Workshop: Horary Methods for Horary and Non-Horary Astrologers with Lee Lehman

Sure, pretty much everyone can learn how to do relationship horaries, but how about another setup?  There are a lot of general astrological tools that, these days, are only taught to horary astrologers.

In this workshop, we will start with the basic horaries: relationships, jobs, health. Then, after we learn to answer those questions, we will circle back and look at how many of the same methods could be used in nativities to extend the power of a natal reading.

This workshop is from 10 am – 4 pm with a break for lunch.

About Lee Lehman


In her four-decade development as an astrologer, practical application is one persistent hallmark that has defined Lee Lehman. Lee has a Ph.D. in Botany from Rutgers University. She is author of The Ultimate Asteroid Book (1988), Essential Dignities (1989), The Book of Rulerships (1992), Classical Astrology for Modern Living (1996), The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002), Astrology of Sustainability (2011), Traditional Medical Astrology (2011), Classical Solar Returns (2012), The Magic of Electional Astrology (2014), Learning Classical Horary Astrology: Notes & Workbook (2017), and a translation from the French of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates. She teaches at Midwest School of Astrology, Avalon School of Astrology, and Kepler College. She is a Tutor for the School of Traditional Astrology, both in horary and in a medical course which she has designed. Her online courses, Classical Studies (natal, electional, gaming, mundane and weather prediction), bring classical astrology to the forefront as an astrological system.

Her Perennial Herbal takes ancient astrological herbalism onto the web. Lee was the recipient of the 1995 Marc Edmund Jones Award and the recipient of the 2008 Regulus Award for Education.



The 2020 US Elections, the Future and Trump’s Chart with Malvin Artley

You may have heard that elections are coming up in Nov 2020 in the US. Donald Trump is pushing hard for reelection and is a shoe-into be the Republican candidate. The Democrats are quickly deciding their candidate, too. What will the election hold for the US? Will Trump be re-elected? Will he even make it that far? And do we have the correct chart for Trump? There is another that has been put forward. In this talk, we will look at the charts of Trump using several techniques and then go on to examine what the elections will mean for the US, regardless of who is elected. The billionaires on both sides of the aisle have already decided who they want for president. Is there a wild card? Was Trump the maverick so many people thought? Astrology tells the tale. Malvin will be speaking to MAAS from his home in Italy.

You may attend remotely via GoToMeeting, this is also free for MAAS members. Simply email no later than Tuesday, February 18 to be sent a link.

Non-members may also attend remotely via GoToMeeting for $18. Please pay through PayPal no later than Tuesday, February 18 to be sent a link.

About Malvin Artley


Malvin Artley is AFA certified and consults astrologically on a range of subjects. His work is international in scope. His recent work in the past few years has focused on mundane astrology because of the quickly changing world landscape. He publishes a monthly newsletter around the full moon, focusing on esoteric astrology and the deeper meaning of major world events and the evolving destiny of the world’s nations. Malvin also has a blog page that focuses a variety of subjects, but largely on current events, along with specialized topics of astrological interest. He is an expat American-Australian and lives in Italy with his wife and three rescue dogs. He can be reached via his website: or at

Advanced Astrology Class January 2020

Imagine you are the astrologer and your client is sitting in front of you. They want to know how they can best put their assets to work, based upon the strengths of their chart as well as the pitfalls they may encounter. It is your job to counsel them accordingly, giving them as much insight as possible. Additionally, they want to know what to anticipate in the coming six months, based on the upcoming transits and secondary progressions. Each student will be given the opportunity to participate in a practice run. The goal of this class is for the student to increase their familiarity with the counseling practice of interpretation and projections.

Instructor: Kathryn Silverton


  • Saturdays January 4th, 11th, and 25th.
  • All Saturdays in February.
  • Saturdays March 14th and 21st.

Fee: MAAS Members: $375, Non-members $400 (10 class sessions total)

Place: Rene Goodale Learning Center

To sign up for this class, email Kathryn

Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny

Alan Clay Sedna

Discover the evolutionary spiritual power of Sedna, the new esoteric outer limit of our solar system and learn of the profound implications for society and for each of us individually in the coming years, as she approaches her closest point to Earth. This talk by New Zealand astrologer, Alan Clay, pushes back a little on all the victimization interpretations of the planet that come from the myth and looks a little at Sedna and illness. Alan likes an interactive discussion, so is happy to take questions and give feedback on particular placements, or aspects.

