks will take a kind of surrender for leaving behind what has not brought peace or resolution. Yet, Mercury also opens a flow to Saturn Rx, which can bring better announcements of cohesion in thinking through responsive communication.

Venus says almost the same thing in her awkward angle to the South Node and her face-off with Saturn Rx. She wants to shuck away the old stuff that just clutters her home and learn from what history has hard taught. We may feel unappreciated for keeping a tidy home, but the efforts will pay off in the long run. However, hard work can bring rewards if we carefully choose priorities and make responsible decisions. What we’ve been attracted to in the past may no longer hold our interest.

Furthermore, Venus is still within challenge range of her lover, Mars, and relationships have been stressed with heavy, personal responsibility. Work and more work just seems like endless burden when communication and strategy are missing from the necessary operations.

Mars, himself, is tied up in a challenge to Saturn Rx. He is tripping up on a need to restructure strategy as he prepares for a long sleep in retrograde. This will mean a retreat back to the drawing board when it comes to reworking motivation and drive, However, it may serve to tone down the overly yang and aggressive tendencies we’ve seen of late. Mars will be working more in the background and we may see a deceleration in rioting and violent protests as Mars moves backward in the next few weeks. A kind of withdrawal from the bitterness and aggression will become a personal responsibility with more rest and the need for quiet moments away from the chaos.

This Full Moon brings a softer light and stokes a yearning for more compassion that we’ve seen of late. Our feelings are in want of tenderness and understanding. We must speak softly, for those who cannot hear an angry shout may strain to hear a whisper. Those whispers may be the voices of the ancestors advising the taking up a higher path forward in a compassionate partnership with all. After all, life is a dance of fleeting dreams. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” wrote the Bard. Let us dream some beautiful ones of peace.

Sweet thoughts, prayers, and dreams for us all, dear ones!


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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Astro-Energy Sky Map: The Transits of September 2020

 By Astrologer and MAAS Member Margo Cline

YOD – (pronounced yode) Known as the “Finger of Fate” or the “Finger of God” aspect. These complex aspects act as pointers to what needs adjustment for the sake of necessary change and improving conditions.

  • Rx = retrograde
  • Face-off = opposition
  • Open Flow = trine
  • Support Boost = sextile
  • Challenge = square
  • Awkward Angle = quincunx
  • Meets with = conjunction


The Celestial Headlines

The month of September 2020 puts up many concentrated shifts in energy as the Sun tracks through the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo. The mutable mode is about transition and in the Earth element we will see all sorts of climate, mudslide, or earthquake situations on the ground that can possibly change the landscape. Furthermore, for the sign of Virgo, we will see a backdrop of analysis of data. All sorts of poll-taking, questionnaires, and surveys may reach for our attention.

The downside of Virgo is a tendency to nit-pick, criticize, focus on flaws, and the seeking of perfection that doesn’t sit well for timing in delicate situations. There is also a tendency to get laser-eyed or lost in minutiae and details, instead of widening the field of view. Virgo can also trend towards OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or hypochondria that gets tied in with worry if tasked too much or feeling overwhelmed.

However, the brighter side of Virgo is great organization, cleanliness, and good timing. So, now would be a good time to sort things out within home and business operations with an eye and vision for improvement. Furthermore, the Virgo backdrop can use their natives well in that their insistence on good health practices and their microscopic focus can certainly come up with remedies and methods for preventing or curing illness. The absolute best use of Virgo Time is a sense of efficiency in all matters in order to make the best use of our time.

September is always a transitional month, hosting as it does the Autumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere.) For that matter, Mercury has already entered his home sign of Virgo as of last month, and our perspectives and perceptions shifted to ones of analysis of sequential information. More than likely, we’ve seen more probes and questioning concerning investigative reports and journalism. However, Mercury will move signs twice in September, scouting the way forward and bringing quickly changing viewpoints and perspectives.

Furthermore, both Mercury and Venus skip signs on the same day of September 5th when Mercury moves into Libra, and Venus enters Leo. Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, is fairly comfortable in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra. Our thoughts and perspectives will turn to justice and fair trade. Venus is the queen of hearts in the Fixed Fire sign of Leo. Our attractions turn to romance, shared talents, and creative endeavors.

Mars goes a little rogue as he stations to retrograde motion in his home sign of Aries on September 9th. He will not move forward again until November 14th. Furthermore, in the space of three days, we will have no less than seven planets retrograde at the same time. We may feel a sense of battle fatigue or a need to retreat, along with boredom and a lack of drive or initiative.

