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The Freedom Bell

Full Moon in Aquarius

August 3, 2020

~by astrologer Margo Cline

The Full Moon of August 3rd, 2020 is quite the rebellious one. For the lunation moving through Aquarius stirs tension of all kinds within the social realms. This Full Moon challenges its ruler, Uranus, the wild card planet of the solar system that is never satisfied with the status quo. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign that sets the backdrop of progress in human rights and causes for equality. This Full Moon sets its sights for major changes and radical ideas.

The rogue planet, Uranus, has been setting up major changes in the sign that dislikes change more than any other; Taurus. Taurus, a Fixed sign of Mother Earth, likes a steady routine and wants peace in the meadows of nature. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is also the backdrop of financial markets, values, quality, and possessions. For the past couple of years we have seen Uranus wreak the havoc of change in all these areas from disturbances of the Earth’s natural ecosystems, to roller coaster action within stock markets and trading values. The effect has built up both the literal and metaphorical tectonic stress within the support systems of both economic and ecologic dependence.

As this Full Moon approaches, we are likely to feel the tension so much from all the problems that we face now, such as racial, social, and political divides, economic stress, and a deeply uncertain future, that something’s got to give. Revolutionary energy is palpably on the rise. We want freedom, we want equality, we want resolution and are stubborn enough to stand up for human rights, to protest injustice, and to rebel against oppressors of these civil liberties in order to reclaim them. Just like spring-loaded Uranus, we want change and we want it now.

The Full Moon makes adjustment angles to both Lunar Nodes, asking for examination of our philosophies with flexible ideas to open up a balance to meet the future. The emotional anxiety involved indicates that the future can go from here in one of two ways; dark or light. Meanwhile, both Mercury and Venus in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini weigh in on the adjustment action at the time of this wild and restless lunation. Mercury sends an awkward warning signal to the South Node while facing off with Saturn retrograde. This could indicate that if we choose the same old tired rhetoric of the past we can only come to meet our own undoing. The frustration of being held back by old standards mounts into overload from priorities being ignored by authority. We can no longer afford to move and think forever in useless circles, for it creates mental stagnation.

Luckily enough, Venus sides with the North Node, faces off with the South Node, and makes an awkward angle to Saturn retrograde. This could suggest that the way of the future involves more women to stand against the patriarchal ideas of authority. The conventional beliefs of the past could take us down if we don’t meet our needs with fresh thinking and alternative approaches. It may well be a younger generation of women that can take us toward a lighter future.

In this regard, we may hear announcements of new possibilities and people on the scene, especially women, in government management that have the flexibility to implement a fresh course to the future. Restructurings of government will become paramount to making a way forward.

The Full Moon makes a support boost to Chiron Rx that could show progress in medical methods of dealing with the CV crisis that has gripped the world for months. Aquarius likes alternative ideas, along with the unique and inventive side of human nature. Therefore, some of these medical techniques could sound strange, yet could be just the ticket to outstrip the virus’s means of mutation. Meanwhile, the Sun side of the Full Moon equation makes an open flow to Chiron Rx. This is where a hero could emerge in advancing those medical techniques that pioneer the approach to defeating Covid. However, we may have to backtrack a bit to refit a remedy from previous research.

Yet another brand of tension is involved with this lunation in the form of Mars’s challenge to Jupiter retrograde. It seems that the bully method of hoarding funds and/or withholding financial resources may meet a backlash of reproach and disdain. Aggressive propaganda and corporate profiteering, along with militia tactics against protesters, may backfire. These bullying or bribing tactics may only serve to fuel the frustration and anger that inflames the public to rebel even more. Overtly yang tendencies will have to loosen their grip on the exaggerated arrogance of domination and predisposed sense of entitlements.

The brighter side of this Full Moon is that sudden awareness and insights can serve to pull us out of the nosedive of the illness and economic crises we face. It is at times like these that we can realize it takes different thinking to affect a different outcome. Yet, we will have to set our sights on the star of hope for all humanity to reach for the greater common good.

As we can see, this is a very restless Full Moon that strives to ring the freedom bell and break out of the stubborn ruts that have caused injustice, imbalance, and inequality for far too long. Indeed, this is a pivotal moment in human history. Shall we meet it with the call to a different future? We can only watch the social tension build to blow the lid off the pressure cooker. For, this is a very old fight whose time has come to win back the rights we should afford to all. This is a time when the sword of truth casts a bolt of lightening across the plane of human consciousness. When we hear the peal of that freedom bell we will know that this is the time when standing up for a better future will always be a worthy cause.

Blessings of enlightenment for us all.



Margo came late to the field of astrology, but took it up like she was meant to follow the path all of her life. Eighteen years later she’s still passionate about the subject and continues to read charts, promote, and lecture about the wisdom and use of this field of influence on our lives.

Margo is a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and operates a private practice in Western Tropical Astrology. She also enjoys writing articles about current astrological transits and how they affect our social influences. She posts her articles on her Facebook page, Margo’s Astro Cafe.

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