Alan draws the connection between Sedna and the centaur, Pholus, because they both have a ‘space weathering’ process that turns the surface of each red, so in his mind, they both have to do with growth. And he links it with Ceres, because they both likely have internal oceans, so they both speak of a nurturing process. And with Saturn, because their daily rate of spin is the same, so they have the same day to day practical perspective and both speak of limits.  Sedna is, of course, the esoteric new outer limit of the solar system.

Ceres was an asteroid but was upgraded to be a dwarf planet. We can think of Ceres as the higher octave of the Moon, meaning that the emotional security of the Moon is transmuted into sustenance and nurturing of our spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres. This is very similar to Sedna, only Sedna operates on a far vaster scale, so we may find that Sedna is the higher octave of Ceres, where the spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres, is transmuted into transpersonal nurturing of our spirituality and sense of place in the evolutionary cycle with Sedna.

MAAS’ regular monthly  meetings are:

  • Free to MAAS members, $15 for non-members.
  • You may attend remotely via GoToMeeting, free for MAAS members. Simply email no later than May 14 to be sent a link.
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The door opens at 7:00 PM to allow for conversation and browsing the MAAS astrological library. The lecture begins at 7:30.

About Alan Clay

Alan Clay (1)

New Zealander Alan Clay has been a practicing astrologer for over 40 years, with a background as a humanistic astrologer inspired by the work of Dane Rudhyar. Over the past 20 years, this has broadened into a study of Chiron and the Centaurs and more recently into the newly discovered Dwarf Planets. His book, ‘Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny’ was very well received at its launch at UAC in Chicago and reviewers have called it: ‘a groundbreaking book; ‘essential reading for astrologers’: ‘a well-written, well-researched, and easily readable book’; ‘a treasure trove of information and inspiration’. Alan will be lecturing on Dwarf Planet Astrology at the Federation of Australian Astrologers Conference in Melbourne in January 2020 and at the IVC Conference in India in February 2020.

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine

Sedna Consciousness
The Soul’s Path of Destiny

Sedna, a trans-Neptunian object, was discovered in November 2003. Originally called planet 90377, Sedna exists in the outermost reaches of our solar system in the Oort Cloud. It has a highly elliptical orbit with a period of 11,406 years, and its extreme distance and slow movement relative to Earth mean that Sedna was in one sign, Aries, from 1867 to 1968, moving into Taurus in 1968. In 2076, Sedna will be at her closest point to Earth since the end of the last Ice Age (i.e. the Neolithic Revolution) around 12,500 years ago.

Alan Clay speculates on Sedna’s meaning by applying methods that astrologers have employed with other newly discovered bodies: He considers its previous (in this case, epochal) cycles, its orbital and physical characteristics, and the events surrounding its discovery in 2003. Only secondarily does he include Sedna in mythology.

Due to this object’s great distance from us, Clay associates Sedna with “a far bigger and more spiritual perspective” than any other known body. The events he relates surrounding the discovery date include the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “groundbreaking research on how cells communicate and co-operate to form a living eco-system”; the development of neural networks and the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI); and “the proof that roughly 68% of the universe is something called Dark Energy and 27% is something called Dark Matter.”

In making the case for Sedna’s meaning, the author delineates horoscopes with considerable biographical detail of individuals who display what he identifies as significant Sedna themes: James Lovelock (Gaia Hypothesis); Ray Kurzweil (Futurist); Rachel Carson and Sally Ride (Climate Change); Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs (AI Enablers); Edgar Cayce (Health); and Helen Keller, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and Osama bin Laden (Consciousness).

In the next nearly 1,000 pages of the text, the author delineates Sedna in the signs, houses, and (in particular detail) the aspects. He includes Sedna in major aspects (conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine) and minor aspects (semi-sextile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, inconjunct, quintile, bi-quintile) to the Sun, Moon, planets (Mercury through Pluto), and the new dwarf planets (Ceres, Ixion, Orcus, Makemake, Haumea, Varuna, Quaoar, Eris). If readers are not familiar with these bodies, the author introduces their respective traits — e.g., “Ixion is utter lawlessness”; “Makemake is the Divine trickster”; “Varuna deals with questions of the gain and loss of reputation and the issue of immortality through fame.” There are hundreds of biographies and chart analyses in these pages, all with extensive life details culled from Wikipedia and other sources.

Alan Clay is in the early wave of astrological pioneers drawn to investigate the dwarf planet Sedna, named after the Inuit goddess of the sea. His comprehensive biographical and astrological research comes together in this unusual book — a collection of life stories and experiences from the “weird new outer limit of our consciousness which is stretching our concepts of reality and is pulling us to look at ourselves as part of the very big picture.”


