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Moon Panel Discussion

November 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Free - $18


Fertility and Gardening with Kathryn Silverton

Kathryn will be providing insight into how the Moon plays a role in fertility, be it in humans or in plants. She will explore how lunar cycles play a role in female fertility, thereby helping women increase their chances of conception. This method can also be used as a natural form of birth control for women who prefer not to use birth control pills. She will also discuss the function of the various signs of the zodiac as they relate to gardening; which signs are fertile for planting and which are best for other gardening routines.

The Moon Through the Signs 

Four of MAAS’ up and coming astrologers will be presenting the Moon through the signs.

  • Meghna Bhagat will cover the air signs.
  • Julie Remington will cover earth signs.
  • Tatiana Schmidt will cover fire signs.
  • Michelle Glennon will cover water signs.

Secondary Progressed Solar/Lunar Phases with Pat Lantz

The monthly Solar/Lunar cycle has been observed since the dawn of human existence. Along with the cycles of day and night, and the changing seasons, it provided a repetitive pattern which gave the ancients a sense of predictability in a chaotic world. Pat will provide insight on how with the use of the Secondary Progressed Lunar phase you can define predictable patterns that underlie the changing circumstances of your life. You can calculate your SP Solar/Lunar Phases at Lunarium.

The meeting is free to MAAS members, $15 for non-members. The door opens at 7:00 PM to allow for conversation and browsing the MAAS astrological library. The lecture begins at 7:30 PM.

You may attend remotely via GoToMeeting, this is also free for MAAS members. Simply email info@atlantaastrology.com no later than Tuesday, November 19 to be sent a link.

Non-members may also attend remotely via GoToMeeting for $18. Please pay through PayPal no later than Tuesday, November 19 to be sent a link.



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