Esoteric Astrology – An Introduction with Marie O’Neill



Traditional Western Astrology is personality centered. After a person has evolved to a certain point the traditional chart feels more like the person you were. On the other hand, Esoteric Astrology reveals your Soul or Higher Mind’s intention for this lifetime along with your potential for contributing to the evolution of humanity.

This is accomplished through looking at Esoteric Planetary Rulership of the signs and the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays are the 7 energy streams that enter our solar system from cosmic sources, permeating the planets; which in turn transmits this energy to each of us through the zodiac.

Esoteric Astrology is a system which can be used as a stand-alone system in a reading or used in conjunction with other systems as the icing on the cake, so to speak. This system not only gives each of us the highest goal of our lives it provides the road map to reach it.

The purpose of this talk is to introduce you to the science of Esoteric Astrology – focusing on the esoteric meaning of the signs; their esoteric planetary rulers and the Seven Rays.

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The door opens at 7:00 PM to allow for conversation and browsing the MAAS astrological library. The lecture begins at 7:30.

About Marie O’Neill

Marie O’Neill MBA, DTM is the founder of Padma Life Coaching located in Santa Rosa California. Her specialties are Astrology, Speaker/Life Coaching, and Past Life Regression. Marie’s studies in astrology began more than 18 years ago. After years of study – attending lectures, workshops, reading and erecting charts; Marie added ‘Master Level – Evolutionary Astrologer’ to her tool chest – through Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program.

In 2012 Marie also began studying Esoteric Astrology with Alan Oken, as her mentor. She has found it to be a beneficial addition to her toolbox. Marie currently teaches Astrology workshops and classes at Kepler College, NORWAC, EA Zoom, NCGR, SFAS and UAC. She also does speaker coaching workshops for organizations, helping the team members enhance their presentation skills. Marie continues to teach, do readings and spread the word about all the benefits of Astrology. Contact information:  website; email

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