Luckily enough, the time of massive retrograde is fairly short as Jupiter stations to forward motion on September 12th. We may hear of more political publications, school situations, and judicial matters in the next few weeks to come. The expansion of business trade may also bring more stimulus money to boost the economy.

The Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd leaves a lot to talk about with many aspects plus a YOD formation filling the sky. (Scroll down for more detail.)

Meanwhile, another major YOD forms on September 26th the same day that Mercury enters Scorpio. (See below for more detail.)

Saturn, the taskmaster planet, stations to forward motion on September 28th. This will leave five planets in backward motion. However, Mercury will station retrograde next month and will not go forward again until the day of the General Election on November 3rd!

Power days of September 2020

Venus faces off with Saturn Rx on September 1st. This can bring up a lot of important decisions to be made concerning school structuring, home values, budget and billing issues, and repair work. We will have to take responsibility for home security as well. Venus also casts and awkward angle to the South Node, which could indicate adjustments concerning beliefs of the past and how they move as emotional value about a sense of belonging, whether to a family group, ideological community, or church group. Our attractions will be about home-related priorities, budget concerns, and social conditions.

A Full Moon shines over the Pisces Ocean on September 2nd. The lunation sends a support boost to Uranus Rx, while the Sun side of the equation opens flow with Uranus Rx. This configuration certainly opens up to possible big changes in the tides of intuitive feelings within the public. We may feel very sensitive to the need for awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, including flooding or rogue waves. We may also have highly emotional reactions to strange dreams or psychic insights as to where we must place our trust concerning the changes we face. Financial markets and crop issues are also involved with this lunation. However, there is also the possibility of more stimulus money coming in. Furthermore, we could also hear of a spate of UFO sightings or other mysterious phenomena.

It is quite the noisy sky on the night of this Full Moon as Venus still faces off with Saturn Rx and is challenging her cosmic lover, Mars. Women will want a say in home matters against the restriction din of men-in-charge. Budgets may be very tight. Care of the elderly could also come forward as big decisions. There could also be domestic problems with police involvement. Meanwhile, Mercury in his home sign of Virgo challenges both Lunar Nodes and opens flow to Saturn Rx. This may mean some rather stern announcements from authority, possibly concerning curfews or health-related restrictions. There could be deception involved with information restricted from the public. However, personal karma is also at play in this configuration in terms of social responsibility. Again, school situations may be part of the buzz scene going on.

This seems to fit the oracle part of the zodiac as the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon at 11 degrees of Pisces reads: MEN TRAVELLING A NARROW PATH, SEEKING ILLUMINATION. (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom)

This symbol may pertain to seeking answers that may seem “invisible” to the mundane world. A spiritual path is sought to obtain more fulfilling meaning other than can be found with just physical being. The “narrow path” could mean that we may have to forego some material measures in order to find insights that enhance our feeling of conscious connection with all, especially on a higher plane of understanding.

September 3rd brings on a Grand Challenge (Grand Square) in the sky involving the Lunar Nodes. Mercury sends challenges to the Lunar Nodes in a face-off with the Pisces Moon in a double challenge to her own nodes. This could indicate that we are at a confusing crossroads in terms of the past and the future. With the seemingly unabated spread of the CV in the United States, we are searching for answers as to where and how we can move out of illness into a more promising way forward. The health care system’s gears are jammed and, with Venus’s challenge to Mars, cooperation, as well as initiatives, may also be compromised. From their own standpoint, men and women have always seen things differently. In this case, women are looking to protect their home and children while men want to fight for domination. The beliefs of the past are filled with the stereotypical patriarchal, hierarchical dogma that we need to move out of toward a more gender-neutral social partnership. Somewhere in the melee, we will need to come to the middle ground of understanding a course for the common good. We need to envision a new destiny that works for all to prosper.

On September 4th Mercury sends an awkward signal to Mars. Adjustments in thinking may lead to new analysis of what we are fighting for. We will have to strive to fit the pieces of the life puzzle into a bigger picture view of where we want to go and why. Our motivations need vision in order to find a clear path to improvement in health as well as direction.

Mercury sends a support boost to Venus on September 5th just as she moves into Leo. Women will find a confident and steady voice on core values and energy directives. Meanwhile, Mercury, himself, changes signs to enter Libra, the sign of justice and balance. While this expression may have trouble making decisions, we may also be able to think about the shoe on the other foot. Venus rules the sign of Libra and she may be able to illuminate issues of cooperation. This is where we may see both sides of the coin and can open civil dialog to contemplate the issues at stake. Our perceptions of what is “fair” will take thinking for mutual benefit.

