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The 2020 US Elections, the Future and Trump’s Chart with Malvin Artley

February 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Free - $18

You may have heard that elections are coming up in Nov 2020 in the US. Donald Trump is pushing hard for reelection and is a shoe-into be the Republican candidate. The Democrats are quickly deciding their candidate, too. What will the election hold for the US? Will Trump be re-elected? Will he even make it that far? And do we have the correct chart for Trump? There is another that has been put forward. In this talk, we will look at the charts of Trump using several techniques and then go on to examine what the elections will mean for the US, regardless of who is elected. The billionaires on both sides of the aisle have already decided who they want for president. Is there a wild card? Was Trump the maverick so many people thought? Astrology tells the tale. Malvin will be speaking to MAAS from his home in Italy.

You may attend remotely via GoToMeeting, this is also free for MAAS members. Simply email info@atlantaastrology.com no later than Tuesday, February 18 to be sent a link.

Non-members may also attend remotely via GoToMeeting for $18. Please pay through PayPal no later than Tuesday, February 18 to be sent a link.

About Malvin Artley


Malvin Artley is AFA certified and consults astrologically on a range of subjects. His work is international in scope. His recent work in the past few years has focused on mundane astrology because of the quickly changing world landscape. He publishes a monthly newsletter around the full moon, focusing on esoteric astrology and the deeper meaning of major world events and the evolving destiny of the world’s nations. Malvin also has a blog page that focuses a variety of subjects, but largely on current events, along with specialized topics of astrological interest. He is an expat American-Australian and lives in Italy with his wife and three rescue dogs. He can be reached via his website: http://malvinartley.com or at malvin@malvinartley.com


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