Introduction to Tarot WORKSHOP with Karen Branch

Tarot Cards



$50 MAAS Member/$60 Non-Members

In this workshop, you will begin to learn the mysteries of the cards and how they can help you connect with the divine guidance within yourself and others.

“I think of the tarot cards as “mini-messengers from the Universe” bringing insight, awareness and understanding about various aspects of life. By tuning into their symbolism, you can become more aware of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, challenges and powerful energies which can enable you to make better choices in your life.”

We will cover the Major and Minor Arcana and how the cards tie in with astrological principles. Whether you want to learn tarot for yourself or to read the cards for others, this workshop is a great place to begin!

To register, call or email Karen Branch at 404-931-6356 or Please bring your tarot cards to the workshop. (Includes Light Lunch)



Karen is an astrologer, long time member of MAAS and the owner of Magical Mystical Parties, a fun business which provides card readers, astrologers and psychics for events and parties in the Atlanta area. She is currently seeking new readers who would like to be a part of her team, have some fun and earn some extra income. If you are interested, let her know.

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Transit Support Group with Michelle Gregg

Karen Branch, who is usually our Transit Support Leader, will be out of town for the September 28 Transit Support Group.

Counseling Astrologer, Michelle Gregg will be filling in. Please email your birth information by end-of-day Tues. Sept. 26 to Michelle at to be included in the study packet.

Karen will return for the October Transit Support Group! 🙂 

Transit Support Group is Thursday, September 28 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at The Rene Goodale Learning Center (formerly Harobi House,) 2054 Harobi Drive, Tucker, GA, 30084.

Please note that the name of our MAAS Home has changed from Harobi House to The Rene Goodale Learning Center – same wonderful place you’ve always visited – just renamed to honor the memory of our wonderful benefactor, Rene Goodale. 

Transit Support Group meets every 4th Thursday of every month.

The cost is $20 for members and non-members.

Beginners through advanced astrologers are welcome and encouraged!

This is a great way to meet other like-minded astrology lovers, to socialize, share stories, and learn more about astrology in a friendly, open, and supportive environment.

To be included in the study packet please email Michelle Gregg at no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting with your birth info: birth date, birth time, and birth place (city, state/province, country.)

What are transits?
“A transit occurs whenever a planet, moving in its orbit during your lifetime, forms an aspect (a geometric connection) to a planet, the Sun Moon, or any of the house cusps in your natal horoscope. Also whenever a planet passes through the part of the Zodiac occupied by a house in your natal chart, we say that the planet is transiting the house.”  ~Rob Hand

“When a currently orbiting planet makes contact with any of your birth chart’s planets or points, that orbiting planet is making a “transit” to your birth chart and thus to a particular piece of your psyche. When this transit occurs the energy of the orbiting planet connects with the energy of your natal planet or point, and a synergy is created between them. You are then required to respond to this newly created synergy in some way. The way in which you respond is up to you – you can do it very poorly, or very well, or somewhere in-between. This is why it’s important to know what transits you’re having and understand the potentials that lie in their combinations – once you become conscious of the energies that are operating in your life you can make the best possible decisions. You can elevate your consciousness around the areas of your psyche that are being impacted. Transits are how we grow, transform, and evolve. They are life in motion.” ~Michelle Gregg

Building Dedication: Celebrating Rene Goodale’s Life and Her Contributions to MAAS

Rene Goodale with Children at a Birthday Party

Rene Goodale with Children at a Birthday Party


On Thursday, September 21, 2017, at 7:00 PM “The Harobi House” will be re-christened “The Rene Goodale Learning Center.” A new sign will be placed on the street and a beautiful commemorative clock will be set in the foyer in memory and appreciation of Rene’s many contributions to “The Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society.”

For those who may not know, Rene Goodale was the Matriarch of MAAS. Without Rene, there would be no Pyramid (Harobi House). She was our generous benefactor, and was often called upon to firm-up the foundation. Rene donated the beautiful antique furnishings that grace the interior of our astrological home, and she offered her time and energy toward MAAS most abundantly.

Long-time member Karen Branch will be speaking at the Dedication celebration, and one of the original founders of MAAS, David Railey, will be joining us remotely from China to share the history of the building of the MAAS Pyramid. Everyone will be given the opportunity to honor Rene with their remembrances of her. If you’ve ever considered MAAS your astrological home, we hope you’ll plan to attend this homecoming and celebration of our Matriarch.

Please join us in memory and celebration of Rene with food, wine, memories, and community. 



“Irene Emery died with grace and peace at her home in Mystic, CT. on March 31st, at the age of 89, after a brief illness. ‘Rene’ was born on July 24th, 1927, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the oldest daughter of John Josiah Emery and Irene Gibson Emery. She was the granddaughter of Charles Dana Gibson, the famous illustrator of the ‘Gibson Girl.’ She attended the Foxcroft School. She met the painter Robert Perkins Goodale of Boston MA at the Academie Julian art school in Paris, in 1946. They married and raised four children in Boston and then Cuernavaca, Mexico.

After divorcing, Rene moved to Atlanta, where she developed a passion for astrology. She became a licensed astrologer in 1972. She taught and lectured in her favored area of Cosmobiology, was President of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and editor of the Atlanta Astrologer newsletter. She also co-founded and was President of the Atlanta Chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), an astrological organization dedicated to astrology education and research.

While in Atlanta, at the age of 51, she enrolled at Georgia State University and completed her undergraduate degree, graduating Cum Laude in 1982 with a BA in Philosophy. She lived in Atlanta until 2008, and then moved to Stoneridge in Mystic, CT.

Rene was an elegant, graceful and classy matriarch. She was strong, confident, curious and open-minded. As a young woman, she was an accomplished pianist, a sailor, and a photographer. She valued integrity, honesty, bringing people together, gratitude, curiosity, and good manners. She was generous with her spirit, her time, and her equal interest in everyone she met. She was the consummate cheerleader. She was the family’s great communicator and a beloved, giant figure in all our lives. If there was one constant in her life, it was summering in Maine on 700 Acre Island, Dark Harbor. Many will be surprised at her fierce competitiveness racing the DH ’20.

But we will all remember her inclusive cocktail parties on her deck and the lively dinner parties filled with spirited talk of life’s deep questions, current events, and what everybody was up to in their lives.

She is survived by two brothers, George Post and Ethan Emery and two children, Nathaniel and Kate, both of whom were at her bedside in the final moments. She is also survived by eight grandchildren and one great grandson. She was predeceased by her three sisters, Nancy Magro, Lela Steele and Melissa Lanier, and by two of her children, Irene (Bibi) Perkins and Peter Goodale.

There will be a memorial service and burial at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA at the end of May or in June. In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to St. Joseph’s Indian School (, or the charity of your choice.

Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Apr. 9, 2017

Harobi House, soon to be rechristened as The Rene Goodale Learning Center

Harobi House, soon to be rechristened as The Rene Goodale Learning Center