On September 7th the Taurus Moon sets up a Grand Flow in the Earth signs with the Virgo Sun and Jupiter Rx/Pluto Rx/Saturn Rx. Hopefully, this energy can help us work out practical matters with more ease. An open connection with Earth signs can bring stabilizing energy, however, we can also get bogged down in details if we try to take on too much at once. It may not be necessary to struggle, but to allow things to settle without too much interference. This day may be best preserved for just one major project, or just to take in some peace at home on the range.

September 9th brings Mars to a stop in his racing tracks to begin his retrograde phase. Mars only retrogrades once every two years, so he is not used to backtracking, especially in his home sign of Aries. We may find that we have trouble taking initiatives as our drive flags and we may need to retrace our steps. What this means is retreating, resting, and working out our own inner motivations. We may be bored but we also have the chance to go back to reworking our intentions for new directions when we have to move forward again through the winter. Now would be a good time to stock up and organize what we might need for future use.

Mercury faces off with Chiron Rx on September 10thWe may have to make painful decisions concerning health or moving in a different direction. Balancing anything may have to come to extensive negotiation or one step at a time. We may hear announcements from the courts concerning health-care guidelines, or special health relief parameters. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Virgo Sun faces off with Neptune Rx. This can bring up confusion when it comes to sorting out the details of health issues and prioritizing what has the most return for directing our energy. In this case, efficiency involving time and intuition will serve best in making decisions.

Mercury sends an awkward signal to Uranus Rx on September 11thThe changes we face will take difficult adjustments and balanced thinking. We may have electronic snafus or communication problems when it comes to processing important information. Financial markets may fluctuate or there could be sudden shortfalls. It is possible that a court decision may bring about untenable logistics. However, the changes may work toward opening up inward understanding and insights to new methods and approaches in the long run.

Just when we feel like giving up the energy changes on September 12th. Venus sends loving energy to Chiron Rx to help with health problems. This is good heart energy that can be soothing in the sharing. Perhaps there is a breakthrough for pandemic relief. Meanwhile, Jupiter stations to forward motion in Capricorn. This releases pent up issues concerning financial relief, banking issues, student debt, or judicial matters. Congress may begin to come to terms with dealing with immediate issues.

The Sun opens flow with Pluto Rx on September 14th. Where there have been power struggles we may find sensible restructuring of details and/or the release of once hidden important information. Analysis of this information can reveal subversive tactics, as well as drive accountability for theft or power plays on the part of leadership.

September 15th could be difficult when the Sun challenges both Lunar Nodes and Venus challenges Uranus Rx. Karma is at hand in a transition point between the past and the future. Details are likely to emerge that shake up our sense of established philosophies and perspectives. Changes have to be made concerning leadership, beliefs, health-care issues, and shared values. Whether financial accounting, technological trends or environmental concerns, these common values affect all. It is also possible that we could see earthquakes or geomagnetic storms.

A New Moon hides in the Virgo night on September 17th. The lunation challenges both Nodes and opens flow with Saturn Rx. We will have to learn the lessons of history in order to make a better path forward. We will have to understand chain-link reactions of cause and effect so as not to repeat mistakes of the past. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is at 26 degrees of Virgo which reads; A BOY WITH A CENSER SERVES NEAR THE PRIEST AT THE ALTAR (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) This is a symbol of “duty” or service, no matter how small, according to traditional beliefs. Sometimes even the small things are an important part of the whole of service. Our youth serves as an apprenticeship to mature experience. The details sketch into the bigger picture of service and are required to fill in the routines of daily life. However, this could also indicate a belief in a hierarchical structure that keeps one in servitude to those who may abuse their authority.

Meanwhile, Mercury challenges Jupiter, at the time of this lunation, which can create an uproar over injustices of all kinds. Rebellion and protests could also occur over sneaky details that create bigger problems and challenges to justice. Rampant greed and unfair tax advantages have created a wealth imbalance on the social scale. Hopefully, this accountability awareness offers the need to judiciously correct and fine corporate profiteering and taking advantage of people in a widespread crisis.

