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Midlife Crisis with Alan Gordon

April 16 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Free - $18

midlife crisis

The midlife transition is actually a reflection of four major transits of the outer planets.

The first inkling that life is not working the way it used to can be the Neptune square to itself. This can bring about a vague sense that one’s belief systems are changing, and that the “less than conscious underpinnings of how we go about life are no longer secure.

Then in rapid succession, the planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn, all oppose each other in one’s early 40’s, depending on orbital variances.

The Jupiter opposition can be new frontiers, i.e.; “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. The Uranus opposition can be more severe, in that it may be a sociological change, that one has no control over, such as a merger or a factory moving to another country, and losing a lifetime job. And the Saturn opposition then reminds of what we have to lose to move forward, whether it is a dysfunctional relationship, a drug abuse habit, or a negative self-image that is holding us back.

My book follows about 35 clients through the stages of mid-life. Each gives an example of whether they were able to successfully negotiate the phases of the transition.

This is one of the most stressful times in life, and an understanding should be foremost in your tool kit of delineation and counseling.

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About Alan Gordon


Alan Gordon, who began studying astrology in 1975, has a B.S. in psychology and has had a long career in psychiatry and neurology. During these years he looked at the charts of people diagnosed with mental illness and used that knowledge behind the scenes in treatment and therapy. In 2000 Alan purchased an astrology booth at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and expanded to other shows as well.

Alan has published two Astrology books: An intermediate handbook of delineation, Getting to the Heart of the Chart, and an astrological study of Mid-Life Crisis. He is currently working on a long-involved project connecting the history of events to the transits of the outer planets, as well as a book on his insights into how the chart affected or reflected the mental disorders he encountered during his 15-20 years of working in inpatient Psychiatry.

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