Building Dedication: Celebrating Rene Goodale’s Life and Her Contributions to MAAS

Rene Goodale with Children at a Birthday Party

Rene Goodale with Children at a Birthday Party


On Thursday, September 21, 2017, at 7:00 PM “The Harobi House” will be re-christened “The Rene Goodale Learning Center.” A new sign will be placed on the street and a beautiful commemorative clock will be set in the foyer in memory and appreciation of Rene’s many contributions to “The Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society.”

For those who may not know, Rene Goodale was the Matriarch of MAAS. Without Rene, there would be no Pyramid (Harobi House). She was our generous benefactor, and was often called upon to firm-up the foundation. Rene donated the beautiful antique furnishings that grace the interior of our astrological home, and she offered her time and energy toward MAAS most abundantly.

Long-time member Karen Branch will be speaking at the Dedication celebration, and one of the original founders of MAAS, David Railey, will be joining us remotely from China to share the history of the building of the MAAS Pyramid. Everyone will be given the opportunity to honor Rene with their remembrances of her. If you’ve ever considered MAAS your astrological home, we hope you’ll plan to attend this homecoming and celebration of our Matriarch.

Please join us in memory and celebration of Rene with food, wine, memories, and community. 



“Irene Emery died with grace and peace at her home in Mystic, CT. on March 31st, at the age of 89, after a brief illness. ‘Rene’ was born on July 24th, 1927, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the oldest daughter of John Josiah Emery and Irene Gibson Emery. She was the granddaughter of Charles Dana Gibson, the famous illustrator of the ‘Gibson Girl.’ She attended the Foxcroft School. She met the painter Robert Perkins Goodale of Boston MA at the Academie Julian art school in Paris, in 1946. They married and raised four children in Boston and then Cuernavaca, Mexico.

After divorcing, Rene moved to Atlanta, where she developed a passion for astrology. She became a licensed astrologer in 1972. She taught and lectured in her favored area of Cosmobiology, was President of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society and editor of the Atlanta Astrologer newsletter. She also co-founded and was President of the Atlanta Chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), an astrological organization dedicated to astrology education and research.

While in Atlanta, at the age of 51, she enrolled at Georgia State University and completed her undergraduate degree, graduating Cum Laude in 1982 with a BA in Philosophy. She lived in Atlanta until 2008, and then moved to Stoneridge in Mystic, CT.

Rene was an elegant, graceful and classy matriarch. She was strong, confident, curious and open-minded. As a young woman, she was an accomplished pianist, a sailor, and a photographer. She valued integrity, honesty, bringing people together, gratitude, curiosity, and good manners. She was generous with her spirit, her time, and her equal interest in everyone she met. She was the consummate cheerleader. She was the family’s great communicator and a beloved, giant figure in all our lives. If there was one constant in her life, it was summering in Maine on 700 Acre Island, Dark Harbor. Many will be surprised at her fierce competitiveness racing the DH ’20.

But we will all remember her inclusive cocktail parties on her deck and the lively dinner parties filled with spirited talk of life’s deep questions, current events, and what everybody was up to in their lives.

She is survived by two brothers, George Post and Ethan Emery and two children, Nathaniel and Kate, both of whom were at her bedside in the final moments. She is also survived by eight grandchildren and one great grandson. She was predeceased by her three sisters, Nancy Magro, Lela Steele and Melissa Lanier, and by two of her children, Irene (Bibi) Perkins and Peter Goodale.

There will be a memorial service and burial at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA at the end of May or in June. In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to St. Joseph’s Indian School (, or the charity of your choice.

Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Apr. 9, 2017

Harobi House, soon to be rechristened as The Rene Goodale Learning Center

Harobi House, soon to be rechristened as The Rene Goodale Learning Center

Transit Support Group with Karen Branch

Transit Support Group is Thursday, August 24 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at Harobi House, 2054 Harobi Drive, Tucker, GA, 30084.

Transit Support Group meets every 4th Thursday of every month.

The cost is $20 for members and non-members.

Beginners through advanced astrologers are welcome and encouraged!

This is a great way to meet other like-minded astrology lovers, to socialize, share stories, and learn more about astrology in a friendly, open, and supportive environment.

To be included in the study packet please email Karen Branch at no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting with your birth info: birth date, birth time, and birth place (city, state/province, country.)