Mercury sends an awkward signal to Neptune Rx on September 18th. There is much confusion over announcements of adjustments. Deception could also be afoot and trigger protests for justice. Perhaps a legal decision is unclear or insensitive to the moment’s needs. Perhaps there could be more scandals and cover-ups that the courts need to address.

The Sun sends an awkward angle to Mars Rx on September 19th. This could indicate that leadership misleads the military, or that military orders are not valid or legal. The military or business influences may have to backtrack or retreat in order to find the wrench in the works. This could also be whistle-blower action, new publications, or information leaks that have to be retraced and analyzed for a detailed accounting.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd to herald the Autumnal Equinox. Aspect-wise, it is a busy day. Mercury challenges Saturn Rx to ratchet up the strain on perceived injustices. Authority will have to answer for discrepancies in legal procedures. However, Mercury also opens flow with the South Node and sends a boost signal to the North Node. This brings karma home to roost where these injustices are exposed. We may hear of court announcements that offer examples of mistakes in the past and speak to corrections for the future. But the biggie for the day is Venus at the apex of a YOD in adjustment angles to the Jupiter/Neptune Rx connection. The answer point to the YOD is at 19 degrees Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol reads; A FOREST FIRE FINALLY QUENCHED (Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) This is a message of damage control and the illumination of compromised values. There will be a battle for balance and to stave off more damage. The struggle can be exhausting but when the fire is finally out it can be quite the relief. Whatever damage occurred can be seen as routing out the old for the sake of new growth for the future. Furthermore, our values are moving toward more spiritual awareness and soul growth in our philosophies.

Mercury calls out imbalance and injustices on September 23rd as he faces off with Mars Rx and challenges Saturn Rx. Those overly yang tendencies within authority push perspectives toward the need for backtracking and compensation. The need for better communication and information within relationships of all kinds becomes paramount. Overhauls and re-training may be in order for police and military procedures. Meanwhile, Venus sends an awkward angle to Neptune Rx. Deception may be afoot and our necessity values will shed light on those who poison the waters.

The Moon joins Pluto Rx in an awkward angle to Venus on September 25thThe public may become aware of power plays, especially against women. Revelations concerning mass manipulations may bring on the need for independent evaluations. The struggle for truth and balance is real and those who abuse power may find that the people have more power that they realize.

September 26th is a busy day as Pluto Rx winds up at the apex of a YOD in awkward angles to the Venus/North Node connection. The answer point to the YOD is at 23 degrees of Cancer. It reads; THE MEETING OF A STUDY GROUP OR LITERARY SOCIETY. (Lynda Hills’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom) This symbol speaks to groups of people sharing their thoughts together in a forum setting where everyone present gets to contribute to a common goal. Venus and the North Node want to move forward with shared ideas and values. In many ways the people speak truth to power through their collective voices on social media, the news, and protests against suppression and inequality. Venus also opens flow with the South Node and brings up values in beliefs from the past. She allows us to remember the truths we must carry forward to affect a positive future. Meanwhile, on the same day, Mercury moves into Scorpio, where sometimes the truth lies buried in secret places only to be discovered through investigation and private questioning.

Venus makes an awkward angle to Saturn on September 28th just as Saturn stations to forward motion. We shouldn’t be surprised if new reports come available from old investigations. Authority will be held responsible for questionable procedures and withholding evidence of untoward agendas. As Saturn stations forward this leaves five planets retrograde and a delay or drag on priorities and procedures can be lifted in the weeks to come. On the same day, Venus offers an open flow with her cosmic lover, Mars Rx. This can bring great cooperation in sharing creative insights and passionate values. While Mars is in retreat mode there can be an understanding of balancing talents and qualified goals instead of bullying and dominance.

On September 29th the Sun faces off with Chiron Rx. This can bring big decisions from court proceedings as well as new directives in health care issues. A vaccine for COVID could be part of the scene if new trials can get underway. Meanwhile, on the same day, Mars Rx challenges Saturn. This can put a drain on initiatives or stall important proceedings. However, we may see backtracking on errant structuring and possible withdrawal or sit-down strikes against past social conditions.

The sensitive Pisces Moon challenges both her Nodes on September 30thThe public may speak up about deceptions that cause more problems with illness or environmental distress. We are sick of being sick and want more than empty promises and lip service to recover a better future.

Thanks for listening, dear readers! And May the Stars Enlighten Our Journey Forward.

