The Mission: Connecting the Heavens and Earth with Margo Cline


Please Join us for a Fall Equinix Happening! Bring your charts and your questions, as well as your appetite and, if you’re up to it, your favorite Fall dish.

Margo Cline will be speaking to us about how astrologers influence society as a whole, about observing the times we live in, and how the energy patterns connect to social themes and ideas. After Margo’s short talk the meeting will be interactive and the floor will be open for discussion of important transiting influences, both personally and collectively.

Free to MAAS members. $15 for non-members. You can also attend remotely online via GoToMeeting. Members can join the meeting online at no charge. $18 for non-members. Please email for details.

The door opens at 7:00 to allow for announcements and browsing the MAAS astrological library, lecture begins at 7:30.


Margo Cline came to astrology by way of getting her first professional chart reading many years ago. This amazing experience captured her curiosity about the ancient symbolic language of astrology. For the past 16 years, she’s studied and practiced astrology in the Atlanta and surrounding area. Margo believes that part of her purpose in this life is to share this information with others in order to aid them in understanding the meaning of humanity’s relationship with universal and natural laws, divine principles, and to aid in navigating the times in which we live. She lives in the North Georgia Mountains with her husband and pets.