The Astrology of Creativity | The Creative Impulse with Christina Caudill


Christina Caudill

Christina Caudill

The door opens at 7:00 PM to allow for conversation and browsing the MAAS astrological library.

The lecture begins at 7:30 PM.

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Christina will be speaking with us In-Person at MAAS’s Rene Goodale Learning Center. 

The Astrology of Creativity | The Creative Impulse
with Christina Caudill

What qualities make an artist? And what compels one to move beyond fear and engage with the creative impulse to produce works of art? Discipline, curiosity, fantasy and the desire to make sense of the world are some of the key traits of working artist. In this talk, we’ll examine the astrological symbols in charts of significant artists to explore the inner and outer conditions that compel them to create. We’ll also take a look at the role of the outer planets as symbols of the collective unconscious channeling through the receptive mind of the artist.

“What is most important is that the process of making art evolve through negotiations between consciousness and the outside world and the work come into being while still containing the unknown.”
~ The Art of Encounter, Lee Ufan

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Christina will also be giving a workshop on Saturday, October 20 from 2 -6 pm. “Uncovering Your Inner Artist with Astrology”
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About Christina

Christina Caudill is an astrologer and transformational coach based in Tallahassee, FL. After over a decade managing a contemporary art gallery, Christina found her calling as an evolutionary astrologer, guiding her clients toward accessing their inner knowing and self-expression. As a writer, teacher, and counseling-orientated astrologer, she uses the insight of astrology as well as deep listening to assist her clients in their journeys of healing and personal growth. Christina hosts the Radiant Astrology Podcast on iTunes, is a contributing member of the New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency and will be a contributor to the upcoming book Astrology Essentials published by the Organization for Professional Astrology. You can learn more about Christina by visiting her website,