Your loving astrologer, Margo Cline


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The Freedom Bell – Full Moon in Aquarius
August 3, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline

The Full Moon of August 3rd, 2020 is quite the rebellious one. For the lunation moving through Aquarius stirs tension of all kinds within the social realms. This Full Moon challenges its ruler, Uranus, the wild card planet of the solar system that is never satisfied with the status quo. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign that sets the backdrop of progress in human rights and causes for equality. This Full Moon sets its sights for major changes and radical ideas.

The rogue planet, Uranus, has been setting up major changes in the sign that dislikes change more than any other; Taurus. Taurus, a Fixed sign of Mother Earth, likes a steady routine and wants peace in the meadows of nature. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is also the backdrop of financial markets, values, quality, and possessions. For the past couple of years we have seen Uranus wreak the havoc of change in all these areas from disturbances of the Earth’s natural ecosystems, to roller coaster action within stock markets and trading values. The effect has built up both the literal and metaphorical tectonic stress within the support systems of both economic and ecologic dependence.

As this Full Moon approaches, we are likely to feel the tension so much from all the problems that we face now, such as racial, social, and political divides, economic stress, and a deeply uncertain future, that something’s got to give. Revolutionary energy is palpably on the rise. We want freedom, we want equality, we want resolution and are stubborn enough to stand up for human rights, to protest injustice, and to rebel against oppressors of these civil liberties in order to reclaim them. Just like spring-loaded Uranus, we want change and we want it now.

The Full Moon makes adjustment angles to both Lunar Nodes, asking for examination of our philosophies with flexible ideas to open up a balance to meet the future. The emotional anxiety involved indicates that the future can go from here in one of two ways; dark or light. Meanwhile, both Mercury and Venus in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini weigh in on the adjustment action at the time of this wild and restless lunation. Mercury sends an awkward warning signal to the South Node while facing off with Saturn retrograde. This could indicate that if we choose the same old tired rhetoric of the past we can only come to meet our own undoing. The frustration of being held back by old standards mounts into overload from priorities being ignored by authority. We can no longer afford to move and think forever in useless circles, for it creates mental stagnation.

Luckily enough, Venus sides with the North Node, faces off with the South Node, and makes an awkward angle to Saturn retrograde. This could suggest that the way of the future involves more women to stand against the patriarchal ideas of authority. The conventional beliefs of the past could take us down if we don’t meet our needs with fresh thinking and alternative approaches. It may well be a younger generation of women that can take us toward a lighter future.

In this regard, we may hear announcements of new possibilities and people on the scene, especially women, in government management that have the flexibility to implement a fresh course to the future. Restructurings of government will become paramount to making a way forward.

The Full Moon makes a support boost to Chiron Rx that could show progress in medical methods of dealing with the CV crisis that has gripped the world for months. Aquarius likes alternative ideas, along with the unique and inventive side of human nature. Therefore, some of these medical techniques could sound strange, yet could be just the ticket to outstrip the virus’s means of mutation. Meanwhile, the Sun side of the Full Moon equation makes an open flow to Chiron Rx. This is where a hero could emerge in advancing those medical techniques that pioneer the approach to defeating Covid. However, we may have to backtrack a bit to refit a remedy from previous research.

Yet another brand of tension is involved with this lunation in the form of Mars’s challenge to Jupiter retrograde. It seems that the bully method of hoarding funds and/or withholding financial resources may meet a backlash of reproach and disdain. Aggressive propaganda and corporate profiteering, along with militia tactics against protesters, may backfire. These bullying or bribing tactics may only serve to fuel the frustration and anger that inflames the public to rebel even more. Overtly yang tendencies will have to loosen their grip on the exaggerated arrogance of domination and predisposed sense of entitlements.

The brighter side of this Full Moon is that sudden awareness and insights can serve to pull us out of the nosedive of the illness and economic crises we face. It is at times like these that we can realize it takes different thinking to affect a different outcome. Yet, we will have to set our sights on the star of hope for all humanity to reach for the greater common good.

As we can see, this is a very restless Full Moon that strives to ring the freedom bell and break out of the stubborn ruts that have caused injustice, imbalance, and inequality for far too long. Indeed, this is a pivotal moment in human history. Shall we meet it with the call to a different future? We can only watch the social tension build to blow the lid off the pressure cooker. For, this is a very old fight whose time has come to win back the rights we should afford to all. This is a time when the sword of truth casts a bolt of lightening across the plane of human consciousness. When we hear the peal of that freedom bell we will know that this is the time when standing up for a better future will always be a worthy cause.

Blessings of enlightenment for us all.


Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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